MUSIC VIDEO: "Sorry's Not Enough"-Jaymal Green

In the Black Lives Matter era, singer Jaymal Green has been active in leading protests against Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, calling for change as many blacks have been unnecessarily struck down by police throughout the country. In addition to his leadership on the streets, the singer has gone on to release an anthem for the movement entitled "Sorry's Not Enough," as well as an official visual!

The black and white video incorporates clips of Jaymal leading protests, footage from the Civil Rights Movement, as well as pictures of those gone way too soon like Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland. In the continued fight for justice, it's great to see Jaymal using his gifts to contribute to the movement, inspiring hope and promoting change.

Check out the video below!

You can download "Sorry's Not Enough" exclusively on JaymalGreen.com. Be sure to check out more of his music on SoundCloud and YouTube, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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