RECAP: "Friendly Fire"- Being Mary Jane S4, E2


Last night's episode of 
Being Mary Jane was a very eye-opening one for our girl Mary Jane!

Picking up from last week, MJ is still reeling from Ronda telling her that there's real chance of advancement for her at Good Day USA. When Lee comes to see her, MJ just wants to dive into sex to not think about it. Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, Niecy gets it on too with her baby daddy Dante. They mention getting their own place, but Dante doesn't even have a job, so how is he about to pitch in?! He mentions that Niecy has a settlement check coming in, but she wants to put that in a trust for her kids. Dante is definitely about to manipulate her out of that money...WATCH.

The next day at work, Mary Jane is dying over these hours, but Kara snaps her back to reality. It turns out that Ronda's getting an award for her charity work, and Garrett is having MJ and Kara cover it. Mary Jane finds it annoying, but Kara thinks if Garrett wants MJ and Ronda to be rivals, they should. They just have to make sure Mary Jane will come up as the hero and not the villain. At the end of the day, Kara wants MJ to win, because she knows that she'll be on the winning team too.

After pulling Mary Jane into her office, Ronda reveals that she specifically chose MJ for the story. Ronda supposedly wants to break the assumption is that there can only be one black woman at the table, and she thinks that they should work together to make a change. MJ ends up talking to Ronda about the charity foundation Ronda leads, and Ronda encourages Mary Jane to interview her charity CEO, Corey Blanchard, for the show, which MJ does. Afterwards, she is fascinated by all of Ronda's potential looks for the awards, and it turns out Ronda pulled  options for MJ too! Ronda seems to be genuine, but is she, really? Hmm...seems to me like Ronda is making Mary Jane comfortable with her, so that she can pull the carpet out from under the girl later!


That night, Lee comes over to see MJ again. When MJ makes a comment about Lee's "little nekkid ass," Lee teases her about her pronunciation and the meaning of naked. To him, being naked means baring your soul, and Lee wants that from Mary Jane. He takes her to a movie with an hour to spare, and wants to spend that time with her just talking and not having sex. Lee opens up about himself, and it turns out he has two teenage kids back in London, which, of course, takes MJ for a surprise, though she tries to play it off.  He's co-parenting and friends with their mom. Lee was a little successful in London, but he wanted to grow in his career, so he moved to New York. Mary Jane stays guarded though, not really opening up. She does, however, invite Lee to the award event she has to cover, so there's a little bit of hope for them, maybe?

Nope. That hope was short lived. After MJ talks about Lee with Ronda, Ronda throws a little shade, making it seem like Lee's not the best choice of a date. Just moments later, Mary Jane calls Lee, not thinking it's a great idea anymore. Of course, he questions it, but Mary Jane claims that she doesn't want "distractions" while she's trying to work. She gets on my last nerve! Lee is a good dude, and she's sabotaging it. Partly because he's not all she imagined her perfect guy to be, and partly because she's scared that he's actually good for her!

Later, Niecy gets her settlement check, but Dante is trying to get a car out of her. Niecy gets cash out, and takes Dante shopping for a car. Though she tries to stay practical, Dante's deluded behind goes over to this expensive car that costs a whopping $45 grand! Dante gets in the car with her son Trayvion, and they're both all excited. After seeing that, Niecy decides to spring for the car. She thinks that this is going to buy Dante's loyalty to her, their daughter Isobel, and Niecy's son. Like they'll be a real family. Dante's a bum, and Niecy can't see that.

On the way to the charity event, Kara is still actively trying to take Ronda down, and talks strategy. She really thinks that it's something fishy going on with Ronda's charity, but MJ is worried about that as much. The conversation switches to Lee, and MJ reveals that he has kids, which is a turn off for her. She also is nervous about how open and honest Lee is, knowing deep down that he wants and expects her to be too.

