RECAP: "Let Sleeping Dogs Wake"-The Challenge Rivals 3, Episode 9

We're getting towards the end of The Challenge: Rivals 3, and the teams are going in hard core! Picking up from last week, we see part two of last week's challenge. The teams are tired and cranky, and now have to answer all these questions about what all happened in "Up All Night." There's a series of eight events that have to be put in order, and then there are a series of eight questions that have to be answered about each event. Again, the winning team will get $1000 each and a day trip to Huatulco, in addition to being safe from elimination and sending two teams in to possibly face The Jungle!


Selena Quintanilla Will Finally Receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

21 years after her tragic death, Selena Quintanilla will finally receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

In The Spotlight: Alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter Madyx

Another spotlight! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, dancer, etc., and are interested in a feature, please visit our Features/Submissions page for more information!

Today, we have alternative pop singer/songwriter Madyx! Born Michelle Blanchard, the artist has wanted to be in the music industry since she was a kid. “When I was 8 years old, my parents bought me a guitar for my birthday and my life was forever changed,” she said. Growing up, Madyx’s parents also always played a variety of music from classic rock to country, and that helped shape her diverse writing style. After playing in a bunch of bands during high school, Madyx moved out to LA to really build her music career and even started a band called Life Down Here. “We made a pretty good name for ourselves: getting to open for Paramore, played a bunch of high schools across SoCal and several LGBT pride festivals in addition to the Warped Tour,” she said of her band experience. However, as she grew older, her musical style changed and she parted ways with the band, and branched out her own as Madyx! “It’s been a wild ride ever since,” the singer excitedly admitted.


In The Spotlight: Neo-Soul/R&B Artist K. James

Time for another spotlight! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, dancer, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info on how to be featured on The Spotlight! 

Today, we have neo-soul and R&B artist, K. James, whose music video for track "Koolin' " was recently featured on the site. The artist has always had a great appreciation for good music with a message, containing real experiences. "Music has always been in my blood," K. James said. "Since I was 5 years old, I grew up listening to my mother’s radio full of artists such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Teddy Pendergrass, R. Kelly, and The Temptations." He went on to add, "It has been a dream of mine to express my creativity through song, giving people something to relate to and making a living while doing something I love was all the motivation I needed to pursue this dream of mine."

REVIEW: 2016 BET Awards

The 2016 BET Awards took place last night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Hosted by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, the show had some great performances, some crazy and awkward moments, and incredible tributes to the late, great Prince! It wasn't my absolute favorite BET Awards, but it was definitely cool to watch!

Check out the review below!

Full List of Winners from the 2016 BET Awards!

The 2016 BET Awards took place just last night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles! The annual award show was packed with explosive performances, amazing tributes to Prince and crazy moments from the show's co-hosts, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross (all of which we're recapping in a bit!). Of course, in the winner's circle, Beyoncé definitely came out on top, and Bryson Tiller didn't too shabby himself!

Check out the full list of winners below (winners in bold)!


Good morning everyone! It's Monday again...which means it's time for some #MondayMotivation! Today's quote is particularly special to me, because it's a reminder that what is meant for me will be! Definitely have had and continue to have my share of rejections and disappointments, but I'm encouraged in knowing that what I'm supposed to have, I will have. We all just have to keep putting in the work, be patient, and trust that there's a bigger plan for us! 

Have an amazing day! 


RECAP: "Stand By Me"-'The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 8

This episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3 literally had way too much going on! Picking up from last week, the house goes out for another night in Mexico! Tony stays getting drunk, and, as we've seen multiple times, he is an ANGRY drunk. At the club, he vents to Devin, telling Devin that he hates her which is hard for Devin to swallow, since he's interested in Camila. Once they get back to the house, Camila bumps into a drunk Vince, falls and gets scraped up. Camila, of course, goes off on him and Bananas for laughing. Later, the cousins even reenact the scene, and Camila goes off again, calling them bullies and then calling out a sleeping Tony out for "idolizing" them!

