Tupac Shakur's Lyrics-Filled Notebooks Will Be Auctioned

Move over Genius! (just kidding!) Looks like someone has gotten hold of the lyrics of the late West Coast legendary rapper Tupac Shakur

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, three notebooks owned by Pac, containing handwritten lyrics, music video ideas and other notes will be auctioned for fans!
The auction house set to sell the items is Moment In Time, the same auction house that sold his hand-written letter from his time in pprison. The lyrics to songs like "16 on Death Row," "It Ain't Easy," and "Keep Ya Head Up" are all within these notebooks. 

There currently isn't a set price for the notebooks yet, because Moment In Time has said they might sell the pages separately. As a fan, I would personally rather see the whole notebook be sold together and not be ripped up. Stay tuned to The Spotlight for any info!

Image via Tim Mosenfelder/ImageDirect

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