RECAP: "Grapes. Wrath."-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 13

The final three teams were determined in the most recent episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3! Picking up from episode 12, Cheyenne is struggling with Vince's bullying, and on the verge of a breakdown, saying she wants to go home! She literally is talking to production, and asks them to let her call her mother. Cheyenne's mom tells her to get herself together and not let anyone get to her like that! That's right! I understand you have had issues with bullying, and I'm not downplaying that at all, but GIRL you are in the running to possibly win big money! While Cheyenne is on the phone, Devin calls Vince out for being an idiot. He even calls Jenna and Sarah dumb sheep who follow behind Vince and Bananas all the time. Security has to step in with Devin, when things almost get physical between him and Vince. Ultimately, though, Cheyenne decides to stay.

The next day, the teams go to the El Enemigo winery in Argentina, and it's very tense around the table. Johnny starts the awkward conversation that the name calling isn't that bad, but Cheyenne doesn't agree, obviously. She explains her position, and everyone apologizes for the roles they played in the drama. At the end of the day, they are all too close to the end to be fighting like this, but because they've been in the house so long, everyone is at their breaking point.

At the very last challenge before , T.J. welcomes them to Argentina and congratulates them all on making it this far. However, he lets them know that this last challenge will get rid of one team right now. Turns out that this isn't a challenge at all. It's a pure elimination round, and NO ONE IS SAFE. Just like in The Jungle, the teams will pick corks from inside a barrel. There are eight corks, 6 white ones and two black ones. If both team members draws a white cork, that team will be safe and will go straight to the Final. If anyone pulls black, they are automatically facing elimination. Sadly, Sarah pulls a black cork, and she and Bananas have to battle for elimination. Dario pulls a black cork, as well, sending himself and Nicole in to face Sarah and Bananas. Lucky teams Devin and Cheyenne, along with Vince and Jenna are going to the Final!

In Don't Whine for Me, Argentina, the objective is to carry six wine barrels from a vineyard to a wine barrel rack. However, the teams have to a riddle before racing to the vineyard, which could slow them down. Then, they have to haul ass and get these heavy wine barrels back to the racks. The first team to get all of their barrels to the racks wins, and heads to the Final! Long story short, though they did a decent job staying alongside Sarah and Bananas, Dario and Nicole struggle with carrying these barrels after a while. Nicole's smaller, and not that strong, so it's harder for the two of them to knock this out.Sarah and Bananas make it happen, beating out Dario and Nicole for a spot in the Final! It's definitely a gratifying experience for these two with all that they've been through. It means more to them to be able to work together as a team, and hopefully win this final! T.J. brings back Devin, Cheyenne, Jenna, and Vince, and congratulate all three teams. The next time he sees them, they'll all be going for the big money!

Later, everyone hangs out, the girls in one group and the guys in another, just talking about their overall experiences this season.  They give each other advice and encouragement, and talk about their concerns, strengths and weaknesses. This is definitely the calm before the storm! That night, T.J. sends them a last clue saying, "Rivals, the end is near. Tomorrow, you'll be fighting for the biggest prize in Challenge history." It's definitely daunting for some, and exciting for others. It's been a great time overall, but now the real challenge begins!

The next day, T.J. goes over the layout of the Final! The teams have to make it to the top of this huge mountain, which, at 14,000 feet, is the highest mountain ever climbed in Challenge history! Of course, there will be a series of checkpoints, where each team has to complete a task. All of the tasks are timed events. The team that has the best overall time will win the first place prize of $275! Second place will get $50K, and third place will get $25K. Of course, each team must finish in order to win anything at all.

Of course, this wouldn't be MTV if there was a huge twist! The kicker is the teams are also competing against their teammates! At each checkpoint, if you finish before your partner, you get a point. If you win as a team,  and you individually have more points that your rival, you can be ruthless and take all the money for yourself, leaving your rival with nothing! Just when I think that the folks over at MTV can't come up with any more crazy ideas to pull on these people, they do!!! My first thought went to Sarah and Bananas, since I can see Johnny being vengeful and doing that to Sarah. So throughout the Final, there will be two stations for each team member to work. If you complete that task first, you get a point, and then you can go help your rival finish, since you still have to win the overall challenge together.

In the first task, Blow Out, T.J. reveals that there is a special gemstone under the earth for each team. They must each race to the checkpoint, untangle wires and connect them to a detonator, and then, after finishing as a team, set off a bomb to get their gemstone. Sarah wraps her wires around her arm and easily finishes first, gaining a point. However, because she's still part of a team with Bananas, they have to work together still to win. Sarah and Bananas complete their checkpoint first, then Cheyenne and Devin, and then Jenna and Vince. It's interesting though. When Sarah brings up the topic of the money, Bananas avoids the subject entirely, claiming that that's not what they need to be focused on right now. Mmhmm sure.

The season finale of The Challenge: Rivals 3 will air August 3 at 10 p.m. only on MTV!

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