In The Spotlight: Hip Hop Artist King Tay

Another spotlight to start the week, and more on the way!

Today we have upcoming hip hop artist, King Tay! Hailing from Philadelphia, the artist stated that he always had a passion for music and writing. “I've been writing poetry and doing amateur writing since elementary school,” Tay said. “Not to say that I was good at it, but I started playing around with writing and rhyming around then.” Though he at first preferred to stick to ghost writing, he was pushed by different producers and music figures to pursue rapping. “I decided that I was going to take my career seriously [and] started going to the studio, recording tracks, Tay said. “In 2014 I performed for the first time, [and] haven't looked [back] since.”

Being from Philly, he admitted that his city plays a huge role in his story and music. “We are labeled as the City of Brotherly Love yet there isn't much love shown here,” King Tay admitted. “The things talked about in my lyrics have been inspired by the things I have seen, heard, currently going through, and feel.” Also inspired by artists like Tupac, DMX, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nas, Beanie Sigel, James Brown, and Michael Jackson, he listens to a variety of genres which sparks great inspiration in his own music.

One of King Tay’s most recent tracks, “Coolin,’” is an example. The track, which was recorded, mixed and mastered at Marsten House Recording Studios, was also written and produced by Tay himself. “[It’s] a representation of myself and my laid back attitude,” he stated. Check out the video for the track below!

Currently, the artist is putting the finishing touches on his EP, More Than Dreams, which is set to be released this summer. “I'm aiming for June but it could be a little later,” Tay said. “I do not want to rush this project.”

In terms of what sets him apart from other artists out now, King Tay believes it’s his creativity and versatility that separates him from the pack. “My train of thought, my way of thinking ,is just different,” he said. In the future, the artist has hopes of being well off financially, but also in a position where he is able to assist other artists and entrepreneurs on the come up. He plans to develop a few business ideas, create his own record label, and give back to his community!

You can check out more from King Tay on YouTube and SoundCloud, as well as follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

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