RECAP: "The Replacements"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 3

A few more twists and turns on last night's episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3! Picking up from last week, the house goes out to party. Ashley, who is a drunk mess, admits to other cast members that she is feeling left out in the house, and is in her feelings. A little later, she thinks that she saw Jamie made out with Nicole, which pisses her off and she runs to the bathroom to cry. She vents to Camila and even her partner Cory goes in there to comfort her. At that point, Nicole walks in just to use the bathroom, with no idea what's going on. Both Jamie and Nicole deny kissing each other, and it's clear that Ashley is just being paranoid. I don't see her making it that far mentally in this game.

Back at the house, Ashley talks to Jamie, admitting that she feels alone in this game. They talk things out, with Jamie admitting that he cares about her. Of course, they end up in bed together at the end of the night. The next day, Simone talks trash about Ashley to Jessica while she's in the next room. Ashley calls Simone and Jessica out for talking and laughing about her, but Simone tells her honestly that maybe she shouldn't do things that people would talk about. Later, Simone tells Jamie to be careful, thinking that he likes Ashley more than she likes him, and that Ashley is just playing him to get further in the game. Interesting theory.

At the next challenge, T.J. brings out a new team to replace Leroy and Averey! He introduces Amanda and Nelson from Are You The One. Again, I don't watch the show, so I have no idea who they are, but welcome. For the challenge, the teams face off in "Dirty Laundry," which is definitely the dirtiest game that I can remember on The Challenge (though there is another one coming with them all butt naked, so there's that too)! There are four bars with giant rolls of soap on them, and, in three heats of four, each team has to literally hump the soap to break it down and reveal numbers underneath. They then have to find the four clean jerseys with those numbers, and hang them up in order. The team to hang up their jerseys in the right order the fastest will win. The teams that finish last will head to the Jungle.

Before the game starts, T.J. announces another twist! This season, instead of the winner of the previous challenge, whoever wins in The Jungle gets to make the order for the next challenge! This could definitely be a way to get revenge on other people if they sent you in. So since Jessica and Johnny won in The Jungle, they create the order,  choosing to send in the Are You The One teams in first. It's really awkward to watch honestly, because people are really going for it trying to break down this soap, humping and bouncing and all. And it's even more awkward because the teams are RIVALS, so most of them don't even like each other to be remotely that close. Plus it's wet and soapy, and keeps getting in everybody's eyes!

Though there were clear winners and losers, T.J. has a few tricks up his sleeve. He announces that he's sending Amanda and Nelson to Huatulco for the night, and they get to bring two teams with them. Since no one knows if this is a good or bad thing, no one wants any part. After some quiet convincing, Amanda and Nelson pick Bananas and Sarah, and, randomly, Thomas and Simone. T.J. also states that he's canceling the elimination and there will be a house party instead! Hmm...

That night, Amanda, Nelson and the teams they chose actually get to relax, heading to a nice dinner. While the rest of the house speculates where they are, or if they're in a secret elimination, these guys are eating and drinking, having a good ole time! At the table, they all go into their stories of how they become rivals, which, of course, gets Bananas all riled up about Sarah's "ultimate betrayal." I need him to build a bridge and get the hell over it. THIS WAS ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO.

After the dinner, Simone, who's drunk, gets all emotional talking to Wes back at the house. Wes has a girlfriend, but Simone thinks he's attractive and believes that he had a thing for her (he's complimented her a few times). However, Wes never said that he was attracted to her, so she's gets all in her feelings. I find it funny, because Simone was the main one talking down about Ashley acting crazy over a guy, and then she does the same. Meanwhile, hothead newcomer Amanda gets into it with Johnny, after he asks her what season of AYTO she was on. Knowing that he doesn't really care, she randomly goes off on him. Tony gets into it trying to defend Johnny, and then Camila steps in trying to defend Tony, who's her partner. All the while, Amanda, who's probably drunk from dinner, is just digging a hole for herself and Nelson. She sees it as defending herself and holding her ground, but she isn't making herself looks good at all. You have to play nice in this game in order to build up alliances, ESPECIALLY as a newcomer. Not sure she's going to last.

I'm interested to see what's next around the corner with this show. Seems like there's going to be a lot of intense moments and twists that nobody's expecting!

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