NEW MUSIC: Hip Hop Artist SIR Releases Four Brand New Tracks

Hip hop artist SIR has been busy in the studio lately coming up with some heat, creating four new thought-provoking tracks: "Pyramids", "Deep Thinking" feat. Mr. Hill, "The Letter" and "Thank God! (The SIRimony)"
SIR had this to say about the last track, "Thank God!": "I grew up in the Hip-Hop era of lyricism. When cats used to start cyphers at any given moment and use the lunch tables as beat machines. I always wanted to keep my blade sharp, because I never knew when I would need to “snap” lol….I Thank GOD, for my art… I had to “snap” on this one to make sure my blade was still sharp." 

With this high caliber music, we here at The Spotlight are really looking forward to his next project. Check out the tracks below! 


Deep Thinking

The Letter

Thank God! (The SIRimony)

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