RECAP: "Where the Ratchet Things Are"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 5

Picking up from last week on "Out on a Limb," Camila falls HARD and begs for help. She just had the wind knocked out her, but turns out she's okay. Some of the other teams did well, but a lot of the other teams just couldn't sick their landing past the first or second platform. The team that went the furthest the fastest was Cory and Ashley, who win for the day! Dario and Nicole, Jessica and Johnny, and KellyAnne and Jamie end up being the three bottom teams. T.J. announces that the team that did the worst was Jessica and Johnny, so they'll be heading in The Jungle...yet again. Cory and Ashley will then pick two other teams to face off against them.

Back at the house, Jessica is emotional and doesn't want Johnny to think that she's a bad competitor. Cory plans to talk to Johnny to see who he wants to go against, but also plans to throw in Amanda and Nelson, and wants to use this leverage to possibly knock off a stronger team. Ashley and Cory have their power team dinner, where Ashley brings up possibly throwing in Thomas, who is Cory's friend. However, Cory really wants to keep Simone around because she makes her partnership with Thomas weak, so they're no threat to anyone. Cory decides to talk to Nany and Wes, and Wes, being the political one that he is, strikes a deal for an alliance to keep his team safe. Cory and Ashley then bring in Nate and Christina, with Cory stating that they plan to throw them in.

Later, Camila tells Ashley about Simone's previous conversation to Jamie, where Simone said that Ashley couldn't be trusted, and Ashley GOES OFF! It ends up being a huge argument with Ashley and Simone throwing digs at each other. Ashley threatens to throw Simone in The Jungle, but Simone knows that Cory and Thomas are tight, and Cory probably wouldn't go for that. With all the arguing, Simone is ready to fight, and Thomas has to calm her down and remind her what they're there for.

The next day. Cory talks to Simone, stating that it seems like she was trying to stir things up with that talk with Jamie. Though Ashley wants to throw Simone in, Cory wants to keep her around, simply because she's not that great of a competitor anyway and brings her own self down with the drama she creates. Ashley is adamant, going with her emotions instead of seeing the bigger picture. At nominations, Cory and Ashley vote in Nelson and Amanda and, surprisingly, Simone and Thomas! That's absolutely crazy! Just goes to show that, at The Challenge, you can't really trust anybody outside of maybe your partner.

In The Jungle, T.J. announces that there is yet ANOTHER set of replacements coming into the game! Turns out that T.J. is bringing BACK Devin and Cheyenne which will be a little shake up in the game. When Cheyenne was eliminated, she and Cory had a little fling starting up, so Cory is definitely happy to see her! Of course, before the elimination, Amanda and Nelson along with Simone and Thomas have to draw skulls to see who will be facing Johnny and Jessica. Again, with this game of chance, whichever team pulls the black skull is going in. Thomas and Simone both manage to pull out white skulls, and Simone is coming back at Ashley with a vengeance!!!

Amanda and Nelson are then left to face off against Jessica and Johnny for this week's elimination, "Weight For Me," which combines strength and puzzles! The guys have to hoist the girls up a wall in order for them to memorize a puzzle at the top, and then recreate it at the bottom. Jessica gets frazzled very easily and struggles to remember, while Amanda just takes the puzzle one row at a time, having Nelson hoist her back up whenever she needs it.  Nelson had the strength in his arms to be able to hoist Amanda easily multiple times as well, so Amanda is able to finish the puzzle first, sending Jessica and Johnny home. I have to give it to these rookies, though. They earned their win, and survived their first taste of an elimination round, though I still don't like Amanda and her mouth.

Back at the house, both Simone and Amanda laugh at Ashley because both of the teams that they voted in, made it back. That plan definitely backfired, and now two teams are gunning for Cory and Ashley!

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