MUSIC VIDEO: "Been Lovin' You"-Nicky Davey

LA rock and soul duo Nicky Davey has released  their official video for their track "Been Lovin' You!"

Directed by Rich Yodsukar, the video features the duo roaming around downtown LA, as lead singer Nick Green sings while accompanied by group mate Dave Rosser on guitar. "We live and breathe our music and are willing to do anything for it, even walk all the way down to Hollywood Boulevard. to play outside in front of people. That's just the spirit we have," the group said. The track itself is featured on NOW 57, making them the only artists unsigned to a major label to be featured on the compilation CD!

Check out the music video below!

You can check out more from the group on their official website as well as SoundCloud. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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