REVIEW: 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Sunday night (Aug. 28) was one of the biggest nights for MTV, the MTV Video Music Awards! 

The night start with the big preshow filled with appearances and great fashion on the white carpet from Britney Spears, The Chainsmokers, Beyoncé, and more, as well as hot performances by artists like Alessia Cara, Jidenna, and Lukas Graham.

Of course, it was great to see different artists take home Moonmen, but the most exciting part of these shows are always the performances! This year's lineup was absolutely crazy...probably the most excited I'd been for the VMAs in a while. With Britney, Bey, Rihanna, Kanye West, and more hitting the stage, it definitely made for a pretty good (though LONG) night!

Check out my review below!


MUSIC VIDEO: "Side to Side"-Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj


Ariana Grande has released her latest music video for track "Side to Side" featuring Nicki Minaj

The video for the reggae-infused track was fitness-themed, with Ariana and her dancers doing a round of cycling, twerking in the locker room, and then she and Nicki winding down in the steam room! Definitely a hot video to say the least, and this is one of my favorites on Ariana's Dangerous Woman album, so I'm glad she made a visual! 

Watch the music video below!


All right, y'all...yeah it's Monday, and it's back to the grind. Some may not have even had a break! So here's some Monday Motivation to help get you through the week. 

Here's some serious truth. It's easy to get caught up in the high moments of your life, your hey-days where everything was great. However, once those moments have passed, you may keep looking back at it instead of trying to make your next big moments happen. DON'T. Continue to learn and grow, and make new successes and experiences for yourself! 

Full List of Winners at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards


The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards was incredible in terms of performances, and it was great to see different artists take home Moonmen (a full review will be up later)! 

Beyoncé won SIX awards, and officially beat the record for the most Moonmen won overall with 21 wins (Madonna previously held the record with 20)! Did your fave take home an award?

Check out the full list of winners below (winners in bold)!


Yes, Lifetime Has a Britney Spears Biopic in the Works

Vince Flores/startraksphoto.com

Lifetime is at it again with another biopic...this time, telling the story of Britney Spears! 

Yes, the pop singer is getting her own Lifetime movie. Directed by Leslie Libman, the biopic will go over the singer's rise to fame. The good, the bad, and the ugly, including her relationships with Justin Timberlake, Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline.

Throwback Jam of the Week: "If Your Girl Only Knew"-Aaliyah

It's Throwback Thursday, and we're back with another great jam from back in the day!

As many of us know, today marks 15 years since the tragic and untimely passing of Aaliyah. The singer definitely brought great style, talent, and grace to the industry, and is truly missed.

So, in honor of her today, I will be sharing some of my favorite tracks from Aaliyah a little later today (not the typical list thrown around!). For now, check out this throwback jam from her, "If Your Girl Only Knew," below!  

RIP Babygirl!


NEW MUSIC: "You Flew"-Indie-Folk Singer Katie Buxton

New music for you all this morning! Indie-folk singer/songwriter Katie Buxton has released her latest track, "You Flew!" 

Recorded and mixed by Sal Oliveri and mastered by Luke Gilfeather, the single has a message that many of us can probably sadly say we've been through. "The song is about caring deeply for someone who is not ready to love or be loved and runs out of fear, and focuses especially on the process of learning to let go," Katie revealed.

Listen to the mellow track below!


Taraji P. Henson Launching Makeup Collection with MAC Cosmetics

The gorgeous Taraji P. Henson is teaming up with MAC Cosmetics for a new collection!

The actress is collaborating with the beauty company to launch a six-piece collection that is right in line with Taraji's own style. 


Gabrielle Douglas Joins Judges' Panel for 2017 Miss America Competition


Gabrielle Douglas is fresh off of competition at the 2016 Olympics down in Rio, and already has yet another gig lined up! 

The gymnast is set to be a part of the judges' panel at the 2017 Miss America Competition! 


Good morning all...here's some #MondayMotivation to get you through this week!

It's so easy to get caught up in the disappointmentss and failures in our individual journeys to success, to let that get you down. However, every experience, good or bad, can be used to help you if you don't stay bitter about it. Use not only every win, but also every failure, as an opportunity to learn, grow, and do better going forward! 


NEW MUSIC: "Gold"-Pop/Electro Singer Maggie Szabo

Happy Friday everyone! Got some new music for you guys...

Pop/electro singer Maggie Szabo has released her new single "Gold" for listeners! 

