Throwback Jam of the Week: "Fergalicious"-Fergie

It's Throwback Thursday, and we have another great jam from back in the day! 

Fergie definitely came out strong with her debut album, The Dutchess, back in 2006, dropping a good six singles from this album including "London Bridge," "Big Girls Don't Cry," and, of course, this track "Fergalicious!" 

Featuring cameos from will.i.am. and Tommy the Clown, along with hot choreography and costuming, this visual is definitely one of my favorites from her to this day! 

Watch the video below!


MUSIC VIDEO: "So Low"-Indie Pop Artist Shenna

Indie pop artist Shenna has released her video for track "So Low!" 

Though the song could be interpreted as moving on from a bad relationship or friendship, the track is actually about someone having to choose between getting caught up in the music industry or pursuing music for the love of it. "Had it right but you wronged it...now everything you touch turns toxic," Shenna sings on one of the verses. Definitely a good twist, and it just shows yet again how subjective music overall can be. Love this track! 

Check out the video below!


Solange Knowles Announces Release Date and Tracklist for New Album, 'A Seat at the Table'

Solange Knowles has announced she's dropping a new album...and it's coming THIS WEEK!  

The singer/songwriter is back to her music with her upcoming album, A Seat at the Table, which drops on September 30! Solange released the album cover as well as tracklist through Twitter for fans.


MUSIC VIDEO: "Dream Big (Remix)"-Hip Hop Artist Malone feat. Ismael Sankara

French hip hop artist Malone has released his official video for the remix to his track "Dream Big" featuring American artist Ismael Sankara

Directed by Threzor Eilhs and filmed in Paris, the music video captures live footage of Malone spending time with his family and friends. The inspiration track itself serves to motivate others to work hard towards their goals. "I wrote this song to encourage people to go after their dreams," Malone said of the track. "I want them to realize that we all have what it takes to make our vision come to life," The track includes lyrics in both Malone's native French and English as well, which is really cool too.

Check out the video below!


Good morning all! This weekend went by WAY too fast, but it's back to the grind for a lot of us, so here's some #MondayMotivation to get you inspired!

Even if you aren't where you want to be, even if it doesn't seem like you'll ever get there, make goals that will keep you getting up everyday so you can put in the work to accomplish them. Continue to work towards a dream that sets your soul on fire! 


NEW MUSIC: "Keep You In Mind" Chris Brown feat. Bryson Tiller (Gourdon Banks Cover)

Released last night, Chris Brown hooks up with young Pen Griffey Jr., Bryson Tiller on a new track "Keep You In Mind."

The track covers Philly singer Gourdon Banks' song of the same name. Take a listen below!


MUSIC VIDEO: "I Need More" - Mario

Mario leads a revolt-like escape in his latest video for single"I Need More!" 

Look out for his new album, "Paradise Cove" to drop sometime later this year. (P.S. we see you @Miss_5_Thousand!)

Check out the visual below!

MUSIC VIDEO: "Perfect Illusion"-Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga/Twitter

Lady Gaga has released her latest music video for track "Perfect Illusion!"

In the video for the 80s-infused, upbeat track, Gaga delivers upbeat performances on the mic in front of a high energy crowd, dancing and rocking out! I love seeing Gaga with a simpler look and treatment like she had in this video, too. The track is the singer's lead single off of her upcoming fifth album, Joanne, though it didn't have the strongest debut of an artist of her caliber, starting off at no. 15 on the Billboard charts. I really like the song, though!

Check out the video below!


Throwback Jam of the Week: "Show Stopper"-Danity Kane feat. Yung Joc

It's Throwback Thursday, and we have another great jam from back in the day! 

Back in 2005, Aubrey O'Day, Aundrea Fimbres, Dawn Richard, Wanita "D. Woods" Woodgett, and Shannon Bex were chosen by Diddy to form a girl group on MTV's Making the Band. Creating the group, Danity Kane, the group released technically three albums--two as a quintet, and their last as a trio (with Aubrey, Dawn, and Shannon coming together after an initial break up of the group...only to then break up not too long after.