The cousins end up waking Tony up, telling him to get Camila in check. Of course, Tony already has this harbored resentment towards her, so it ends up being a huge argument between the two of them. Clearly, Bananas and Vince wanted them to fight for some entertainment. Tony gets really up in her face, and even backs her into a corner. It almost comes off as he's about to lay hands on her, and two of the other guys eventually drag him away, while the girls pull Camila away and try to calm her down. Devin eventually talks to Tony and calms him down, but tells Tony that it was not okay that he backed her into a corner like that. It's absolutely crazy. What's crazier though is that all this happens in Tony and Camila's off time, and they go to challenges and put in work!

Katherine Heigl Announces She is Expecting!

Another celebrity baby on the way! Katherine Heigl is pregnant!

The actress and her husband, musician Josh Kelley, confirmed to PEOPLE that they are expecting a boy in January!

EDITORIAL: Celebrating Seven Years with The Spotlight!

Today marks SEVEN years since I've started The Spotlight! I'm truly blessed to have been able to start and grow this website, and being able to do what I love. I say this all the time to people that ask. Spotlight was able to open other doors for me that I never would've imagined for myself. Not only was I able to grow in my writing and editing skills, working towards my own dreams, but I was soon able to interview and showcase other people's talents and creativity. That's been one of the coolest parts of what I do.

So I just wanted to share some honest thoughts about the site, and share with some retro pics with y'all!


In The Spotlight: Rock Group Bakers Eddy

Another great spotlight! Truly honored to feature all of these amazing rising stars!

Right now, we have rock group Bakers Eddy! Formed in Wellington, New Zealand back in 2009, the group consists of Ciarann Babbington (guitar/vocals), Jamie Gordon (drums/backing vocals), and twin brothers Ian and Alex Spagnolo (bass/backing vocals, guitar/backing vocals). They got their start together during their high school years, putting in hard work to create the sound and chemistry they have today, and saw themselves continuing to create music even after graduation. "Finishing high school we were kind of expected to do the university thing or get a proper job," the group said in a statement. "But the thought of doing something most people said was unachievable excited us and still does. So we asked ourselves if we should give it a crack, and the balls been rolling ever since."

MOVIE TRAILER: 'The Birth of a Nation' Starring Nate Parker (+ Release Date!)

FINALLY! The official movie trailer and release date for Nate Parker's upcoming film, The Birth of a Nation, has been released!

(Via Deadline)
Set in the pre-war South, it focuses on Nat Turner (played by Nate), a literate slave and preacher whose financially strapped owner (Armie Hammer) accepts an offer to use Nat’s preaching to subdue unruly slaves. As he witnesses countless atrocities — against himself and his fellow slaves — Nat orchestrates an uprising in the hope of leading his people to freedom.

The film, which was also directed by Nate and is set to hit theaters October 7, also stars Jackie Earle Haley, Gabrielle Union, Penelope Ann Miller, Aunjanue Ellis, Mark Boone, Jr. and Aja Naomi King.

Check out the trailer below!

MUSIC VIDEO: "Broke Boi"- R&B Singer/Songwriter BrownBoi Maj

R&B singer/songwriter BrownBoi Maj has released his video for his debut single, "Broke Boi," off of his upcoming EP, Desert Slums!

A play off of Dave Chappelle's 1998 film Half Baked, the video is described as showing "just how down-to-earth BrownBoi is as he tries to woo the girl of his dreams with 'shallow' pockets."

Check out the video below!


Rihanna and Coldplay Set to Headline 2016 Made in America Festival

The Budweiser Made in America Festival will return to Philadelphia for its fifth year this Labor Day weekend and the lineup is, once again, incredible!

Rihanna and Coldplay are set to headline the festival, which will be held on September 3 and 4 and is curated by Jay-Z himself. In addition to them, other artists coming out include, ColleGrove (2 Chainz and Lil Wayne), Chance The Rapper, DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller, Gary Clark Jr, Travi$ Scott, SZA, A$AP Ferg and more.

Check out the full list of acts below!


Good morning everyone! It's the start of the work week, so here's some #MondayMotivation to hopefully help get you through. No matter what comes your way (or doesn't come your way), stay on your grind! Keep praying, keep putting in the work, and the opportunities will come.


NEW MUSIC: 'Summer on Sunset'-Wale (MIXTAPE)

Wale has officially dropped his latest mixtape, Summer on Sunset!