On the upbeat track produced by producer AG (Ciara, Jeremy Messersmith), Maggie describes the love of her man as pure gold that she just has to have in her life.  "Never can forget it...I will die trying to get it from you, from you," Maggie sings on one of the verses. 

Check out the track below!


Throwback Jam of the Week: "Happy"-Ashanti

It's Throwback Thursday, and we're back with another great jam from back in the day!

When Ashanti first came out, there's no denying that she had the hits, especially from her debut, self-titled album. One of those hits included "Happy," with a short intro from Ja Rule. Murder Inc. (or The Inc. now) definitely brought the jams in the early 2000s, including this one...songs that we still pull out of the bag every now and then!

Check out the video below!


NEW MUSIC: "Saying It Right"-Electro Pop Artist Jake Davis

More new music! Listen to this track "Saying It Right" from indie electro pop artist Jake Davis! 

Per press release:
‘Saying it Right’ is inspired by the vicious cycle of insecurity we may feel when connecting our thoughts to our words. This is intelligently shown through the simplicity of a one note melody, reflecting the primal feeling of confusion enhanced with it’s questioning lyrics.
 "When will I know if you love me? When will I know it's time to leave?" Jake sings on the hook. The first single from Jake's debut EP, The Valley, this song's a cool, mellow track to vibe to, and definitely deals with uncertainty when it comes to telling someone how you truly feel.

Check out the track below!

Lady Gaga Signs On for 'A Star is Born' Remake, Announces New Single


Lady Gaga has several projects on the way, and we're definitely excited for them! 

It's been announced that not only has the singer signed on for the A Star is Born remake, but she also has some new music coming!!!

Check out more below!

NEW ALBUM: #TSM100K - Singer Torre South

Singer Torre South has released his latest project, #TSM100K, for listeners! 

The album, released on August 9, is a great blend of R&B and hip hop and features standout tracks like "100K," "Sunday Morning," and single "#Hashtag," which was featured on the site late last year. " It is truly a great body of work and I am very confident of that," Torre said of the project. I'd definitely agree...it's a very solid album that I think you guys will enjoy from beginning to end!

Check out the album in full below!


In The Spotlight: Web & Graphic Designer Duane Lindsey II

Another day, another spotlight! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, dancer, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info on how to be featured on The Spotlight! 

Today, we have business owner and graphic designer Duane Lindsey II! 

Duane owns his own production company DLINDZ Productions, which offers web and graphic design, video production, and photography! He got his start back in the Myspace days, loving the celebrity page designs on the social media site, and soon started learning how to do his own custom layouts. Once the designer had the Adobe Photoshop program down and was creating his own layouts, he started designing layouts for other people. Soon after his high school graduation in Akron, OH, Duane moved to Atlanta, GA, where he has resided for the last 9 years. "[I] felt that it was more opportunities to excel here in whatever I decided to do for a living," he said of the move.

NEW MUSIC: "Bad Boy"- Hip Hop Artist Derek Luh

Hip hop artist Derek Luh has released his track "Bad Boy" for listeners! 

Produced by J. Cuse, the song boldly calls out police brutality in this country. "They just point and they shoot like they ain't practiced or nothing," Derek rhymes. "Eyes closed, hope they hit your throat back in your stomach." 

Check out the emotionally-charged track below!


Sharon Leal to Portray First Live Action Version of ’Miss Martian' on 'Supergirl'

Blavity / Us Weekly / Wikipedia

For all my DC fans this is MAJOR news! 

Fictional superhero M'gann M'orzz aka Miss Martian is set to appear on The CW's "Supergirl" in this upcoming second season! The beautiful and talented Sharon Leal, who has appeared in numerous movies including Why Did I Get Married, Why Did I Get Married Too, Dreamgirls and the TV show Grimm is set to play the role!


Good morning people! Here's some #MondayMotivation to push you through the week! 

Don't get so caught up in the successes and accomplishments of your past, that you don't think to go after more. Always set higher goals and challenge yourself to do even more. There's always room for growth!


MOVIE TRAILER: 'Star Wars: Rogue One'


For all you Star Wars fans, the trailer for the next installment in the franchise Star Wars: Rogue One, has officially dropped! 

According to the movie's official website, the project is a standalone film that tells the story of when "a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things."

Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton are Engaged...and Her Ring is Gorgeous!

Looks like Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton are headed down the aisle!