"Show Stopper" featuring Yung Joc was the ladies' debut single, which made it to the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100! It was definitely a catchy hit, that I still pull out of the bag every now and then. Glad I got to at least see Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon perform together before they split at the No Filter tour a few years back. They were really talented and could've gone a lot further than they did. Damn I miss this group!

Watch the video for "Show Stopper" below!

NEW MUSIC: "Thinking About You"-Soulful Pop Singer Marga Lane

Check out this soulful pop track from singer/songwriter Marga Lane called "Thinking About You!"

Off of Marga's upcoming EP, Undressed, the Motown-inspired song "is a celebration of love in its truest form, a new relationship and the hope and bliss that accompany it." Marga sings, "When you kiss me, I get weak in my knees like SWV...you know, it's like Marvin and Tammi. You're all that I need." Ahhh...gotta love the beautiful beginning stages! It's a really smooth and chill song, but still passionate as well. 

Check out "Thinking About You" below! 


VIDEO: "Becoming Human" (Spoken Word) -Artist Joshua Luke Smith

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day (which was on Sept. 10), wordsmith and artist Joshua Luke Smith released a video for his spoken word piece entitled, "Becoming Human." 

Joshua ultimately has taken the piece to charity organization Samaritans in order to help those who may be feeling alone. “I wrote "Becoming Human" to connect with the heart of our human story. In a driven culture based on success and stature, where is the space to become, to grow, to fall and then stand back up?" Joshua said of his work.  In reality, we connect at our most vulnerable. We all break sometimes. We all arrived here naked. We don’t talk about our weakness enough and that’s why I think so many of us feel lonely, isolated and disconnected.”

It's definitely a great message, and hopefully it really resonates with others who may be going through storms and battling inner demons. Check out the piece below!


Gwen Stefani Serves as Co-Creator of New Harajuku-Style Animated Series on Nickelodeon


For the parents out there, you guys may have a new show that your kids rave about coming soon to Nickelodeon...courtesy of Gwen Stefani

Gwen serves as the co-creator and executive producer of an upcoming show on Nick, called Kuu Kuu Harajuku, which taps into the singer's love of the Harajuku culture of Tokyo. "Stefani [has always had a] love of pop art and lifelong admiration for the street fashion and creative youth culture found in the renowned Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan,” read a press release (per Us Weekly). "It was while writing her first solo album that Stefani created the original Harajuku Girl characters as a celebration of the creativity and individualism she saw and loved in the Harajuku District."


NEW MUSIC: "may b"-R&B Singer Khari King

Got some new music for you all from R&B singer Khari King called "may b!" 

Khari did everything on the song himself from the lyrics to production and even mixing and mastering, showing that he is a jack of all trades when it comes to creating music. The R&B ballad is definitely a relatable track "I just wanted to make a track that really highlighted how good intentions can lead to unfavorable outcomes in a relationship sometimes, but, despite those outcomes, there's always a chance to salvage something from a relationship," Khari said of the track.

The single is the precursor to Khari's upcoming EP which will be released in October! "It's going to be a four track project with production from myself and other really good friends of mine," the singer revealed. "I love to collaborate with other artists, especially ones close to me from Atlanta who understand the vibe and artistry I want to portray."

Can't wait to hear the EP in full, but, for now, check out "may b" below!


All right y'all...it's Monday! Shake off those blues with some #MondayMotivation to push you through this week!

Continue to use the naysayers in your life, the ones who think you're not going to be anything or going anywhere in life, TO MOTIVATE YOU. Use all of their negativity to push you even harder to prove them wrong. It's like Beyoncé says at the end of "Formation,": "Always stay gracious...best revenge is your paper." 


MUSIC VIDEO: "Be Free"-Jaymal Green feat. Rizzy

Singer and activist Jaymal Green has released the official music video for his powerful track, "Be Free," featuring Rizzy! 

