NEW MUSIC: "Spread Love"-Audio Push feat. Eric Choice

Audio Push has released their lead single, "Spread Love," from their upcoming debut album, 90951

The track, which features singer Eric Choice, is a positive, uplifting track that encourages folks from all walks of life to keep their heads up along the day to day journey. Group members Oktane and Price speak about life in the hood, and how if more love was spread instead of hatred, there wouldn't be so much violence and drama out here. So they're determined to make a change with their music! "You look at life, sometimes it might get hard. You want to quit when you get fed up," Eric sings on the hook. Cuz the world got so much hatred in the way but today's the perfect day to make a change."

Listen to the track below!

Audio Push is definitely a great rising hip hop duo doing big things! The first time I remember checking them out was at a Wale show last year, and they've been killing it since. Look forward to checking out 90951, which will be released on September 23! 

What do you think of "Spread Love?"

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