Israel proposed to Adrienne this week (in Paris no less!) and she said yes! This comes after the news that the two were dating earlier this year, one month after Israel finalized his divorce from his wife,

Check out what Israel had to say about his bride to be and see Adrienne's huge diamond ring below!


MUSIC VIDEO: "Crazy"-Felixx

Last year, we featured rising R&B singer Felixx of Loud N Klear Entertainment on the site. Now, the artist is back, giving us a new music video for his track, "Crazy!" 

On the song, a hit single from his debut self-titled EP, Felixx sings of being in an unhappy relationship. At first, everything was all good, and now it's going all downhill for him and his lady. "It's not working. This is weighing me down. Plus, you stressing me out," he sings.

Check out the video below!


Rihanna Will Receive the Vanguard Award at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Rihanna will be the recipient of MTV's Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the Video Music Awards this year!

MTV made the announcement that RiRi would get the award, meaning we are sure to get a great medley of her music at the show on August 28! This is a huge honor for her, as it not only acknowledges her great visuals over the years, but her impact in pop culture overall, from music and fashion to film and philanthropy,

Remembering Robin Williams: Five of His Best Films

Today marks the second anniversary of Robin Williams' shocking death.  Instead of discuss and lament the circumstances behind his passing, I want to celebrate this man's amazing talent and the smiles that he's brought to so many across the globe over the length of his career.

So, to honor him, here's a list of, in my opinion, five of Robin's best films (Spoiler: Yes, I loved Good Will Hunting, and Aladdin is on my top 5 Disney films, but no, those aren't included.)!

Check them out below (in no particular order)! RIP Robin!

Throwback Jam of the Week: "It's Gonna Be Me"-'N Sync

It's Throwback Thursday, and we're back with another great jam from back in the day!

'N Sync was one of the top boy bands ever, gaining massive success during their time as a group. All have since gone on to be successful in their own right as individuals...some more than others (*cough* Justin). And after their mini reunion performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, I'm not totally counting out a small reunion concert one day! For now, let's take it back to their time together with this throwback jam, "It's Gonna Be Me!

Going back to their No Strings Attached, puppet days, this video shows the guys as dolls in a toy store, jumping, singing, and dancing, all in hopes to catch the attention of a special girl! This song and video was so fun to sing and dance along to, and I still love it to this very day. 

Check out the video below!


Rihanna Reportedly to Star In 'Ocean's Eleven' Spinoff 'Ocean's Eight'

Looks like Rihanna is headed back to the big screen!

According to Deadline, the Barbadian princess has signed on to join the likes of Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and rapper/actress Nora Lum aka Awkwafina for an Ocean's Eleven spinoff film, Ocean's Eight!

NEW MUSIC: "Spread Love"-Audio Push feat. Eric Choice

Audio Push has released their lead single, "Spread Love," from their upcoming debut album, 90951

The track, which features singer Eric Choice, is a positive, uplifting track that encourages folks from all walks of life to keep their heads up along the day to day journey. Group members Oktane and Price speak about life in the hood, and how if more love was spread instead of hatred, there wouldn't be so much violence and drama out here. So they're determined to make a change with their music! "You look at life, sometimes it might get hard. You want to quit when you get fed up," Eric sings on the hook. Cuz the world got so much hatred in the way but today's the perfect day to make a change."

Listen to the track below!

In The Spotlight: Alternative Singer/Songwriter Kinney

Another great spotlight for the day, and more on the way! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, dancer, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info on how to be featured!

Today, we have singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kinney

Hailing from Annapolis, MD (DMV heyyy!), she spent a lot of time outside along the Chesapeake Bay, camping, sailing and playing. However, Kinney also has been performing her entire life. She started out as an acrobatic dancer, and went onto musical theater afterwards. She wrote poetry and music as well, but kept quiet about it for a long time. “It wasn't until I was in a rock and roll show in Las Vegas with a bunch of incredible rock musicians from some iconic bands of the 70's and 80's that I made the decision to dive in deep and really give music a go,” Kinney said. “I was surrounded by people who had lived and breathed music their entire lives and I realized there is nothing else I could do that would fill my spirit in the same way.” Calling music a "universal language," Kinney plans to use her music to bring about positive change!

A New Movie is Being Developed for 'The Chronicles of Narnia' Series

We're going back to Narnia! A fourth film is being created for The Chronicles of Narnia series!

