NEW MIXTAPE: 'Burning in the Dark'-Pop Singer EMM

New music on the blog! Listen to pop singer/songwriter and producer
EMM's mixtape, Burning in the Dark

Released on October 31, the tape features EMM's stunning vocals, songwriting, and production skills! The music speaks on relationships and other topics but also empowerment, (like on track "Killer Queen),  something that EMM says her brand is all about, especially as a female producer. "Being a female producer is a big part of my brand because its an area where a lot of women are still pushing for a breakthrough," the artist admitted.

Get a taste of Burning in the Dark below!

I really like EMM's tone and lyrics, and it's dope that she did all of this herself! Make sure to check out Burning in the Dark in its entirety on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital outlets.

You can listen to more from EMM on SoundCloud. Also, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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