At the event, Ronda introduces her family to Mary Jane, and, apparently, she's been talking MJ up to them. She even drags MJ to the bar for a drink, and pushes her to maybe find a rich, handsome man tonight since MJ came alone. MJ schmoozes around the room, and catches eyes with Corey a few times. She's just enamored by Ronda and her world, still thinking that one day this could be her, and that she and Ronda are in a good place. Kara has to leave early, but warns Mary Jane that she's getting too close with Ronda and those around her. To MJ, Kara just doesn't get the fact that Ronda was her idol. They get into a short argument about it, and Kara storms off.

Meanwhile, Patrick talks to Treyvion, who mentions seeing Dante that day "in the red car we drove in." Of course, Patrick questions Dante's intentions now that Niecy got that check, and brings it up to Niecy. He makes her promise not to give Dante any of that money, which she lies about, seeing as though she already bought him a CAR. Stupid in "love."


After the awards, Mary Jane chats more with Ronda. While casually mentioning being fired a long time ago in her career, Ronda manages to dig into Mary Jane's past. MJ was fired at one point at CNN by a guy named Justin Talbot, who back stabbed her. Something small, but trust it's going to come back to haunt Mary Jane. Since MJ was waiting for her Uber, Ronda tells Corey to take her back to her hotel. Right as they pull up, Lee, who left his notepad in MJ's room, comes out of the hotel, and spots her with Corey. Of course, he gets upset, and believes her to be this crazy riddle. She's confident in front of the camera, but so broken inside, and he's been wondering why. But now, he's done trying to figure her out.

The next day, Mary Jane wakes up and finds Lee's notepad, clearly a little regretful about what happened. On the cab ride into work, Kara's not talking to her because of their disagreement last night. MJ extends an olive branch and thinks that Corey might be her real black unicorn, who has a great job and lives in a great neighborhood outside of Manhattan. When MJ shows Kara, they find another listing in Manhattan for him, with a girl named Claire Davenport! Of course, Kara does some digging, and finds out that the amount that was charged for building one of the foundation's schools was the same amount of Corey's brownstone in Manhattan. It looks like Corey's been embezzling money for a girl! MJ decides to go to the brownstone, and Kara comes with her to keep from doing something crazy. They get there, and see the Claire girl...with Ronda's husband Ellison!

Kara immediately wants to tell Garrett, but first MJ tells her to make sure that everything is airtight! They claim to be wanting to control the story, look out for the network with Ronda being anchor, but it's really about Kara wanting Ronda out of that anchor chair to make room for MJ. Later, though, Mary Jane confesses to Ronda what she found out, and Ronda seems to be stunned and heartbroken about her charity and her husband cheating. She understands that MJ has to tell Garrett, and MJ swears she didn't want this to happen.


When Kara finds out that MJ gave Ronda a heads up, she is pissed, and understandably so. Especially after what happens next. Ronda goes off script on the air, and admits the embezzlement by one of her charity's employees. Ronda states that she was not involved, but wants to still step down and encourages everyone to still support the charity and the work it's doing. Kara is pissed that MJ told Ronda, which gave Ronda the opportunity to get ahead of it and come out smelling like a rose! Later, MJ runs into Corey, who plans to take a plea with no jail time, cutting a deal with Ronda to save her and her husband. When Mary Jane asks why, Corey states up front that Ronda isn't somebody you want to mess with.

Later, Mary Jane goes to the bar to return Lee's notepad, but he coldly states he bought a new one. She tries to talk to him alone, but he makes her have the conversation in front of his group of friends. MJ admits that, by dating all of these messed-up guys, she gets to be the perfect one to her family and friends, who just having a run of bad luck. She runs from Lee, because she knows he can get her to break down that facade. He tells her to take a risk with him, and forgives her. It was a great moment! Hopefully Mary Jane doesn't do anything else to mess this up, but knowing her, we'll just have to wait and see!

The next day, Mary Jane sees Justin Talbot (Michael Ealy) mysteriously in the office talking to Garrett, and she's pissed. Kara asks what in the world is he doing here, and MJ quickly goes to find out. Turns out that now he's their senior producer, invited by Ronda, who looks on smugly! Guess there's really only room for one black woman at the table after all! Mary Jane definitely has a battle ahead of her.

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