 The tape, hosted by DJ Quicksilva, premiered on DJ Khaled's We The Best Radio through Apple Music, and is now available on DatPiff! It gives listeners and Wale's Moonz a taste of the music the rapper's been holding in the vault as they anticipate his upcoming fifth studio album, SHiNE (Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy).

With collaborations with Raheem DeVaughn, Cam'Ron, and more, the tape is definitely hot all the way through. The music fits the title, and reveals some more of Wale's life. And this artwork is one of the best Wale's had done!

Continue to SHiNE Wale! Check out the tape in full below!

In The Spotlight: Indie Pop Artist Lauren Waller

Another spotlight for you all to end the work week, and even more on the way! If you work in the arts and entertainment industry and are interested in a feature on The Spotlight, visit our Features/Submissions page for more information.

Today, we have indie pop artist Lauren Waller! Growing up in L.A. and spending a good amount of time in central California, the singer said she has always been surrounded by music. Lauren’s father is actually a singer and musician as a hobby, and she and her brother even grew up taking piano lessons. Lauren also took on the drums for a while, until she realized, to her dismay, that her parents weren’t ever going to ever get her an actual drum set!

NEW MUSIC: "Factory"- Electro/Pop Singer r e l

Singer r e l has released a new track out for listeners entitled, "Factory!"

This new track from the singer is about being a young feminist in the 21st century, and challenges listeners to figure out who exactly they are and what they want, instead of falling to the status quo.  "What you do? What's your brand? Who are you?" she asks. Definitely love the message of the song, and r e l's voice!

Check out the track below!

90S TV Show Favorite 'Hey Arnold!' to Be Made Into New Movie

Nickelodeon has dropped the news that, as a part of the network's 25th Anniversary of original creator-driven animation, there will be a new Hey Arnold! movie, tentatively titled Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie!


MOVIE TEASER: Tupac Shakur Biopic 'All Eyez on Me'

Happy birthday wishes to the late, great Tupac Shakur as he rests easy in heaven!

 In honor of his birthday, the official teaser for upcoming biopic, All Eyez on Me, has been released, and it looks GOOD. Demetrius Shipp, Jr., who plays the rapper, looks and sounds like Pac A LOT. I've heard he even played Tupac's mannerisms really well.

I'm definitely excited to go check this out. Watch the teaser below!

NEW MUSIC: "No Air"-R&B Singer Khari King

New music this morning! Check out R&B track "No Air" from rising singer Khari King

Sampling a piece from the Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown duet of the same name, Khari sings of going through a breakup, realizing just how hard to live without this person in his life. "Without you girl, it's like living in a world with no air," he sings. "Not buying all this talk that you don't care." For those who have gone through real heartbreak, and know how difficult it is to try to go on without the people we loved, this is definitely a song that you'll connect with! 

Check out the track below!

Donald Glover Joins 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) will be joining the cast of the upcoming film, Spider-Man: Homecoming!

The movie, which will be released by Marvel sometime in 2017, will star Michael Keaton as the main villian. Tom Holland and Robert Downey will be returning as Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Iron Man/Tony Stark, respectively, while we'll also see Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Zendaya as the female lead.

RECAP: "Camilanator: Salvation"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 7

Devastating news rocked one cast member on this episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3!  Picking up from last week, the house parties, but Tony is upset about his current partnership with Camila. He asks her to be more encouraging and what not, though Camila isn't really wired that way. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is frustrated in dealing with Devin, who brings a lot of unnecessary attention to himself. She correctly states that, as rookies, they just need to lay low to try to fly under the radar, but he doesn't. In fact, when Cheyenne and Cory have a little alone time at the club, Devin comes over completely plastered, talking about how he'll vote everyone in when he gets the chance and blah blah blah! All he's doing is pissing everyone off. Jamie gets annoyed especially after Devin yells at KellyAnne, and it's almost a brawl between the two of them!


Khloé Kardashian Talks Weight Loss, Fashion, and More with Harper's Bazaar

Khloé Kardashian has definitely stepped her game up over the years, from her business ventures to her weight loss and overall style. She definitely looks and is doing amazing!

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, the reality star and TV host opened up her life in the spotlight with her famous family, what she can't stand most about the fame, and why she really started putting in major work in the gym!  She even admitted that stylists didn't want to work with her back in the day because she was "too big!" What?

