RECAP: "The Naked Truth"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 6

Another rousing episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3! Picking up from last week, there are quite a few potential romances happening. Cheyenne and Cory continue their flirting, Tony has eyes for Ashley, and Devin is hoping to hook up with Camila. Back at the house, Camila and Devin start making out, and, assumably, have sex. Ashley sleeps with Tony as well. They CLAIM nothing happened, but the video definitely shows something different! It's crazy though because Ashley has hooked up with Jamie, and I personally thought that maybe just maybe she could have something nice with him. Jamie finds out later, of course, and wants Ashley to just leave him alone from here on out.

The next day, T.J. announces the latest challenge, "Laps of Judgement." It's basically a big game of "Would You Rather?" There are five stations and two tasks at each. Each team can choose whatever task they want to do. After completing each task, you get a token. Everyone has to scale walls to place their token on a hook at the top of a hill, and then race down to complete another task. The last team to finish, of course, will be heading straight to The Jungle. The first team to complete the challenge in full will be safe from elimination, and get to choose two teams to face off against the losing team in The Jungle.

The first task is eating, giving the teams the choice to Eat Brains or Eat Balls. The teams have to eat either cow brains or cow balls. It's not much of a choice...either way it's disgusting! It's an absolute TERRIBLE way to start the challenge. Of course, people struggle to get it down, but the teams push through. Then, they have to scale this wall in the heat, which makes things 10 times more difficult. The next station, Reel It In or Rock It Out, the teams have the choice to lasso a rope around a hook on a barrel and pull the barrel back across the line, or land five rocks on top of the barrel. Kelly Anne and Jamie choose the rope, and end up losing a huge lead in the game. It clearly wasn't the smartest decision for the few teams who chose to lasso, but they all eventually complete it.

The third station, Be Sleepy or Be Tired, gives the team the chance to choose between carrying a queen size mattress or five tires up the wall. At the start, Jenna and Vince were actually in the lead, but, as it turns out, were actually carrying Nicole and Dario's mattress, so T.J. makes them start that task all over! At the fourth station, Build a Bridge or Build a House, which is a puzzle, Sarah and Bananas take the lead here, since Sarah is amazing at puzzles! Meanwhile, Nate loses his and Christina's token, so now they're in last place!

The last station, Eat a Birthday Cake or Be in Your Birthday Suit,  requires the teams to either eat an entire birthday cake or to head to the finish line BUTT NAKED! Of course, all of the teams decide to take it all off and get this challenge over and done with! Bananas and Sarah win the challenge for the day while Nate and Christina lose because of the stupid mistake of losing their token, and are head ingto The Jungle. Christina thinks that somebody moved their token, and is so upset, but oh well. She and Nate were going in there eventually simply because they're rookies, so no loss there.

That night, Sarah and Bananas have a winner's dinner, and compliment each other on their win. They actually talk through the issue of Sarah's "betrayal" towards Johnny. She apologizes that she put a price on their friendship like that, while Johnny can finally admit that she did it to give herself the best shot at winning. It's nice to see them on the road to reconciliation, I must say. The two decide to talk Nelson and Amanda as well as Devin and Cheyenne, and both of these rookie teams strike deals with Bananas and Sarah just to save their own butts. Devin even decides to squash his alliance with Wes just so he wouldn't have to go to The Jungle! This game is crazy.

Meanwhile, at random, Thomas starts talking crap about Vince (apparently, they had beef at the last challenge). After Thomas calls him a b**ch one too many times, Vince goes after him and slams him down on the table. Bananas talks to his cousin, and tells him to be smarter because Thomas is just trying to get inside Vince's head. Bananas then calls Thomas out for playing like a punk.

At nominations, T.J. calls Vince out, and says that if he gets violent again, he's out of there and Jenna will be headed out right with him. T.J. also announces that another team actually did toss Christina and Nate's token, and that team will be headed to The Jungle instead of them! It turns out that that team is Tony and Camila! Camila accidentally picked up Christina and Nate's token thinking that Tony dropped theirs, and, when she found out he didn't, just tossed it. After that shocker, Bananas and Sarah vote in Wes and Nany, as well as Simone and Thomas.

Camila is over it, and starts crying and yelling. Tony, Nany and Devin all try to calm her down, since there's nothing that they can do at this point. I understand her anger, though. At the end of the day, Nate and Christina dropped their stupid token in the first place, and who knows if they would've found it? Camila was just looking out for team, but that's my two cents. Later, Thomas gets a call from his girlfriend, who states that she had to go to the emergency room!

At The Jungle, T.J. brings in the teams to compete. Thomas and Simone make the choice to leave because Tom's girlfriend is in the hospital with severe medical problems. However, T.J. states that there will still be a Jungle, if either Wes and Nany pull the black skull out of the bag. Luckily, neither of them do. Everyone is safe and friends Camila and Nany didn't have to compete against each other! At the house, Wes and the rest of the house toasts to Thomas and his girlfriend, with the hopes that she'll get better soon. Definitely sucks to leave the house, but the love of your life is way important than some game!

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