ALBUM REVIEW: 'Dangerous Woman'-Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released her third album, Dangerous Woman, on May 20 for listeners!  I wanted to take some days to just listen before even attempting to write, to just enjoy the music.

Featuring a variety of genres on the album, from jazz to disco, to R&B and reggae, Dangerous Woman is much more reminiscent of Ariana's first album, Yours Truly, with its eclectic mix of sounds. However, with this album, she takes on a more "dangerous," mature approach, showcasing her continued growth as a singer and overall artist and proving that she's only going to keep getting better with time!

When I first heard the album in full, I said to myself that this was Ariana's Good Girl Gone Bad album, like how Rihanna switched up her image and song choices. This album truly serves as the same kind of turning point for Ariana. Long gone are the days of Cat Valentine, and we're seeing Ariana's mature and sexy side! The album has a healthy mix of upbeat and mid-tempo tracks as well as a few ballads to round it out, plus some very hot collaborations!

The entire album surrounds the theme of danger, obviously. The word itself is heard in multiple tracks as we listen through. Ariana is excited about this danger, this risk, in, in a sense, revamping herself and her career and showing that she is indeed a woman now, and doesn't care how people feel about it.  On the title track, "Dangerous Woman," Ariana boldly sings, "Don't need permission...made my decision to test my limits 'cause it's my business." She expresses the same sentiments on gospel/R&B track, "I Don't Care," refusing to let other people's opinions dictate how she lives her life!

Ariana also opens up about the new danger of being involved with a new guy, and is truly happy, as she reveals on "Let Me Love You," feat. Lil Wayne. The singer is impressed by him in literally every way, loving him and lusting after him too, as heard on sexual tracks "Everyday" feat. Future, and "Greedy," a standout funk-infused song on the album (one of my faves!). Again, she admits that she couldn't care less about what people think about her or her relationship on reggae track "Side to Side," feat. Nicki Minaj. Even though this new guy is dangerous, she knows that he has her back, and she has his. In "Sometimes," Ariana sings firmly that the thought of leaving him has never even left her mind, and that regardless of what comes their way, they will "Be Alright," as long as they stay positive.

I truly love the album as a whole, but "Into You," Ariana's latest single, is probably my favorite. It's uptempo (perfect with summer right around the corner), sexy, and flirty!  "A little bit dangerous, but baby, that's how I want it," she admits. "A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you." Ariana's really feeling this guy and wants to have a good time!

Another standout track on the album is Ariana's collaboration with Macy Gray, "Leave Me Lonely." The chilling ballad features Macy's unique vocals on the refrain, with Ariana coming to the realization that this "dangerous love" is getting to be too much, and she would rather be left alone than be heartbroken. She also admits that

Other tracks on the standard edition of the album include "Moonlight," "Bad Decisions," "Touch It," and dual-song track "Knew Better/ Forever Boy," The album ends with mid-tempo track, "Thinking Bout You," on which Ariana laments losing her ex, but still keeps him and their memorable moments on her mind, even fantasizing that he's coming back to her.

Overall, this was a great album! Ariana definitely brought her A-game, stepping up her lyrical content and vocals, She's not remaining stagnant or comfortable in her career, and that's great to see!

RATING: ★★★★ 1/2 (Four and a half stars) 

What did you think of Dangerous Woman?

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