In The Spotlight: Singer/Songwriter & Producer Matthew Steeper

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Today, we have singer/songwriter and producer Matthew Steeper! From the age of four, Matthew has been singing, playing piano and the drums! Originally from Canada, the artist moved overseas to eastern Europe with his family, where he exposed to dance and electronic music, which was inspiring to him. "When I decided to do music as a career, that was where my passion was," Matthew stated.

In the beginning of his career, Matthew actually started as a producer, and started to create electronic music at the age of 12. Attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, he eventually moved to New York City where he soon received more work in production of dance music, branching off into writing and singing. "It kind of gave me a great, even perspective of the sides of creating music," he acknowledged. Inspired a lot by European artists like Tiesto, Armin, Astro Projection and Aly & Fila, Matthew was motivated by seeing producers being artists as well.

In 2012, Matthew's first major release  as a featured artist with Canadian DJ/producer duo Project 46 on track, “No One,” which became a Beatport Top 10 hit. He then went on to creatively oversee the group's album “Beautiful” on Ultra Records, which included a Grammy-nominated collaboration, “Last Chance” with Kaskade! Collaborating with Blind Scuba Divers, he also co-wrote the track, "Models and Bottles” which was featured in 22 Jump Street, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. In 2015, Matthew kept the momentum going with his first radio hit, “Come Alive” with Adam K, while releasing other new tracks. At the end of the year, he ended up signing a major publishing deal with Spinnin' Record's publishing affiliate, MusicAllStars/Sony ATV!

The artist keeps grinding and creating, writing, producing, and performing new tracks. One of his latest collaborations is track, "We Unite," with Italian producer duo Haxon & Rush. The track is a great listen, and is actually based on an experience in Matthew's own life, which was very special to him. "It's really a love song about two people that wish they could be together, but they're separated for whatever reason," Matthew said. "It's about the universe bringing them together, and the climax being when they are finally united." Check out the track below!

In the future, Matthew has plans for a full-length album, and may even have some re-releases of his other collaborations with DJs and producers. "There's definitely an album in the works," the artist stated. "I just want to make sure it's done right and in the right time." He's currently focused on continuing to build up his overall brand and catalog, working with other great artists and producers. 
In terms of what sets him apart from other artist, Matthew believes he has a true understanding of the music world, balancing work as a producer, songwriter, and singer. "When I write a song, I can write it as an artist, and I can write it as a DJ or producer, listening to what a crowd would want to hear," he stated. That overall perspective gives him a bit of an edge, being able to understand different sides of the spectrum within the industry. Throughout his career, Matthew hopes to continue to take risks as a singer/songwriter, regardless of any doubts or fears. He also hopes to have bigger features with specific brands to be able to grow in his career, and develop a bigger platform for his own music. 
You can check out more from Matthew on his SoundCloud. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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