RECAP: "Camilanator: Salvation"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 7

Devastating news rocked one cast member on this episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3!  Picking up from last week, the house parties, but Tony is upset about his current partnership with Camila. He asks her to be more encouraging and what not, though Camila isn't really wired that way. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is frustrated in dealing with Devin, who brings a lot of unnecessary attention to himself. She correctly states that, as rookies, they just need to lay low to try to fly under the radar, but he doesn't. In fact, when Cheyenne and Cory have a little alone time at the club, Devin comes over completely plastered, talking about how he'll vote everyone in when he gets the chance and blah blah blah! All he's doing is pissing everyone off. Jamie gets annoyed especially after Devin yells at KellyAnne, and it's almost a brawl between the two of them!

Devin just will not stop antagonizing everyone, and Cory gets involved, dragging Devin away from everyone. The two of them are quickly stopped by security before any serious fighting can happen, but even when they're on their way home, Devin keeps egging Cory on.  Cheyenne tries to talk some sense into Devin, but you can't do that with a drunk person! Back at home, Tony ends up going off on Camila, saying again how she doesn't care enough about their team, wanting more support. He's drunk too, and really needs to just go to bed, but I understand his frustration. Camila doesn't get why he needs her to always support him and give him pats on the back for their accomplishments or whatever. She sees it as coddling almost. However, it helps with team morale, and she needs to get that.

The next morning, a producer of the show wakes Camila up, telling her to call her sister Larissa. Sadly, Larissa tells Camila that their grandmother passed away last night, and Camila instantly breaks down into tears. I got emotional, because I know how it feels losing grandparents that you're really close to. There's no amount of consoling that can truly comfort her. However, Camila does decide to stay at The Challenge, just so she can try to win this money for her family.

Later, T.J. introduces the next challenge to the team, "Road to Nowhere." There is a short road to a 400-foot cliff and the teams literally have to drive themselves off it using a cart. One of them will be steering the cart, and the other pushing for speed. However, before they plummet, they have to collect as many flags as they can. Green flags are 5 points, yellow are 10, and red are 15. Whoever has the most points at the end of the challenge wins, and is safe from elimination. The team with the least goes straight to The Jungle.

The green flags are easy to snag, but it's the yellow and the red ones that are a bit more difficult, especially as they are hanging right where the teams end up dropping. A good amount of the teams manage to at least get one green flag, with other teams doing pretty well. Nate and Christina manage to get a red and yellow flag for a total of 25 points, honestly, to me, out of pure luck, but win the challenge. However, KellyAnne and Jamie fall off of their cart before they even make it to the cliff! Sure they grab flags, but everything they grabbed was when they were on the platform and not the cart, so none of their flags count. Unfortunately, they'll be heading to The Jungle, while Nate and Christina have to vote in two teams to potentially face off against them!

At the house, Nate and Christina decide to talk to Camila and Tony, because of the whole token thing last week. Of course, Camila gets a little bit defensive, since it was an accident and, let's be honest, Nate and Christina shouldn't have lost their token in the first place. Yeah, maybe Camila could've spoken up, but I still get her frustration about it, especially since she and Tony were DQ'd. The winners also bring over Amanda and Nelson, who try to convince them to change things up, and go for vets. It would be a smart move, but I can tell Nate and Christina are a little too green and afraid to shake any tables. Camila later has a conversation with Christina telling her to play her own game and does apologizes, though Christina doesn't know if it's genuine or not.

At deliberations the next day, Nate and Christina choose Amanda and Nelson, along with Devin and Cheyenne to go into The Jungle. Amanda, of course, can't hold her tongue about how Camila and Tony, or another vet team should've gone in, but what's done is done. You're going in...shut up and prepare your mind for it.

At The Jungle, Amanda and Nelson, along with Devin and Cheyenne have to draw skulls to see who will be facing Jamie and KellyAnne. Amanda draws the black skull on the very first pull, so she and Nelson are going in! T.J. announces that the teams will be playing "Chill Out." There are two ice baths and a stack of blocks and disks. The teams have to stack those blocks and disks to reach a certain level to win. Only thing is that they have to first sit in the ice bath for one minute, and then try to solve the puzzle. If they can't solve the puzzle in two minutes, they have to go in the ice bath for another minute, and so on and so forth.

It's definitely a struggle with that ice bath, and then trying to stack these blocks. Both teams get so close, but it just doesn't seem to be working. After the first couple of rounds, Amanda and Nelson try a different strategy by laying their disks on their sides instead of just flat, which works when they're turned in opposite directions. Taking their idea, Jamie and KellyAnne manage to win the elimination, though, sending Amanda and Nelson home. Honestly, it was one of those eliminations where I didn't care much who went home. Though it's cool that she stuck to her guns, and I can give her props on that kind of, I was sick of Amanda and her mouth. I'm sure she'll be back on another challenge though...she and Nelson actually made a pretty good team.

We're also at the halfway point now, with 9 teams remaining! Can't wait to see what happens in the rest of this season!!!!

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