RECAP: "Master of My Fate"- 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Season 1 Finale

The season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop aired this week! Picking up from last week, Angela gets a call from her Uncle Russell about her stalker. She tells him that the cops told her to reach out to this crazy dude, which she did (though Vanessa). Russell's still worried, but happy to hear that she's doing what she's supposed to do according to the police. Angela hasn't heard back from the stalker since, so she thinks everything is okay now. Vanessa comes by to visit, asking about the stalker, but also asking about Romeo and Angela hanging out. Angela tells her that Romeo basically said he isn't ready for a relationship for anyone, focused more on working.

Meanwhile, Romeo and Master P are in the studio recording. He is definitely focused on his career, and continuing to build up No Limit. If Master P think he's ready, he will announce Romeo as president of the label soon!

Back in New York, TJ preps for his FAM Jam event, which showcases fashion, arts, and music to raise money for the arts in inner-city schools. Angela rolls through to MC for the event, and Egypt will be modeling on the runway in 80s fashion representing Salt-n-Pepa. Egypt's still a little upset that Romeo doesn't think she's ready for a music career, but she definitely plans to continue to work to get her name out there. Pepa, of course, comes as wel, and starts picking at Egypt's 80s outfit. Egypt talks to her mother again about embarrassing her, telling Pep to let her do her own thing. Kristinia comes through a little later, and Johanna throws a dig saying that she's glad Kristinia made it on time for this event (unlike Angela's fashion showcase). This girl is annoying, and plants bugs in Angela's ear constantly! If Angela's not mad, why are you? During the event, Kristinia gets a call from  herUncle El, and he tells her that her father is finally ready to see her! She's nervous, and doesn't know what to expect, but she has to see him.

Back in LA, Angela, Vanessa, and Johanna go back to Angela's hotel room, and they find flowers. Angela sees a note, recognizing Romeo's handwriting but doesn't say anything. Vanessa worries that they might be from the stalker, and calls their father, Rev Run, who, of course, is worried now and wants Angela to come home. Angela tries to tell Vanessa and Run that they were from Romeo, but now everyone's mind is on the stalker!

Later, most of the crew heads over to Damon's house to hang out. Kristinia brings her producer Adonis, and Damon asks about their meeting with Mack Maine for Kristinia's career. They believe everything went well, but of course, Damon lectures them saying that a meeting only goes well when business is complete. I get what he's saying, but Damon always asks like he knows everything which is irritating. However, since she hasn't heard from Mack Maine, Kristinia thinks it may be time to explore options with No Limit. Romeo comes over a bit later, as well as Angela. Romeo talks with Boogie about his fears with possibly taking over No Limit, but Boogie tells him that he's been training for this his entire life. It's a lot of pressure, but Romeo can handle it.

Meanwhile, Angela sits down with Kristinia, and asks about her dad. Kristinia plans to talk to her mother before she sees her dad to get some advice and support. Angela then goes to find Romeo, thanking him for the flowers but tells him that people are worried they were from the stalker. Romeo states that he sent flowers to apologize for their last little argument. Angela realizes that work comes first, and maybe now is not the right time for her to be dating anyway with everything she has going on too.

At her mom's house, Kristinia admits to her mother that she's been talking to Uncle El and that James is ready to see her now. Her mother doesn't think it's a good idea, believing that, right now, Kristinia needs to focus on herself. Obviously, Kristinia's mom has concerns. It always seems like every time her father comes around, there's drama. She rightfully believes that James should be a parent to Kristinia and not the other way around. Her mother doesn't think it's a good idea, but leaves the decision up to Kristinia, telling her not to have any expectations.

Later, Romeo brainstorms a new concept for a music video, and gets some pieces for his clothing line together. He receives the rough cut of the most recent video he did, and plans to show his father. Master P comes down to watch it, and he really likes it! He's proud of Romeo, and tells him to keep up the good work. Looks like Romeo will be taking over the label soon!

Kristinia goes to see her father at a hotel room, but he is two hours late, which worries her. James eventually does come in, and Kristinia sees that he looks healthy, but doesn't know if he's going to be open with her. James opens up about a lot though, stating that he went through a lot recently, being homeless and squatting in homes, being in dangerous situations. James feels like Kristinia didn't want anything to do with him, but she was just feeling very conflicted, and understandably so. She admits that she had some resentment towards him, but let it go and wants to have a better relationship with him, though she doesn't know how. James wants to make things right with her, and wants her help to get better. It's so nice to see them finally have this moment. I really hope that James is able to stay on the right path, and truly rebuild this relationship with his daughter.

That night, Master P and Romeo host a No Limit party, where Master P announces that Romeo is the new president of the label. It's definitely the beginning of a new era for No Limit. Angela and Kristinia come out to support him, and Johanna, of course, has an issue with Kristinia. Johanna pulls Angela to the side, and tells her how Kristinia is clearly flirting with Romeo, messing up the vibes.
Johanna even asks Kristinia to step outside to talk, which really wasn't her place if you ask me! However, she asks Kristinia straight up if she has something going on with Romeo. Kristinia states that there is absolutely nothing going on with them, and that people often mistake her niceness for flirting. Johanna doesn't believe it, and pulls Angela into the situation. Kristinia sticks to her story, but Angela still wonders about her intentions. After seeing Kristinia talk and laugh more with Romeo, Angela gets pissed off and walks out.

Kristinia does get flirty with Romeo, with Romeo even asking her to hang out after the club. She looks to be a little drunk, and makes this comment about another girl, saying that Romeo might get a threesome tonight! I don't know what to believe really! If she is messing with Romeo, that's a little messed up since she has this friendship with Angela, who clearly had feelings for the guy. Kristinia does leave with him, which Angela sees, and she gets even more irritated. In the car on the way to a friend's house, Angela calls Vanessa and vents a little bit. Once she parks and walks over to the house, a random man runs after her!!! And....the episode ends! Just like that...I was so mad! Obviously the girl is okay since this was probably shot a while ago, but you don't end a reality show finale like that! There needs to be a resolution!

I hope that WEtv brings Growing Up Hip Hop back for a second full season. These six episodes were just to see if people would really watch, so I hope the network sees the potential. I think it's a great show! We'll see what happens!

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