Check out some highlights from the interview below!

Usher, Bryson Tiller and More Set to Perform at the 2016 BET Awards

More performers for the 2016 BET Awards have been announced!

Usher, Bryson Tiller, and Future have been added to the show's lineup, with previously announced performers Alicia Keys and Maxwell!


In The Spotlight: Radio Hosts and Models Jae Monique & Sarah "Chi Chi" Figueroa

Another spotlight for you all! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, dancer, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info on how to be featured on The Spotlight!

Today we have radio hosts and models Jae Monique and Sarah “Chi Chi” Figueroa! The two host their own weekly radio show, the Outline Radio Show, and also model for Timothy R Clothing. The two had crossed paths several times, but were officially introduced by a mutual friend. At the time, Sarah had planned to start a talk show with a local broadcasting network, but that didn’t pan out. “But all that work was not done in vain,” Sarah admitted, noting of her eventual collab with Jae “What I realized was we had great chemistry and we feed off each other.” Jae brought Sarah on as a co-host for a show that she was developing, and the Outline Radio Show was born! “We began on Blog Talk Radio, and it took off from there,” Jae said of the show.

Kanye West Announces Saint Pablo Tour Dates

Yeezy fans, get your money together! In promotion of his latest album, The Life of PabloKanye West has officially announced a new tour, the Saint Pablo Tour, for late summer going into fall!

The 32-date tour will kick off in Indianapolis in late August. Pre-sale tickets go on sale today (June 14) at 10:00 a.m. EST for American Express Card Members, while TIDAL subscribers will get their crack beginning Thursday June 16  at 10.

Check out the full list of dates below, and see if Kanye is coming to your city!


NEW MUSIC: "Summer Breeze"-Clyde Kelly

Singer Clyde Kelly has released his debut single, "Summer Breeze," for listeners!

The track, his first official song since signed to independent label Halliburton Productions in April, is from his upcoming project which should be released this fall.  "This is a song I wrote at a point where I was getting stressed out by all the difficulties of daily life," Clyde admitted. After a chill night with his girlfriend, the artist was able to reflect and remember how blessed he really is. "I took a deep breath and suddenly felt free of all the stress and negativity. And I decided that I wanted to live in that moment mentally forever. The hook is meant to represent that moment," he said.

Check out the track below!


Some #MondayMotivation to start this week from the late, great Nelson Mandela! Never settle for the status quo. Go after what makes you happy. Go after what challenges you. Step outside of your comfort zone, and go after the life you are most capable of living


In The Spotlight: DJ/Producer Damiar "Dmain" Pennant

Another great spotlight to end the week! As always, if you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, model, etc., within the entertainment industry, and you are interested in being featured on The Spotlight, visit our Features/Submissions page!

Today's feature is coming from my fellow Full Sail University alum, DJ and producer Damiar "Dmain" Pennant! With his recent bachelor's degree in Recording Arts from the school, the young DJ and producer is ready to take his career to the next level!

Angela Simmons Reveals the Sex of Her Baby!

Angela Simmons announced that she was pregnant with her first child just a few weeks, and now she's announced the sex of the baby!

Soooo...is it a boy or a girl? Find out below!

NEW MUSIC: "Work It Out"- R&B Artist Greg Owens

TGIF!!!! Here's some feel good music to start your morning from R&B artist and producer Greg Owens--a great song entitled, "Work It Out!"

On the gospel and jazz influenced track, Greg sings about a special person in his life that he's hoping to work out a great relationship with. He's definitely smitten! "I don't know what it is, but you caught my eye," he croons"This feeling that I have I just cannot hide." It's a great song to groove to, so I hope y'all enjoy it!

Check out the track below!


Columbus Short Sentenced to Month In Prison for Violating Probation

Columbus Short has officially been sentenced to a month in jail for violating probation in an assault case.

Back in April, the former Scandal star tested positive for cocaine and weed. Columbus has previously admitted to having drug and alcohol problems, and it looks like they, sadly, continue to follow him.

NEW EP: Almost Impossible- Singer/Songwriter Myze

Got a new project to share from singer/songwriter and producer Myze, who we featured on The Spotlight back in April. The artist has released a new EP entitled, Almost Impossible!

