NEW MUSIC: "sweetpotatopie." -Todd Zack, Jr.

R&B singer Todd Zack, Jr. has released his lead single, "sweetpotatopie.” for listeners!

The track, which was produced by JBird, is the first official single from the artist's upcoming project betterwithtime., which is set to be released on April 16th. Todd uses his favorite dessert, sweet potato pie, to describe the new love in his life. "I used the inspiration behind that, to play off the title into writing about a woman being the new favorite in my life, similar to how the pies are my favorite dessert. Hence, she's my sweetpotatopie," Todd noted on his SoundCloud. The song is true R&B, and great to vibe to!

Check out the track below!

You can check out more from Todd on SoundCloud, and you can connect with on Twitter and Instagram

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