RECAP: "Master Player"- Growing Up Hip Hop S1, E5

Great episode of Growing Up Hip Hop last night! Picking up from last week, Romeo continues talking to his father, who says that Romeo needs to step it up when it comes to No Limit. Yes, he's only one man, but he has to put the work in. Romeo states that he's ready to sacrifice whatever he needs to in order to keep the empire going. It's going to be a struggle to balance everything that he's involved in, but, if he wants it bad enough, he'll get it done.

Meanwhile, Angela goes to see Vanessa to confront her about telling Russell about Angela's stalker. She doesn't want to alarm her family, but Angela isn't taking it seriously. Vanessa even ends up taking Angela's phone, writing a message to the stalker to tell him to leave Angela alone. Angela hopes that it doesn't backfire though!

Later, Romeo hosts a day party at Master P's estate, planning to shoot some music video footage as well. Both Angela and Kristinia roll through, and Romeo continues to flirt with Angela! However, later, he goes off and begins flirting with other girls too, which gets under Angela's skin. She figures that their time together was a date, but never truly communicated her feelings about the whole thing. Angela decides she wants to leave, but Kristinia goes to try to talk to Romeo for her. When she finds him, Romeo is shooting footage for the video, and Kristinia ends up getting in it! She saw it as an opportunity to get her face out there, and Angela gets even more annoyed seeing that! Even though Kristinia wants  She's over it, and decides to leave. Kristinia tries to talk to her, but Angela refuses.

That same night, Romeo heads to the studio to record. Looks like he really took his father's words to heart! Pepa comes in, asking Egypt to sing for him and Master P for a potential slot on No Limit. Romeo is down and thinks his father will be too, but knows he has to do what's best for the business. Meanwhile, Angela decides to go to a fashion showcase that Kristinia is performing at. Johanna thinks Kristinia's weird and that she secretly wants to be with  Romeo, which would be a foul move on her part.

That night, Angela and Johanna go out to the Hometown Kings fashion showcase just to take Angela's mind off of Romeo. A cute model, Don Benjamin, goes to meet her, and eventually asks her out on a date. Angela  takes his info, saying that she would think about it. Kristinia comes in at that moment with some friends, and the ladies all talk about how Don has eyes for her! Kristinia pushes her really hard to go out on a date with Don. I can tell she was just trying to be friendly, but I'm sure Angela and Johanna took it another way. Kristinia later performs, and does a good job!

The next day, Romeo and Master P are in the studio listening to Romeo's music, which his father really likes. Romeo brings up the audition for Egypt, with Master P saying that Romeo needs to build up the artist roster for No Limit himself. With his experience, Romeo knows what to look for, and Master P trusts him to make the right decision.

Later, Angela preps to go out on a date with Don. Johanna, of course, brings up how hard Kristinia pushed this date on Ang, and she thinks Kristinia did it to swoop in on Romeo. I don't think so, though! Really, I think Kristinia is just about her music and seeing her father at this point. Meanwhile, Pepa and Egypt go to see Romeo and Master P. Pepa goes in first to talk to Master P one one one, and he reminisces on the old days listening to Salt-N-Pepa. Pepa is so excited that Master P will meet with Egypt like Romeo said, but Master P shuts the idea down. He wants Romeo to listen to her himself, though Pepa thinks Master P's insight would be better. He has love for her, but now Romeo is in charge.

On her date, Angela does not seem to vibe with Don at all. When she mentions that she's a virgin and vegetarian, he doesn't believe it and pokes a little fun at her. He mentions that he's a heavy partier, and she isn't at all. From the two minutes WEtv showed of that awkward date, it looks like Angela and Don are just two completely different people, and it's not going to work. Meanwhile, Egypt sings for Romeo, and he gives her constructive criticism on being an artist. He thinks that, in a few years, she could fit a bigger mass market but, right now, she doesn't fit with No Limit. She has to find herself and grow, which I kind of agree with. Of course, Pepa doesn't though. She thinks her daughter is ready right now! She's such a stage mom! In spite of Romeo's critique, Egypt is determined to keep working and singing. I definitely think she has potential but just has to take some vocal lessons and keep working in the studio.

Romeo later meets with Kristinia to discuss her music, seeing her as a good fit for No Limit. She opens up about her father, and he tells her that he'll be there for her through it. Romeo feels like she has an amazing story to tell that can touch a lot of people. He definitely wants to see what she brings to the table. However, in his confessional, Romeo admits he finds it hard to concentrate on the business looking at her, though! At the end of the day, Kristinia needs the right team to get back on track when it comes to music. He thinks it would be great for her to be a part of No Limit, and she's considering it! She wants to scope out her options, and see where things go.

At the end of the episode, Angela goes to see Romeo to talk. She asks straight up what's going on with them, and asks if he ever thought he would be with her. At this point, he just wants to be single, though, because of everything he has going on, which is not surprising. He also doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Angela thought his flirting and what not meant something, but Romeo acts like he had no feelings whatsoever. He was probably just being a flirt, which annoys Angela. Romeo ends up storming off away from her, angry that Angela's getting on his case about this!

Next week is the season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop! Make sure to check it Thursday, February 11 at 10 p.m only on WE tv!

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