MUSIC VIDEO: "Heart of Man"-UK Wordsmith Joshua Luke Smith

UK wordsmith Joshua Luke Smith has dropped a great, new track called "Heart of Man," as inspiration for the new year!

The track, featuring Joshua's powerful spoken word, calls for us to reflect on 2016 (the good and the bad), and travel through 2017 with a renewed spirit. "My hope is this song helps to slow us down, to help us step into this year fully here, present and hearts full and ready to love," Joshua said of the song.

Watch the video below!

The song can be purchased now on Bandcamp. All proceeds go towards the Preemptive Love Coalition, which fights to combat violence and fear around the world with acts of love (including various relief services, education, grants and more)!
You can check out more from Joshua on his official website, as well as SoundCloud. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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