RECAP: "Ghost"-Zoe Ever After S1, E5

Another good episode of Zoe Ever After! Picking up from last week, Zoe reveals to Pearl and Valente that Stephen hasn't called, texted, OR tweeted since Gemini burst in on their date! Valente informs Zoe that Stephen is "ghosting" her, or cutting off all communication until she gets the point that he doesn't want to deal with her anymore. It sucks, because I actually liked Stephen for Zoe! She also mentions that, after last week, she wants to stay as far away from Gemini as possible. Pearl and Valente figure out that the two of them had sex, and Pearl calls her out for not getting over Gemini! She tells Zoe to avoid him, but that's easier said and done since Zoe and Gemini have a kid. Pearl then suggests a weekend getaway to get all of this off of Zoe's brain, and Valente recommends Atlantic City!

In Atlantic City, Zoe decides she can be anyone she wants, and comes up with a Jamaican alter ego, Stella St. James! Pearl decides that she is going to be a British woman, Lolita Bombay, while Valente decides to just remain his fabulous self (though later, he pulls out an interesting alter ego of his own!). Though Zoe is trying to get away from anything surrounding Gemini's name, a waiter gives them free champagne simply because she's known as Gemini's wife's. The crew happily takes that, though!

Meanwhile, Gemini stays with Xavier at Zoe's house. Amir says it's not the same around here without Gemini, trying to get a better-sized tip! He never thought that they would break up, but his son is doing well. Xavier is doing well in school, and he even has a little date later. Really, it's just a school project, though.

Back in AC, at the blackjack table, a handsome British guy comes up to Pearl, who all her time spent binge-watching of Downton Abbey to pretend to know the British slang. Out of nowhere, Miguel pops up and blows up Zoe's spot! Zoe thinks that Gemini sent him here to spy on her. However, Miguel tells her that Jersey is his turf, and he's actually here for a bachelor party. Zoe walks away to get away from him, but Miguel follows. The two get some drinks, and play the slots!

At home, Xavier is freaking out about his "date," asking Gemini how do you know if a girl likes you? As Gemini explains that a girl wants a man to protect him, Jessica walks in with just a towel on! What is with this girl, and how does she always manage to get into Zoe's house?! Gemini covers X's eyes, but still looks himself, of course.

As he and Zoe talk at the casino, Miguel admits he came to the slots because he didn't want to pay money for a stripper. He'll lose money either way, but okay. In keeping up with Zoe, Miguel comes up with an alter ego of his own in Chicago Bulls player Pau Gasol. The two of them surprisingly talk and laugh together, and drink. Meanwhile, Pearl is doing well with her British beau. However, a guy from Valente's old high school spots Valente, calling him by his real name--Jerome Johnson! Valente surprisingly fakes like he's straight! It turns out the two of them played football together, which is crazy. Valente even pretends like he came to Atlantic City with Pearl as his lady, which causes the the British bloke to get up in Valente's face. However, Pearl tells the guy to find her at her room later, and acts as Valente's beard. but she tells him to see her after. Valente comes up with these crazy stories to fool Bob, and even kisses Pearl on the blackjack table!

Miguel and Zoe are still drinking, and having a good time. When Miguel asks why Zoe is so uptight, she says that maybe because ending her 20-year relationship, running a business, and being a single mom is harder than she thought. Miguel admits that, with his business, he had struggles too, even having to move back in with his mother at first. However, they're both doing all right now. The two toast to their work and lives, and Zoe even wins the jackpot!

Later at the condo, Jessica is still there with Gemini eyeing her! Xavier ends up asking Jessica if a guy liked her, how would he show her that he likes her? When Jessica says that the guy would probably buy her a car, Xavier looks to his dad, but, obviously, Gemini shuts down the idea. Jessica then tells him that the kind of guys she really likes are the ones that are comfortable with being themselves. A while later, Xavier's classmate, Dani Rose, comes up to work on the project, but it's not going too well. Jessica pops up again, and plays like she's jealous that Xavier is with this little girl, telling Dani that she better be good to him! After Dani realizes that she's a supermodel, Xavier looks cool to her and she asks to work with him on a book report!

Meanwhile, Pearl and Valente (or I guess we should say Jerome) are still talking with Bob. Bob says that, back in the day that Valente had his share of girls! They even called him "Take 'Em Home Jerome." Bob invites him to catch up along with some other plumbers Bob works with. Valente tries to end this awkward moment, but Pearl decides to still go along with it. They later have a discussion about how Valente hid who he really was, coming up with this alter ego Jerome in his hometown, but he's still gay! He was heavier back in the day, and actually did play football but it wasn't him. Moving to New York, and now working for Zoe is Valente's dream, and he's happy now. Good for him!

Back at work on Monday, Miguel plans to work on Zoe's A/C before her important meeting with Macy's, and has also fix the creaks in her drawers. Zoe decides to splits the share of her winnings in Atlantic City with him...a whopping $22.75! I CAN'T WAIT for them to get together...I know it's coming!

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