Vanessa Hudgens Under Investigation for Reportedly Defacing Sedona Red Rock

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have gotten themselves into some serious trouble!

According to Page Six, an Instagram photo surfaced on Vanessa's page it seems as if the two may have carved their names into a rock in Sedona, Arizona. Sources say that in the photo, the two had their names surrounded by a heart on one of the rocks in the park.

The Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino Forest was notified of the incident on Monday (Feb.15). The forest's public affairs officer stated, " The issue of people carving their names and other things in the rocks in the Sedona and surrounding area is always a challenge we face and try to educate people about. We have found that if one person carves something, it encourages others to carve." 

The maximum penalty is a $5,000 fine and/or six months in jail. Carving of any kind into natural beauty of the area is prohibited under Title 36 of CFR 261.9 (a). Investigators are using photos, tips, and witnesses to track down what really happened. 

Image via Instagram

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