NEW MUSIC: "Out of My Way"- 4i Feat. Kieron Boothe

New music and more to come! Check out this great track entitled, "Out Of My Way," by UK hip hop artist 4i featuring fellow UK singer Kieron Boothe!

The gritty and emotionally-charged track, produced by DA, is the first single from the rapper's upcoming EP, Dreamt But Never Slept (due out August 17). came from 4i's frustration with his life at the time. “I wrote ‘Out of my Way’ during some of the lowest points in my life, where my personal struggles were a lot more prominent - financially, mentally and spiritually," he admitted.

“For a long time I have seen from my own experience friends and family work incredibly hard yet see nothing come from it,”4i continued. “Playing fair with a system that’s corrupt and unjust does nothing. ‘Out of my Way’ is about letting the oppressor know that we have reached an all-time low and we’re coming to take what is owed to us. The constant chant in the chorus is a release of energy, anger and expression. It’s what heals the wounds as we sing collectively sharing each others pain.”

Check out the track below!

Be sure to check out more from 4i on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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