CONCERT: Adele Hits Washington D.C. for Her Adele Live 2016 World Tour!

Adele hit the Verizon Center in Washington D.C, for her Adele Live 2016 World Tour last night...and I made it! 

This has been Adele's first big arena tour, and I had to go see her since it'll probably be a good while before she tours again. I got my ticket back in DECEMBER of last year, and it sold out quick, so that tells you how highly anticipated this show was!

There was no opening act at all, and I was appreciative of that because it was Monday and I was honestly dead tired coming straight from the office. However, Adele's good spirit and energy quickly woke me up when she hit the stage! She's hilarious and fun, and shows such amazing love to her fans. And her voice is FLAWLESS. Such a great night! Adele's still in town for another show tonight, and I know it will be incredible for her second set of fans rolling through.

I recorded these on my iPhone this time (never again), but watch some of my favorite performances from last night below!

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