David Magee, who was the screenwriter for Life of Pi, will adapt C.S. Lewis' The Silver Chair for the film. TriStar, the Mark Gordon Company and Entertainment One will finance the fourth film, though it hasn't been confirmed if any of the castmembers will be returning.


Robert De Niro Set To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival

Robert De Niro is being awarded a huge honor for his acting work! 

The actor will receive a lifetime achievement award, the Heart of Sarajevo, on the opening night of the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival, which will run from Aug. 12-20.

MUSIC VIDEO: "Gangsta"-Kehlani

Kehlani has released her latest video for "Gangsta," which is featured on the Suicide Squad soundtrack! 

Channeling Harley Quinn, Kehlani looks bad ass in the visual, and her vocals are chilling. Surrounded by broken glass, Kehlani sings on the hook,“I need a gangsta to love me better than all the others do.” The video also features clips from the movie as well.

Check it out below!



Good morning y'all...rise and grind time! Here's some Monday Motivation to get you started on your way today!

Remember that making plans are great, but then you have to actually EXECUTE. So plan your work, and then get to it people! 


NEW MUSIC: "Mix It Up"-Lektromelodica feat. Khidar & Rob Diioia

TGIF y'all! Got some new music for you guys to check out!

Philly music collective LektroMelodica has released their latest song, "Mix It Up," featuring Khidar & Rob Diioia!

With incredible production from Keath Lowry, the song is all about putting aside your problems for a least one night out on the town, and enjoying yourself in the moment!  "I came to get stupid...been a real hard month," the hook states.  "The whole world trippin'...need love in my cup." A perfect blend of dance and hip hop music, this track is perfect for the pre-game and turn up, so rock out to this song hard this weekend y'all!

Check out the hot track below (and purchase on iTunes and other digital outlets)!


RECAP: "Split Decision"-The Challenge: Rivals 3 Finale

The finale of The Challenge: Rivals 3 aired last night, and I'm still reeling from the ending! Picking up from last week, the rivals move on to finish the rest of the Final. They have to now race all the way down the road to their next checkpoint! Vince and Jenna take the lead with the run, but this next checkpoint is actually over a cliff! The teams have to rappel down 250 feet to make to Wine and Mine. It's a simple memory game for each team member to flip over pieces and find the matches like we did when we were kids. It's crazy though, because these are all still individual events, so everyone is working separately first, and then going back to help their partner. With Bananas finishing first for this game, Sarah brings up splitting the money if they win. Bananas swears that they're a team and that they don't need to be worried about that right now! Mmhmm.

Throwback Jam of the Week: "Sittin' Up In My Room"-Brandy

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It's Throwback Thursday, and we're back with another great jam from back in the day!

Brandy has been in the game for over 20 years now, killing it since the 90s! Her music catalog hosts some great hits, including this throwback for today. "Sittin' Up in My Room" was featured on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack (the classic movie starred the late Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, and Lela Rochon), and was definitely a hit for the singer!

Check out the music video below!


SUPER TRAILER: 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'

The Love & Hip Hop drama is moving back to the West Coast! The official super trailer for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been released!

We see how things are going for Ray J and Princess Love, Safaree Samuels leaving the Big Apple for LA, and one of the most dramatic storylines ever: the custody and paternity battle between Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha, who have been a true blue mess online.

Yes, I watch all of the LHH shows...Mona Scott-Young has me and so many hooked, because it's pure entertainment. Plus, it makes me feel a little better about my life HA! It doesn't matter what's going on me,  I am A-OK over here!

Check out the super trailer below!


In The Spotlight: Poet Jonte "Luki" Barrett

Another great spotlight for you guys! As always, if you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, model, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more information on how to be featured on the blog!

Today on The Spotlight, we have brillianty talented and breathtaking poet Jonte "Luki" Barrett!  Hailing from Washington, D.C. ("It's DC or nothing!" sje confidently said), Jonte started creating poetry back in 2007, and has recently started performing as Luki (pronounced "lucky"). In fact, she recently performed  at the Moonz Conference 2016, an annual conference for fans of Wale to connect, support and build with each other!



Good morning y'all...happy August!  Here's some #MondayMotivation to get your week started!

This is something simple, yet difficult for many of us to learn. It's so easy to get caught up in the situations that have happened in your past. The hurt, the pain, the rejections. I know I've had my share. But what use is it to be angry and upset about it all the time? Use your past to motivate you. Don't let it stop you from moving forward.


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