RECAP: "I'm Going Home"-The Challenge: Rivals 3 Episode 4

Last night's episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3  had way too much going on! Picking up from last week, Simone reveals is in serious pain literally from her raw butthole from grinding on that bar of soap at the last challenge! She decides to go to the doctor, and Thomas encourages her, though he knows her butt better not be the reason he goes home! Meanwhile, Wes talks to Nicole about Nate, who she's a little smitten with. Wes decides to get involved, telling Nate to go ask Nicole out. Nate talks to her and they decide to have a little date! So high school, but still kind of cute. Later, Simone comes home and her butthole is fine. She has a bunch of medications to take but she'll be all right, so she and Thomas get to stay. Can you imagine if you went home over your butt?! Embarrassing.

That night, as T.J. promised, there really is a house party for the cast, and MTV went all out! They have a bartender, DJ, lights and an official dance floor! That's where Nate and Nicole have their little date, and they talk and flirt. Meanwhile, the guys believe that the night will not pass without any drama from the girls, and even take bets on who will be involved! Bananas think it's going to be either Camila, Nany, or Nicole...and it turns out it's all three of them!

In the very next scene, Nicole tells Nany that Camila told people that Nicole and Nany aren't to be trusted. And the drama begins! Apparently, Nany and Camila had a pact to stick by each other's sides, so this information turns things left REAL quick! Nany goes on Camila about it, which leads to Camila confronting Nicole. Of course, the guys follow and watch around the corner! It's a huge argument, as Camila denies the allegations and yells at Nicole. Nany gets back involved since Nicole is her cousin, and it's all just a huge mess when everyone is supposed to be partying.  Nicole doesn't really like Camila from last season of The Challenge anyway, and it turns out that all of this was all hear say! Kelly Anne gets involved, explaining that Camila said to newbies not to trust everyone in the house, but never mentioned Nany or Nicole's names. Tony tries to calm Camila down, but she is angry, which is understandable, and even considers going home.

After the drama calms down, the house continues to party and even swing at a pinata, which is funny to watch since everyone is drunk! However, more issues arise when the AYTO kids start talking. A lot of them believe that Nate and Christina has an alliance with the Real World, referring to when Vince and Jenna saved them from going into The Jungle. Though Christina tries to explain to everyone, nobody gets it. Briana is especially upset, deciding that Nate and Christina aren't her true friends and that she wants to go home. Little do ANY of them know that the only reason they were saved is because they are a weaker team! Brandon tries to get Briana back on track, even though he's homesick himself and misses his girlfriend. They decide to take the night to think about whether or not they will stay.

Later that night, even more drama! What is going on?! Amanda and Tony argue over which is better, Real World or AYTO (which we all know the answer to) But it's 3:45 IN THE MORNING at this point! All of y'all need to take your butts to BED. Of course, Amanda's a hothead, so she goes off, especially after Tony calls her out of her name. Camila calls her out too, saying that Amanda brings this stuff on herself by the way she acts. Which is true. Amanda came in way too strong on the very first night, and I'm ready for her to go home. So Amanda gets up like she's about to fight Camila, and I yell at my screen, "Molly, you in danger girl!" For someone who claims to be a fan of these challenges, this girl really does not know that Camila will seriously hurt her! As people try to drag them apart, Amanda gets a push in, and almost gets her ass beat. Later, though, she gets emotional as Ashley tells her that she's doing too much, and it's just going to hurt her in the long run. Now we're a 4:35 in the morning, and Tony tries to cuddle with Jessica, However, after the way he spoke to Amanda, Jessica is not feeling him and kicks him out. And FINALLY everyone goes to bed. Literally, this was about 60% of the episode...way too much for one night! 

The next day, Brandon's girlfriend calls him in the morning all emotional about him being gone, which makes him sad. Dario tells him that time apart is key, though, and that this challenge is a once- in a lifetime. He decides that he wants to go home, though he and Briana decided to take time to really think it through. At the challenge later, T.J. says that he's been hearing that somebody wants to quit, and asks Brandon straight up what's going on. Brandon still thinks it's time to leave, and T.J. tells him that he's robbing Briana of this opportunity simply because he's a baby and a quitter. It's stupid and selfish, but Brandon quits, and Briana has to go with him. Brandon, don't come back again.
Just don't. Waste of time and space in the house.

Back to the challenge! The teams play "Out on a Limb," where there's a giant structure suspended 30 feet in the air. Each team has to make it from one side to the other using swinging bars to get to landing platforms throughout the structure. The team with the slowest time will go straight to The Jungle, while the team with the fastest time will be safe and choose two other teams to go to The Jungle.

It's a really difficult challenge because you have to swing yourself to get momentum and make it from one landing platform to the next. You don't want to swing too much either, because you risk missing the platform completely and getting jerked back. Surprisingly, Ashley and Cory get pretty far, but on the last platform they lose momentum, and decide to drop since they can't make it to the last platform. Ashley falls in and hurts her arm some kind of way, too! We see other teams go, but no one really does all that great. Plus that fall from the structure is CRAZY! The episode ends on a cliffhanger, as Camila falls to the water on her heat, but can't move!

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