Good morning y'all! Shake away those Monday blues with this week's #MondayMotivation!

This particular quote was definitely important for me to share with you all. I think quite a few of us get caught up in reaching particular milestones or goals by a certain age, and then get defeated if and when we don't. At least I have. Even at 25 (which is still young even though I feel old ha!), I know I imagined my life a little different than it is now. But age shouldn't ever stop me or any of you from still striving for our goals!

This isn't to say that you shouldn't have some sort of a timeline or a plan for your life at all. However, if, for some reason, things don't go according to your timeline, don't get discouraged or give up! So what if you didn't get that degree in your early 20s? Or start that company before the kids came? Who's to say that you can't do it now? Don't ever let your age stop you from going after what you want. 

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