RECAP: "Mexican Standoff"- 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Season Premiere

It’s time for another season of MTV’s The Challenge, and I’m too excited! This season, which takes place in Huatulco, Mexico is teaming up new rivals, which means a lot of fights and drama, in addition to these teams trying to work together to win these challenges and make it to the end!

At the beginning of the 90 minute premiere, the cast files into their house, amazed by the great place MTV decked out for them. I realized though that there are way too many people from Are You The One on here this season! This show began for Real World and Road Rules cast members, so I personally would rather see it stick to that, but that’s just me. I guess with a lot of the veteran cast members getting older, on top of getting married and having babies, MTV had to bring on new people. They probably want more drama too.

As the house celebrates their first night, they get a text from host T.J. Lavin: "Welcome to the Challenge. Wanna know what's up? You'll learn everything you need to know going down. Tomorrow, you'll be skydiving into the most exciting season yet!" Crazy start to the season!

As the night goes on, the Are You The One kids decide to team up and work together, which is smart since there’s quite a few of them. However, there's some kind of tension between Christina and Brandon. I don't watch the show, so I honestly don't really care, but apparently he cheated on her and now he has a new girlfriend who refuses to let them be friends. Just from the way he speaks, Brandon already seems like a douchebag and I hope he gets sent home early.

The next morning, the house goes to skydive! Some people are excited, while others are hella nervous, which is understandable. At this point, the cast has no idea what this is even for, or what the challenge even is! Though it’s scary, the view on the way down is incredibly beautiful. One of the AYTO guys, Nate, refused to jump though, which doesn’t impress T.J., who’s all about people completing these challenges and not being punks! As they all begin to land on the beach, they see the theme, Rivals III! T.J. tells them that this Rivals challenge is different because it will pair everyone up with a person of the opposite sex, which throws everyone for a loop!

The teams are as follows: Camila and Tony, Johnny and Jessica, Vince and Jenna, KellyAnne and Jamie, Devin and Cheyenne, Nicole and Dario, Wes and Nany, Simone and Thomas, Cory and Ashley, Brandon and Brianna, Christina and Nate, Averey and Leroy, and, of course, Bananas and Sarah. They’ve all fought in some way, with some people having deeper issues than others, so this will be interesting! T.J. also announces the cash prizes for those who make it to the end: $25,000 for third place, $50,000 for second, and $275,000 for first, which is the highest payout in Challenge history!

Back at the house that night, drama and hookups already start. Tony opens up about every girl in the house who said they would have sex with him, and Simone supposedly was at the top of the list! She finds out what he says, and GOES OFF! I get it, but it was some drunk guy talk, and, knowing that a lot of these guys are dumb like that, she went a little overboard. In the midst of the drama, Ashley and Jamie flirt and make out before heading off on their own! They hook up in the bathroom, which becomes a full on peep show, since they chose a bathroom with windows!

At the first official challenge the next day, the cast plays "Give Me Some Slack." Everyone competes on a platform 400 feet above water. The girls are on one side of the platform, with the guys on the other side holding their partner by a rope as the ladies attempt to retrieve five skulls hanging over the side. Whoever gets the most win, and whoever gets the least will head straight to elimination.

It’s a challenge that really requires communication and trust, which some of these people suck at, but some actually do well with. One of the most annoying parts of this challenge was when Johnny Bananas let Sarah fall on purpose as she was on her way to potentially winning. He’s still bitter that Sarah sent him to elimination in Battle of the Exes 2, where he was eventually sent home. He saw it as betrayal, but Sarah and I see it as a power move that Bananas would’ve probably made himself had he been in that position. Plus this is from going on two years ago…be better, not bitter dude!

Surprisingly, Jenna and Vince get all five skulls, winning the first challenge, while Johnny and Jessica get last with only two skulls in their basket and will be going into elimination. Since Vince and Jenna won, they get to choose who will be going into the elimination round against them!

From the teaser for this season, it definitely looks like it will be another great season. Be sure to check out all new episodes of Rivals III on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. only on MTV!

What did you think of the season premiere?

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