MUSIC VIDEO: "Never Needed Me"- Alt-Rock Band The Middle Ground

Nashville's own alternative rock band, The Middle Ground, has dropped their video for their latest track, "Never Needed Me!"

The song is the first single off of the group's upcoming album Start Again (to be released on December 2). The song itself is really high energy, and the super colorful video that accompanies it matches that energy as the group performs. However, lead singer Joe Neary mentioned that the song has a great meaning. In an interview with Substream Magazine, the singer said,
"At the surface, it’s an energetic, catchy tune, but for those who choose to dive deeper, there is a message we are proud of in the lyrics themselves. With the video we wanted to try and capture the energy we feel when playing the song live. It’s a song we’ve closed our shows with, so adding all the colors and making it more of a performance was what we felt would show how much this song means to us. This is the first piece of much more to come and we hope you enjoy it!”

Watch the video below!

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