Throwback Jam of the Week: "Feel So Good"-Razah

It's Throwback Thursday! I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite random throwback jams that I used to love back in the day...so be on the lookout for those on Thursdays!

This song randomly popped in my head this week. Back around 2004, R&B singer Razah released this jam, "Feel So Good," inspired by Teddy Pendergrass' classic hit, "When Somebody Loves You Back." Razah has released a bunch of music since then, but this was the standout track for me! It was smooth and fun to dance to, and he made it his own with the lyrics.

Check out the video below!

RECAP: "Grapes. Wrath."-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 13

The final three teams were determined in the most recent episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3! Picking up from episode 12, Cheyenne is struggling with Vince's bullying, and on the verge of a breakdown, saying she wants to go home! She literally is talking to production, and asks them to let her call her mother. Cheyenne's mom tells her to get herself together and not let anyone get to her like that! That's right! I understand you have had issues with bullying, and I'm not downplaying that at all, but GIRL you are in the running to possibly win big money! While Cheyenne is on the phone, Devin calls Vince out for being an idiot. He even calls Jenna and Sarah dumb sheep who follow behind Vince and Bananas all the time. Security has to step in with Devin, when things almost get physical between him and Vince. Ultimately, though, Cheyenne decides to stay.


In The Spotlight: Hip Hop/Pop Artist Drew Parks

Another great spotlight for you all today! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, poet, dancer, etc., and are interested in a featured on The Spotlight, visit our Features/Submissions page for more information!

Today, we have hip hop/pop artist Drew Parks! Drew, originally from Detroit, is also a producer and songwriter, and has gotten major love from top networks and magazines like MTV, ESPN’s First Take, Billboard, Respect Magazine and VIBE. He started getting into hip hop around eight or nine years old, and became obsessed. “As a kid, I listened to a lot of Bob Marley, Sergio Mendes, and anything and everything that was on the radio,” Drew said. “I’d spend all day rapping along with songs and memorizing lyrics.”At just 10, Drew recorded his first song, and by 12 or 13 had started making his own beats using some recording software his parents had bought for him. “By 14 I had released a self-produced album, and started making music with kids I went to middle school and eventually high school with,” he said. “I’ve continued doing music ever since.”

NEW MUSIC: "French Kiss"- R&B Singer B. Trenton

Some new music for you all today! Rising Atlanta R&B singer B. Trenton has released his single, "French Kiss," for listeners!

The song, featured on the singer's Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts EP, details a night of passion and seduction as B. Trenton croons about his encounter with an intriguing French woman. He sings of their sexy adventure for the night and just how powerful this girl's french kiss is. This song might just have some ladies falling out at the sound of B. Trenton's voice and lyrics!

Listen to the track below!

Beyoncé, Adele and Drake Lead the Pack in the 2016 MTV Video Music Award Nominations


MTV has announced the nominees for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards!

To no one's surprise, Beyoncé topped everyone scoring a career high of 11 nominations all for her visual album, Lemonade! Adele received 8 nods for her videos for her hits "Hello" and "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," while Drake was behind her with 6 noms, attributed to his hit "Hotline Bling" as well as fire collaboration with Rihanna on "Work!"

See if your fave snagged a nom below!


Kanye West Stars in the Newest Balmain Campaign for Fall 2016

Kanye West is teaming up again with Balmain for the brand's latest campaign!

Creative director Olivier Rousteing recruited Yeezy for the Fall 2016 “Music Meets Fashion” campaign.

Check out the ad below!



Wale has officially released his music video for his hit"My PYT!"

Directed by Colin Tilley and featuring DJ Sam Sneak, the visual was really fun and vibrant, from the fashion to the beautiful ladies to the dancing. It's a music video that perfectly matched this summertime jam!

"My PYT" is the first single for Wale's upcoming album, SHiNE which is coming soon.Check out the visual below!

MUSIC VIDEO: "Fall Back Game"- B Justice feat. Jacob Latimore

Rapper B. Justice has released his visual for track "Fall Back Game" featuring Jacob Latimore!

The track is featured on the artist's upcoming Rico Love-hosted project, Immortal, due out later this summer. Via press release:
"Using a host of double entendres, the guys let these females know in no uncertain terms that not only are their motives for wanting to chill under scrutiny, they will be subject to the fade away regardless of how fine they may be if they don't come correct."

Check out the video below!


Good morning y'all! Yeah it's Monday...but it's another day that you've been blessed to see. Cliché I know, but true. However, here's some Monday Motivation to hopefully get you inspired for this week. If you don't like where your life is headed, take steps to move in a new direction. It won't be easy, and it won't happen overnight, but take it step by step and you'll get there! 


