MUSIC VIDEO: "Because of Love"- Soul Singer Bianca Rose feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Check out the visual for beautiful ballad "Because of Love" by singer Bianca Rose!

The track also features cellist/vocalist Ayanna Wittter-Johnson, whose smooth cello adds a special effect to the ballad. "Ayanna and I collaborated on every part of the creation of this song, from writing to recording, so it only made sense that the video was an extension of this partnership, whilst debunking the stereotype of competition between women," Bianca said. "We believe there is a place for us all in this business so we actively make room for one another." That's very refreshing to hear!

"Because of Love" is the second single from Bianca's debut album, No Fear Here, which was just released yesterday! The song itself is so soothing as the ladies sing together, expressing words of affection to the ones that they love.

Watch the video below!

You can check out more from Bianca on her official website, as well as YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Be sure to snag your copy of No Fear Here on iTunes.

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