RECAP: "Raging Bullies"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 12

The Challenge: Rivals 3 is winding down, and, on this past episode, we saw one last team get sent packing before everyone else heads to Argentina! Picking up from last week, Jenna apparently has been having issues communicating with her boyfriend and Challenge vet Zach while she's been at the house. He either hasn't been picking up his phone or has just been really cold towards her. He even called her another girl's name (seemingly as a joke, but who really knows). It's very awkward even listening to them on the phone, She cries and vents to Sarah, feeling like she shouldn't have even came to Mexico to compete. Seeing as though Zach has been through these challenges himself, he ought to understand what it's like and be a little more sympathetic and caring.

Meanwhile, Devin decides he wants to pull a Jordan and pull out all of the skulls until he pulls a black one, just so he can compete and prove himself. With he and Cheyenne somehow skating by all of these eliminations, they really haven't proven themselves. However, it's the DUMBEST move to do right now towards the end of the game! Surprisingly, Cheyenne, who's normally the voice of reason with this dude, goes along with it!

At the next day's challenge, the very last in Mexico, T.J. announces that the teams will be playing Bridging The Gap. Each team has a bridge that they have to finish building by using three sets of planks. However, they have to complete a task to get each set of planks. AND wear a "get-along shirt," while completing the tasks! For those who aren't aware, it's a supersized t-shirt that parents make two of their kids that have a problem getting along wear...extra cozy! If all this wasn't enough, the planks have shaped ends that you have to match on the bridge. If you pull the wrong one, you'll have to go back down the bridge to find the right one to keep building! The first team to complete their bridge and make it across the finish line wins for the day, with the losing team heading to The Jungle!

As the winners of the last Jungle, Wes and Nany pick Bananas and Sarah, as well as Vince and Jenna to start 30 seconds behind everyone else. The first task is a rope braid. The second task involves the teams jumping rope together, but they have to get 30 jumps without messing up! Then the last is untying all of these knots between two bars. All really simple tasks if it weren't for these get-along shirts! The teams have to really work together and communicate well in order to complete these tasks. T

Bananas and Sarah work incredibly well going from task to task as they build their bridge in between, completing slaughtering this challenge. They win for the day and are officially going to Argentina! Slowly but surely other teams start making it through, leaving Vince and Jenna as well as Dario and Nicole behind as the last teams. Vince and Jenna power through, leaving Nicole and Dario as the last team standing. So they'll be headed to the Jungle.

At nominations, there was no secret who Sarah and Bananas was putting in! They obviously nominate Wes and Nany, as well as Devin and Cheyenne. Since Vince and Jenna weren't nominated, they're heading to Argentina as well, which was a given. Now these other teams will have to hope and fight for their chance to head over to Argentina as well. And it also hits Cheyenne that maybe Devin shouldn't pull all of the skulls at elimination just to prove himself. Well DUH! Devin, of course, is considering going through with this stupid move.

In The Jungle, Wes and Nany as well as Devin and Cheyenne have to pick skulls to see who will face Dario and Nicole. At the end of the day, Devin doesn't go through with his bonehead move, and he and Cheyenne both pull white skulls, sending Wes and Nany to face off against Dario and Nicole. It's a real battle of the bloodlines since Nany and Nicole are cousins! Of course, it really bothers Nany and Nicole to have to compete against each other. Really, I want to see Wes and Nany get back because Wes and Bananas in a final together would be great TV.

T.J. announces the final elimination game in Huatulco, "Tunnel Vision." There's a tunnel mapped out, and they have to race each as a relay. Each team will have their players at opposite ends of the tunnel, the girls racing against each other and then the guys racing against each other. At some point while crawling through this tight tunnel, the two competitors inside will collide, and have to push past each other to get to the end. Then, they will tag their partners, who will race to the end and ring the bell to get a point. The first team to two wins, and will head to Argentina with the remaining teams!

During their heats, Nany and Nicole have zero contact. In fact, Nany lets her pass in round 1, and Nicole even thanks her! Dario and Nicole really fight for their lives in that round, sending home Wes and Nany! Nicole breaks down in tears, feeling so guilty that she just sent her cousin home. It was really emotional for both of them. I was kind of mad that Dario and Nicole won really, because I wanted Wes to fight for the win in the final against Bananas.

So with the last four teams in place, they all head to Argentina! There's a great loft set up for them and everything. And that's the thing about these challenges. These folks get to do crazy things that they would never do in real life and travel all over the world to do it!

Later that first night,  Jenna is still wrestling with her relationship issues with Zach, unsure if he is done with her or not. Vince tells her to keep her mind in the game, and that Zach is being an idiot. The house goes out to party at a club, where Vince keeps picking at Cheyenne, joking about her name and eyes, calling her ugly. Cheyenne is at her breaking point with all of the teasing, because she has been teased throughout the challenge apparently. Devin even steps in to defend her at one point! Turns out that Cheyenne was bullied at an all-white high school for the fact that she was black, and then was said to be acting "too white" when she went to an all-black college. With that bad history of bullying, she breaks down and says she wants to go home! End of episode. I need this girl to hold on just a little while longer! She came too far to let Vince's stupidity be the reason she goes home.

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