RECAP: "Raging Bullies"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 12

The Challenge: Rivals 3 is winding down, and, on this past episode, we saw one last team get sent packing before everyone else heads to Argentina! Picking up from last week, Jenna apparently has been having issues communicating with her boyfriend and Challenge vet Zach while she's been at the house. He either hasn't been picking up his phone or has just been really cold towards her. He even called her another girl's name (seemingly as a joke, but who really knows). It's very awkward even listening to them on the phone, She cries and vents to Sarah, feeling like she shouldn't have even came to Mexico to compete. Seeing as though Zach has been through these challenges himself, he ought to understand what it's like and be a little more sympathetic and caring.

Meanwhile, Devin decides he wants to pull a Jordan and pull out all of the skulls until he pulls a black one, just so he can compete and prove himself. With he and Cheyenne somehow skating by all of these eliminations, they really haven't proven themselves. However, it's the DUMBEST move to do right now towards the end of the game! Surprisingly, Cheyenne, who's normally the voice of reason with this dude, goes along with it!


NEW MUSIC: "Magic"-Singer Clyde Kelly

Singer Clyde Kelly is back with another new track, "Magic," the second single for his upcoming debut project, Not Rich Yet!

Clyde is staying true to himself and putting in that work to create true magic with his music and his career.  "I'm moving faster. You staying stagnant. I had to have it...made it happen," Clyde boasts on the hook.

Check out "Magic" below!


TV TRAILER: Ava DuVernay's Upcoming Series 'Queen Sugar'

The official full trailer for Ava DuVernay's upcoming TV series, Queen Sugar, has been released!

The series is set to premiere on Oprah Winfrey's OWN in a two-night premiere on Sept 6 and 7. OWN is definitely releasing more exciting dramas for viewers, and it looks like this one will be the same.

Learn more about the plot and watch the dramatic trailer below!

Canadian Artist Laura Roy Drops Her Self-Titled Debut EP

Canadian soul/pop artist Laura Roy has released her debut, self-titled EP!

The project, released on July 3, is very fun and filled with upbeat pop flavor that's great to dance and listen to. Laura's vocals shine bright on the EP, so we're definitely looking forward to hearing more from her!

Check out the EP below and be sure to purchase on iTunes!


In The Spotlight: Hip Hop Artist J. Smith

Time for another spotlight! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, dancer, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info on how to be featured on The Spotlight

Our latest spotlight artist has been one of my favorite up and coming artists for a very long time! His name is J. Smith, hailing from the Euclid/Cleveland area in Ohio. Attending the same high school as Kid Cudi protégé King Chip, who was a few years ahead of him, J. Smith said he got his start from a "fluke situation" when he was asked to be in a rap group by a fellow rapper by the name of Pyro. Smith said he went home, found a microphone, downloaded the Adobe Audition program and hasn't looked back since!

NEW MUSIC: "All I Know"-Singer/Songwriter Corey El

Virginia singer/songwriter and producer Corey El has released his latest track, "All I Know" for listeners!

On the upbeat track, Corey sings of being in a bad relationship, but he admits he sticks around because it's all he knows. "Yes, I know that you love me, but you're just no good for me," he sings on the hook. "Yet you're all I know."

Check out the track below!


#MondayMotivation for today! Be FEARLESS in going after your passion! Don't let any scares or doubts get in the way. EVER.


In The Spotlight: Soul-Pop Duo (In)Body

Another spotlight, and more on the way! Today, we have soul-pop duo (In)Body, a collaboration between singer/songwriter Ryan Amador and producer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel Weidlein!

Ryan always had a love of music, and began writing songs on his own when he was 8 years old. He soon developed a love of theater, and even ended up going to college to study theater director while still singing and writing songs. After college, Ryan moved back to LA to focus on music. Daniel himself was “pretty hell-bent” on a career in music for as long as he can remember. The producer started out studying piano at age 5, and moved towards the saxophone, focusing on that throughout his college years. Daniel also got involved in music production at a young age, graduated from college, and eventually opened up his own recording studio, The B(e)at Cave! 

RECAP: "Rivals: Civil War"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 11

TWO teams went home on this episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3!

