In The Spotlight: Rock Group Bakers Eddy

Another great spotlight! Truly honored to feature all of these amazing rising stars!

Right now, we have rock group Bakers Eddy! Formed in Wellington, New Zealand back in 2009, the group consists of Ciarann Babbington (guitar/vocals), Jamie Gordon (drums/backing vocals), and twin brothers Ian and Alex Spagnolo (bass/backing vocals, guitar/backing vocals). They got their start together during their high school years, putting in hard work to create the sound and chemistry they have today, and saw themselves continuing to create music even after graduation. "Finishing high school we were kind of expected to do the university thing or get a proper job," the group said in a statement. "But the thought of doing something most people said was unachievable excited us and still does. So we asked ourselves if we should give it a crack, and the balls been rolling ever since."

Influenced by artists like Foo Fighters, Green Day, Shihad and more, the band is really talented and brings this incredible high energy to their music that listeners are sure to love. Since their start, Bakers Eddy has played all over New Zealand, and just last year, released their debut EP, Plastic Wasteland.

Recently, Bakers Eddy has been in the studio with London music producer Asa Bennett, who served as producer on their recent track, "Wallbreaker!" The band stated that their dreams served as the inspiration behind the song. "Everyone has dreams," they added. "The band is ours and we are going to work hard for it." Check out the video for "Wallbreaker" below!

Currently, the band has other things in the works, hoping to "maybe release some more singles, do another EP, [or] release an album." In terms of what sets them apart, Bakers Eddy believes it's failing to follow the paths of other bands out. "To be honest we’ve never been concerned with trends. We think that has set us aside from a lot of bands at the moment, whether thats a good thing or a bad thing. Thats just who we are." In the future, they would love to perform in front of new people and places worldwide, "continuing to what we love and having a good laugh while we do so!"

You can check out more from Bakers Eddy on their official website, as well as SoundCloud and YouTube. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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