In The Spotlight: Pop Artist Nick Deutsch

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Today, we have pop artist Nick Deutsch! He was introduced to music at a young age through his family. His mother, who was a teaching pianist, always played on their grand piano at home, which Nick and his other siblings would dance to. “Music was really always a present art form in my life,” he stated. With that upbringing, Nick began piano lessons himself, learning classical and jazz music, but admitted that he didn’t practice much until he was a teenager. However, piano soon became his primary instrument to compose music.

His high school years, he noted, were rough, but soon found another outlet to help him through. “I withdrew into the world of songwriting as a means of self expression and have kept it as a valuable tool,” Nick said, even recording demos on cassette tapes. Nick went on to study at NYU, which allowed him to connect with various songwriters in New York, opening him up to different opportunities to expand his music career.

As a ‘90s kid, Nick was inspired by artists like NSYNC, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, No Doubt and Nirvana. “While often cheesy, there’s a huge sense of chorus and melody in that music that’s undeniable,” he said. He also likes country artists like Kacey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert, as well as different British pop artists. The singer has always had a passion for music, and honestly couldn’t see himself doing anything else. “I have such a wild horse mind and music is the one thing that centers and calms down my thoughts,” Nick admitted. “At this point, I'd be miserable doing anything else. When you can't walk away from something, it's a good sign it's meant to be.”

His latest track, “Under Your Ocean,” from his upcoming EP Heartsaver, was inspired by an unhealthy relationship where the singer admitted he felt like he was drowning. “We both naively thought "love alone" would be enough to make things work but I quickly realized it wouldn't,” Nick said, stating that the song, written and recorded with his longtime producer Joey Auch, is probably the heaviest track on the project. “I think the lyrics do a great job of revealing the confusion of being in that space,” the artist added. Check out the track below!

Heartsaver, which is expected to be released in late summer, is mostly upbeat pop, other than “Under Your Ocean.” “Every song looks at love from different angles be it friendship, infatuation, heartbreak etc.,” Nick said of the project. “Listeners can definitely expect to hear a story in every song!”

Currently, the artist is working on a few new tracks, but is primarily focused on performing and “getting Heartsaver out to the world.” As far as what makes him stand out from other artists, Nick believes it’s the fact that listeners really get his experiences from his music. “There's a lot of great songs on the radio but I often feel like the personal narrative has been left behind. The writing is often so vague and generalized that anyone can sing the song,” he stated. “Sometimes that's definitely the point, but I always want to feel like the fingerprint of the story is in the vocal. I think that people can relate to my songs but also feel like they understand me as a person without having to research.”

In the future, Nick’s biggest goal is to be able to sustain himself fully as an artist, committed to working hard towards making his career the best it can be. He would also love to write for other artists, as well as eventually grow into a position to be able to mentor others and work in music education. “There's so much misinformation out there and I'd love to be in a place where I can help people work on their craft without losing their mind,” Nick said.

You can check out more from Nick on his official website, as well as SoundCloud and YouTube. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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