RECAP: "Rivals: Civil War"-The Challenge: Rivals 3, Episode 11

TWO teams went home on this episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3!

Picking up from last week's drama, we see Devin and Cheyenne, as well as Cory and Ashley standing in The Jungle, pulling skulls to see who will face off against Nate and Christina! It comes down to Cory, who pulls a black skull, forcing him and Ashley to fight to stay in the house, while Devin and Cheyenne get to stay. The game of the night is "Spun Out." There are two turnstiles with a spool of rope. For the first heat, the girls will be on a platform holding on to a bar while suspended up in the air, while the guys push the spool to make the rope (or "lifeline") tighter and harder for the girls to hold on to. The goal is to hold on to the lifeline longer than the opponent. The one who holds out the longest will win a point. Then everyone will switch, with the girls taking a turn at the turnstile and the boys having to hold on to the bar. The team that gets two points first will win.

This game is exhausting for everyone, since it takes strength and endurance to both spin this turnstile around as well as hold on to the bar. While suspended in the air, Ashley is surprisingly the first to let go between her and Christina, showing that this is definitely not a cakewalk! In the next round, Ashley digs in with spinning the turnstile, but, unfortunately, Cory's arms give out and he lets go before Nate. Yes, shockingly, Nate and Christina sent home Cory and Ashley. It's definitely a huge upset! Of course, Dario being Dario, talks crap on the sidelines about Cory going home. Devin calls him out on it, seeing as though Dario and Cory were actually friends.

That night, the house goes out to party. Nicole wonders why Nany is mad at her, and Bananas feels Nany is just bitter that Nicole has played a better game to benefit herself instead of her cousin. Nany expresses her hurt to Wes, feeling betrayed that Nicole exposed her alliance and that she went along with Dario's decision to vote people in other than Bananas and Vince. Ultimately, it messed up Nany and Wes' game, and, since, Nicole is her cousin, it hurts even worse. Meanwhile, Vince and Devin go back and forth about the game, because Devin is always running his mouth! It's like two little kids going back and forth with each other all the time. At the end of the day, for as much as they talk, neither of them, to me, have really proven themselves in this game. But, then again, it's always those types that run their mouths the most!

At the next challenge the next day,  the teams play "Catch and Release." One team at a time, the girls will stand on one platform, while the guys stand on another. The girls have to swing a punching bag to gain as much momentum as possible so that the guy can jump on the bag from his platform. After jumping on, the guys will try to swing to another platform where there are a bunch of flags hanging at the bottom. The guys have to jump and grab as many flags as possible, with this process lasting ten minutes. As always, the winning team will be safe, and get to choose two other teams to face The Jungle. The losing team goes straight to elimination.

From the get go, we see that it's hard for the girls to swing this heavy bag hard enough to get to their partners and give them the momentum they need to get these flags. It's funny to watch, because many of the guys end up no where near the platform a good bit of the time! At the end of the challenge, Bananas and Sarah manages to get three flags, and win for the day! Three teams managed to get no flags at all: Cheyenne and Devin, Nate and Christina, and Dario and Nicole. Because they all did terrible, T.J. states that it will come down to how many times each team attempted to go for flags. Only trying twice, Nate and Christina will head back to The Jungle.

Back at the house, we see the teams going straight into nominations. Sarah and Bananas make a decision quick of the other two teams going in. Wes already knew he was going in, and so did Devin. Wes and Nany as well as Devin and Cheyenne will have to pull skulls at The Jungle to see who will play against Nate and Christina.

At The Jungle, the name of the game is "Shattered Dreams." Drawing the black skull, Nany and Wes go into face Nate and Christina. In this game, the girls have to to spin a wheel with a huge wooden needle connected to it. The girls' job is to try to gain enough height and momentum with the guys trying to line it up to break windows on this huge wall.

Wes and Nany find the right tempo from the get go to be able to bring these small glass windows. Meanwhile, Nate and Christina really struggle. Nicole is stuck in the middle, and doesn't cheer for anyone since her cousin and boyfriend are going head to head. At the end of the day, Nany and Wes kill it, and send home Nate and Christina. I have to give it to these rookies though. They definitely fought as hard as they could to stay here. Not the strongest team, but not totally a lay up.

At the end of the episode, T.J. announces that four of the remaining five teams will be heading to Argentina! So it's more motivation for the teams to put in work to win, so they won't face elimination, especially this close to the end!

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