Myze, a multi-talented artist, did all pf production, engineering, songwriting, and even the artwork! Almost Impossible offers tracks for all sorts of moods, and showcases Myze's overall talent and passion for music well!

Check out the project below!

Once Upon A Time's Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas Welcome Second Child

Congrats go out to Once Upon A Time co-stars and real life couple Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas!

The husband and wife, who play Prince Charming and Snow White on the show, have welcomed their second child!

RECAP: "The Naked Truth"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 6

Another rousing episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3! Picking up from last week, there are quite a few potential romances happening. Cheyenne and Cory continue their flirting, Tony has eyes for Ashley, and Devin is hoping to hook up with Camila. Back at the house, Camila and Devin start making out, and, assumably, have sex. Ashley sleeps with Tony as well. They CLAIM nothing happened, but the video definitely shows something different! It's crazy though because Ashley has hooked up with Jamie, and I personally thought that maybe just maybe she could have something nice with him. Jamie finds out later, of course, and wants Ashley to just leave him alone from here on out.


NEW MUSIC: "Be Mine (Gyal)"-Jamaican Artist Genra

Artist Genra has dropped a new track entitled "Be Mine (Gyal)" for listeners!

On the mellow, dancehall track, Genra serenades a special lady, admitting that he wants her in his life. "Hips don't lie...you the truth I see," he croons. "Help me believe...loving you is all I need." Absolutely perfect for the summer!

Check out the track below!


CELEB SPOTTING: Lindsay Lohan Visits Annie's House from The Parent Trap

Walk down memory lane! Lindsay Lohan was spotted in London this weekend, visiting the house that fans of the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap know all too well!

Lindsay posed in front of the house where her character Annie James (and then Hallie Parker faking to be Annie) lived. She also pointed out that the address now says No. 23, but “it was number 7 in the movie.”

Check Lindsay out in London below!

MUSIC VIDEO: "The Stick Up"-Hip Hop Artist Headkrack

Check out the latest music video from hip hop artist Headkrack for his track,"The Stick Up!"

Though the title of the track may give you some doubt, it's not about what you might think. The artist is committed to spit with a purpose and continue to crush this game. "Hip hop is my property. I'm here to take it back...this is a robbery," he states confidently on the hook.

 Check out the video below!


Good morning all. This week's Monday Motivation comes from the late, great Muhammad Ali (1942-2016). Even if you haven't gotten to where you want to be, carry yourself like you're already there. In other words, fake it 'til you make it. 

RIP Champ.


MUSIC VIDEO: "Oxygen"- Soulful Duo Nicky Davey

L.A. based soulful duo Nicky Davey is back with a new video for their track "Oxygen!"

The slow jam is the first single from the group's upcoming album, XXX, which is set to be released later on in the year. "Oxygen" features lead singer Nick Green's passionate vocals, as he sings about the newness of love. Written with Syd Tha Kid, the track showcases everyone's feelings in the beginning stages of a relationship, feeling like you're on Cloud 9 with your significant other!

The video itself, directed by Dan Stowell and Rick Yodukar, was shot in black and white and stars Tosha Eason, who was a muse in the writing process!

Check out the music video below!


RECAP: "Where the Ratchet Things Are"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 5

Picking up from last week on "Out on a Limb," Camila falls HARD and begs for help. She just had the wind knocked out her, but turns out she's okay. Some of the other teams did well, but a lot of the other teams just couldn't sick their landing past the first or second platform. The team that went the furthest the fastest was Cory and Ashley, who win for the day! Dario and Nicole, Jessica and Johnny, and KellyAnne and Jamie end up being the three bottom teams. T.J. announces that the team that did the worst was Jessica and Johnny, so they'll be heading in The Jungle...yet again. Cory and Ashley will then pick two other teams to face off against them.

In The Spotlight: Rock Group Tom Devil and The Wizard

Another new feature for you all!

Our latest artist spotlight features Dallas rock group, Tom Devil and The Wizard, which is led by lead guitarist and vocalist Matt Nestor. I caught up with Matt to discuss the group's inspirations and plans the group has for the second half of 2016!


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