RECAP: "Tear Down This Wall"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Episode 11

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines is winding down! Picking up from last week, four teams head to Berlin for one last challenge before the final: Cara Maria and Jamie, Aneesa and Rianna, Cory and Mitch, and Jenna and Brianna. They are all so excited to pack and head get to the city to get this money! At this point, though, Aneesa is annoyed with Rianna, and wants her to have more heart to get through this competition. Rianna is irritated too, feeling like Aneesa has not taken the time to spend time with her and grow closer. I understand both sides. At the end of the day, in Aneesa's viewpoint, this is a competition and you have to put forth the effort. However, if morale is low because you're not talking to or you don't have a good relationship, that harms the team.

That day, the house says goodbye to Turkey and hello to Berlin! The architecture is absolutely beautiful, and the hotel they're staying at is pretty cool too. Everyone has has a toast to celebrate them all making it this far. The next day, they even go out to see the sights, and it's cool to see even watching from home. Berlin is definitely on my travel bucket list! While they're out, Rianna and Aneesa get into a tiny argument, and Rianna expresses that she's over trying to be Aneesa's friend. Rianna vents later to Cory and Mitch, and they advise both Rianna and Aneesa to speak to each other. Turns out that, even though they're cousins, they didn't really know each other before this apparently, and never hung out. (We find out later in the aftershow that they really just met shortly before the show started taping). So, with that in mind, it's clear now why they didn't have the tight-knit relationship that other bloodlines did. Rianna doesn't appreciate the fact that Aneesa doesn't trust her, after she dropped everything to be here for her. However, it's hard to trust someone fully you're still learning about. Aneesa wants her to check back into the competition mentally, which is understandable.

The next day, the teams go to compete in their last challenge before the Final! TJ announces that the teams will play "Truck Crossing" at a former Soviet Union airfield. The goal is for each team to go from one 18 wheeler to another...having to hop over five cars in between that are going 40 mph the entire time! The team with the fast time will win, and head straight to the Final! The losing team will go straight into The Pit.

The challenge looks fun and scary at the same time! Cory and Mitch choose the order, and pick Cara Maria and Jamie to go first. They manage to make a decent time, as all of it comes down to keeping up momentum and not getting nervous. However, they tell a story about how scary and hard it was to try to intimidate the other teams, but Aneesa sees right through it. During her and Aneesa's heat, Rianna is scared as hell, and it shows. However, Aneesa pushes Rianna the whole time, and they do well, as do Jenna and Brianna. Mitch and Cory go SUPER fast and finish in record time! At the end, T.J. announces that Rianna and Aneesa are the losing team, and will be going into The Pit. Mitch and Cory win again, and snag a spot in the Final! They also have to choose one team to go against Aneesa and Rianna, and TJ tells them to make a decision right on the spot. They make a smart move and choose Cara Maria and Jamie, which sucks for Cara. That also means that Brianna and Jenna are guaranteed their spot in the Final!

That night, the cast goes to party in Berlin, but it's hard for Cara to have fun. She even tells Mitch that she doesn't want to talk to him and Cory. I understand Cara Maria being mad, especially with the competition coming to an end. However, at the end of the day, it's a game, and each player and team has to play smart. Aneesa is over Cara completely, from the girl's attitude to her accent. In fact, Aneesa ends up going off on her on the ride back to the hotel. They both throw low blows at each other, but I think they're both frustrated for a few reasons. One, at this point, they have all been around each other for weeks on end, and that's enough to make anyone crazy. Two, they are both upset and frustrated about The Pit.

The next night, TJ announces the final elimination round in The Pit, which is an all girls round. Aneesa and Cara will play "Mine Not Yours." The game is simple: you have to wrestle a bar out of your opponent's hand, and the best two out of three win. This is a game that Aneesa has played before, so she has a good idea of what to do. However, it's a dirty game! Both girls play dirty by throwing elbows and what not, and it's really all about who wants it more! Surprisingly, Cara Maria is able to win two rounds, and sends Aneesa and Rianna home. Aneesa and Cara end up apologizing to each other for their fight, and Aneesa makes up with Rianna as well. It's obviously emotional because both teams wanted it so bad, probably more than the other two teams if you ask me. It hurts even more too to lose right before the Final.

At the end of the episode, TJ warns the remaining teams to get rest because this final is SERIOUS!
At the hotel, everyone pops champagne to celebrate. I really wonder though how this final is going to be. Every year, TJ says that this will be the toughest Final, so I wonder what the folks at MTV have up their sleeves this go around!

Check out the teams competing in the Final on The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines next Wednesday at 10 p.m. only on MTV! 

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