On the song, Jaymal uses his gift of music to further expand his activism. Set in Chicago, the video features both Jaymal and Rizzy speaking on the multitude of issues affecting their city that are swept under the rug. "One of the main points is the blind eye that city officials have when it comes to young children of color dying in the city due to gun violence," according to an email from Jaymal's label, Major Green Music.

Both Jaymal and Rizzy are actually facing charges for their activism after police falsely accused them of assault. However, they both continue to fight on and speak out against the injustices facing Chicago!

Check out the moving video below!

Throwback Jam of the Week: "Get None"-Tamar Braxton

It's Throwback Thursday, and we have another great jam from back in the day!

Before Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince, before the great career she has now, Tamar Braxton actually had a solo deal, dropping her debut album, Tamar, back in 2000. It was actually a pretty good album if you ask me!

The single "Get None" featuring Amil and Jermaine Dupri was a stand out track to me, and I still play it regularly. It was fun and sassy, and spoke to the women out there who weren't going to just fall into a man's bed at his every beck and call! Tamar's definitely grown a lot as an artist since then, but I still say this was a solid track,

Check out the video below!


Demi Lovato to Replace Selena Gomez at 2016 Global Citizen Festival


Demi Lovato has officially stepped in to take Selena Gomez's place at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival! 

Recently diagnosed with Lupus, Selena announced a break from the limelight, cancelling her Europe and South America legs of her Revival World Tour, among other appearances, to focus on what's most important: her health. The singer had been tapped to perform at the festival on Sept, 24 in NYC, but, of course, will not be in attendance.


MUSIC VIDEO: "The Greatest"-Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar

Sia has released another inspiring song (and video!) for fans, featuring Kendrick Lamar!

While neither Sia nor Kendrick appear in the video, the music video features Sia's mentee, Maddie Ziegler (of Dance Moms' fame), leading other children and adults in dance throughout the visual. "Letdowns will get you and the critics will test you," Sia sings on the track. "But the strongest survive... another scar may bless you."

Sia's visuals have featured Maddie for quite some time, seeing as though Sia herself prefers not to be seen. The videos are always a bit odd, but you can always get a strong message behind Sia's music definitely!

Check out the video below!


Wow....Did Lil Wayne Just Announce His Retirement?


Lil Wayne may be walking away from the rap game for good! 

After screaming "F**k Cash Money" yet again this week while performing with Drake, it looks like Weezy still has issues with Birdman. But maybe it's the rap industry as a whole. He tweeted his fans early this morning, and it sounds like he's fed up and walking away.

Check out his tweets below!


Solange Knowles Shines in Latest Michael Kors Campaign

Solange Knowles is the newest face of Michael Kors, starring in the brand's latest street style campaign! 

Shot by photographer Tommy Ton, the campaign, named The Walk, features the singer and entrepreneur on the streets of Manhattan rocking some trendy pieces from the brand's fall collection. Bringing her distinct flavor and personality to the shoot, Solange really shines in front of the camera!

“Solange is strong and passionate and not afraid to share her opinion with the world — and that type of confidence always makes an impact,” Michael Kors told Billboard. “She’s a true trendsetter. I love how she takes some of our pieces and makes them her own.” 

Check out more below! 

Throwback Jam of the Week: "Bounce"-Fatty Koo

Happy September y'all! It's Throwback Thursday, and we have another great jam from back in the day! 

Remember Fatty Koo? They were an R&B and hip hop group from Columbus, Ohio that came together back in 2004. Fatty Koo even had a show on BET, Blowin Up: Fatty Koo, documenting their attempt at making a name for themselves in the industry. Though they dropped an album together, which I still listen to every now and then, that was it for them. Where the hell did they go?!!!

Anyway, their debut single "Bounce" was a hit, which still comes up on shuffle on one of my iTunes playlist, and I love it! Check out the video below!


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