VIDEO: "Becoming Human" (Spoken Word) -Artist Joshua Luke Smith

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day (which was on Sept. 10), wordsmith and artist Joshua Luke Smith released a video for his spoken word piece entitled, "Becoming Human." 

Joshua ultimately has taken the piece to charity organization Samaritans in order to help those who may be feeling alone. “I wrote "Becoming Human" to connect with the heart of our human story. In a driven culture based on success and stature, where is the space to become, to grow, to fall and then stand back up?" Joshua said of his work.  In reality, we connect at our most vulnerable. We all break sometimes. We all arrived here naked. We don’t talk about our weakness enough and that’s why I think so many of us feel lonely, isolated and disconnected.”

It's definitely a great message, and hopefully it really resonates with others who may be going through storms and battling inner demons. Check out the piece below!

You can check out more about Joshua on his official website, as well as SoundCloud. Also, connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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