Picking up from last week's drama, we see Devin and Cheyenne, as well as Cory and Ashley standing in The Jungle, pulling skulls to see who will face off against Nate and Christina! It comes down to Cory, who pulls a black skull, forcing him and Ashley to fight to stay in the house, while Devin and Cheyenne get to stay. The game of the night is "Spun Out." There are two turnstiles with a spool of rope. For the first heat, the girls will be on a platform holding on to a bar while suspended up in the air, while the guys push the spool to make the rope (or "lifeline") tighter and harder for the girls to hold on to. The goal is to hold on to the lifeline longer than the opponent. The one who holds out the longest will win a point. Then everyone will switch, with the girls taking a turn at the turnstile and the boys having to hold on to the bar. The team that gets two points first will win.


NEW MUSIC: "You Could"-R&B Singer Sydney Ranee'

Last year, we featured R&B singer Sydney Ranee' on The Spotlight. Now the singer is back with her latest track, "You Could" for listeners!

On the track, which Sydney wrote and produced herself, she sings of falling for someone, who very well could be the one, believing that they could have an incredible relationship! Sydney is definitely hopeful. "Cuz I could go to battle for you...no one's ever proved me true. You could, you could," she sings on the hook. "I know you're thinking it's too soon to dive into something so new...you could, you could."

Check out the track (and accompanying music video) below!

MUSIC VIDEO: "Scars To Your Beautiful"-Alessia Cara

In celebrating her 20th birthday on July 11, Alessia Cara dropped the official video for her song, "Scars to Your Beautiful!"

One of the standout tracks on Alessia's debut album, Know-It-All, the track is all about uplifting and celebrating everyone for who they are! The video even features different people opening up about their flaws and how they came to love themselves.  "But there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark...you should know you're beautiful just the way you are," Alessia encourages listeners on the track. "And you don't have to change a thing, the world could change its heart. No scars to your beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful."

Check out the video below!


NEW MUSIC: "Out of My Way"- 4i Feat. Kieron Boothe

New music and more to come! Check out this great track entitled, "Out Of My Way," by UK hip hop artist 4i featuring fellow UK singer Kieron Boothe!

The gritty and emotionally-charged track, produced by DA, is the first single from the rapper's upcoming EP, Dreamt But Never Slept (due out August 17). came from 4i's frustration with his life at the time. “I wrote ‘Out of my Way’ during some of the lowest points in my life, where my personal struggles were a lot more prominent - financially, mentally and spiritually," he admitted.

“For a long time I have seen from my own experience friends and family work incredibly hard yet see nothing come from it,”4i continued. “Playing fair with a system that’s corrupt and unjust does nothing. ‘Out of my Way’ is about letting the oppressor know that we have reached an all-time low and we’re coming to take what is owed to us. The constant chant in the chorus is a release of energy, anger and expression. It’s what heals the wounds as we sing collectively sharing each others pain.”

Check out the track below!


Good morning y'all! Shake away those Monday blues with this week's #MondayMotivation!

This particular quote was definitely important for me to share with you all. I think quite a few of us get caught up in reaching particular milestones or goals by a certain age, and then get defeated if and when we don't. At least I have. Even at 25 (which is still young even though I feel old ha!), I know I imagined my life a little different than it is now. But age shouldn't ever stop me or any of you from still striving for our goals!

This isn't to say that you shouldn't have some sort of a timeline or a plan for your life at all. However, if, for some reason, things don't go according to your timeline, don't get discouraged or give up! So what if you didn't get that degree in your early 20s? Or start that company before the kids came? Who's to say that you can't do it now? Don't ever let your age stop you from going after what you want. 


RECAP: "Digging Your Own Grave"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 10

As The Challenge: Rivals 3 winds down, the drama picks up! 

Picking up from last week, per usual, the house goes out to party. With the drinks pouring, people always want to vent their feelings at the club! Christina admits to Nate that she's nervous and drained with being in the house. Nate tries to boost her mood, but knows Christina needs to toughen up in order to make it further in the game. Meanwhile, Nany talks to Cory about the alliance between their teams, trusting that he has her and Wes' backs. However, Nicole thinks that Cory is making deals on the side and doesn't trust him. With good reason. Cory is also in cahoots with Bananas and Vince, and tries to downplay it. He thinks that he has two different deals in case something falls through, though really Bananas and Vince are secretly playing him!


NEW MUSIC: "In The Sky"-R&B/Soul Singer Milo Tain

New music for you all today from UK singer/songwriter and saxophonist Milo Tain entitled "In The Sky!"

The track, which was written, produced and performed by Milo himself, has this smooth jazz feel that is awesome to just vibe to!

Per press release:
 "The lyrics were Influenced by the legend of Amy Winehouse and her tragic story, Milo speaks of her achievements within such a short period of time. Despite her sudden change in lifestyle, she was denied the love and support she so desperately needed. In the end, Amy’s achievements and pure love transcended her to a higher place.
Check out the track below!


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