RECAP: "The Curse of the Black Skull"- The Challenge: Rivals III Episode 2

The Challenge: Rivals III is starting off strong, and last night, sadly, two teams went home! Picking up from last week, Vince is on his high horse from winning the first challenge with Jenna. Now they have to pick someone to face Johnny and Jessica in the elimination. Meanwhile, Leroy asks to see the doctor because his back pain is so bad, and he ends up having to go to the hospital. Averey is really worried about him, but Leroy believes he will be fine.

Meanwhile, we see that Johnny and Jessica are really a mess of a team, and it stems from their bad blood during their season of The Real World: Portland. He pulls Jessica to the side, and Jessica talks about how he trashes her all the time instead of encouraging her. Of course, Johnny wants to win, but team morale matters. It's important for them to work together if they want this check! Later, Leroy comes back from the hospital, having received a shot for his back. He has to wait to see if it works and if he will be able to compete or not.

That night, Vince and Jenna get a nice winner's dinner, and talk to teams that could be going into elimination, focusing on the Are You The One kids, since no one really knows them. The two decide to keep Nate and Christina, seeing them as a "lay-up team," who will be easy to beat. It's revealsed that Johnny has already stated that he wants to go against Brandon and Briana, so Vince and Jenna make the easy choice to send them in since they're rookies anyway. Brandon and Briana are pissed, but they're rookies and from AYTO. They're dispensable, and so they will be picked off one team at a time more than likely.

That night, Tony shoots his shot with Jessica, who's in a terrible relationship with her boyfriend. However, she shoots him down. Tony later gets in her bed naked and drunk, and, after a bunch of flirting and laughing, she lets him simply sleep next to her. The next day, Jessica calls her boyfriend, goes off on how badly he treats her, and it's implied that they may have broken up. Hopefully, she didn't do that thinking that she was going to move on with Tony!

At nominations later, T.J. reveals that Leroy is physically unable to do competitions and sends him home. Because Averey is his partner, she has to leave too. They're a strong team, so it sucks to see them leave, especially so soon. Even though they left, there will still be an elimination tonight. Vince and Jenna announce that Brandon and Briana will be competing against Johnny and Jessica to see who goes home. However, T.J. reveals another twist, telling Vince and Jenna that they have to choose another team on the spot! At this point, no one knows what the hell is going on, but this is going to happen at EVERY nomination.  The safe bet is to pick another Are You The One team and they pick Devin and Cheyenne.

Later, Briana starts to wonder why Nate and Christina weren't thrown in, since Nate should have a target from not skydiving last week. She assumed that they were being fake and had an alliance, so she shut both of them out. Because they're all best friends outside of the show, Nate eventually breaks down and cries about it. Dumb to watch, but she eventually apologizes and they make up.

That night, at The Jungle, where all of the eliminations will happen, T.J. announces that only one of the teams chosen by Vince and Jenna will have to face Johnny and Jessica. I know that this was only an attempt by MTV to stir up more drama as the game goes on, but it's definitely going to work! To see which team will go in, each player has to pick a skull out of a canister. There are three white skulls and one black one. Whichever team pulls the black skull has to go against Johnny and Jessica. It's like a lowkey game of Russian Roulette! Briana and Brandon both pull white skulls, sending Devin and Cheyenne to elimination!

The two teams play "Back It Up," where the goal is for each team to shimmy up together between two walls, trying to get three pots to the top without falling or dropping a pot. Seeing Devin and Cheyenne get up to the top first really lights a fire under Jessica, who refuses to go home first. Cheyenne's legs give out, and she and Devin are literally come to a standstill for a second on their second pot. Johnny and Jessica put in work, and manage to take a decent lead, eventually send Devin and Cheyenne home! This is Jessica's first win in an elimination after so many losses in The Challenge, so she's super hype! That night, the house even toasts to her! She and Johnny have a way to go in terms of their communication and work as a team, but it looks like they're on the right track!

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