NEW MUSIC: "NFF!"-Xav A. feat. Awesum Crawford

Singer Xav A is back with a funky new song "NFF!" featuring Awesum Crawford! 

Released September 23, the upbeat song actually expressed a lot of bad feelings that Xav had going on in his head at the time he wrote it. "The song came to me when I realized that I was playing a loop of negativity in my head--stuff that was belittling my talent. I put the pieces together and remembered where I first heard those things and I was just so shocked about how long I had been holding onto that mental baggage! It was almost like 5 or 6 years," the artist admitted. "So in the song I am comparing the negativity in my head to fungus on your toes because they both stink and they're both something that you physically can't walk away from."

"NFF!" is the first single on Xav's upcoming album, a project that he calls his "most cohesive work" yet!  "It really utilizes the throwback 90's R&B sound to the fullest, and the songs tell a story together so that's marvelous," the singer said. "I also have some of my favorite collaborations ever on the upcoming project! Awesum Crawford elevated my song to a whole new level and I'm just thankful to have friends like her and the other great artists that I can't wait to reveal!"

Definitely like this guy's style and sound! Check out "NFF" below!

You can check out more from Xav A. on his official website, as well as YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also connect with him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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