RECAP: "Getting Nekkid"-'Being Mary Jane' Season 4 Premiere


Being Mary Jane is back for a new season, and Mary Jane is is a new city, with a new job, and a new attitude! And, of course, I'm recapping it all!

It's been a little over a year since the season 3 finale, and Mary Jane has moved on from SNC to a correspondent position at Great Day USA in New York City! Though she should really be focused on the new job, MJ goes to see a matchmaker, Felicia Beatty, to try to find love.  A few DAYS into being in the city, y'all. Even Felicia can read her well, and tells Mary Jane to do self-reflecting and wait a few months before trying to find a guy. But does MJ listen?

HA! Of course not. This is Mary Jane. She goes out to a comedy club with Kara, who's followed her to NYC as a producer, swearing that she's on lockdown from auditioning guys in her bed...until she meets a guy from the UK. After chatting with the handsome stranger, who she wants to remain nameless (calling him London), MJ decides she wants one last night of lust. It doesn't hit her until she finally brings the guy back to her hotel room, that she's in a new city and this guy could kill her! So she panics for a minute, leaving a paranoid voicemail for Kara, but gets herself together. They start out with passionate kissing, when MJ stops. When London asks what she wants from him, MJ asks to hear him say that he loves her. That HE LOVES HER. It's absolutely insane, and it's SHOCKING that he didn't run out the front door right then. But London obliges, and they have passionate sex. At the end of the day, though, it shows just how bad MJ wants love. Real love. Like most of us. She's been so unlucky, but still. Asking a stranger to tell you he loves you? Too much girl. 

At work the next morning, for Great Day USA, MJ confesses to Kara that SNC really fired her after she defended Niecy, who was brutally tased by a cop. She's nervous now about being on air as correspondent, but pulls it together to shoot. Her dream is to succeed her idol Ronda Sales (Valerie Pettiford) as co-anchor, believing that she's being groomed to take over for her one day.

Mary Jane gets styled and ready to go and talk to the people, as her family watches back home. Patrick's trying to write a statement for Niecy about her attack, but Niecy isn't trying to talk about it right now. While Mary Jane is out, she ends up interviewing her one night stand London, which was real stalkerish! Afterwards, he says that he looked up on the TV, and saw her face, and came down, which is creepy. Though London tries to get her number, Mary Jane states firmly that she doesn't want to see him again.Meanwhile, Niecy talks to her baby daddy Dante, and is so ready for this whole drama of hers to blow over. She is hopefully going to get a settlement for how she was treated by the cop, but she wants to move on, which is understandable.


Later, Kara gets a scoop from one of the stylists that Ronda's deal to stay on the show didn't close, which automatically gets Kara thinking. Mary Jane could take over that spot sooner than she thinks! Meanwhile MJ interviews Dave East, who talks about his music, and she gets him to open up about his love life. It was a good interview, though nowhere near what Mary Jane is used to doing, and, deep down, I think that's going to be hard for her. Afterwards though, Kara tells MJ that Ronda might just be leaving the show, and Mary Jane could replace her. The executive producer, Garrett, wants to bring MJ to lunch to talk, so maybe?! Meanwhile, London (who's real name is Lee) has a ticket delivered for Mary Jane to come see him perform at the comedy club.

That night, Niecy comes home, where Patrick, Helen, and Paul, Sr are waiting to talk to her about her experience. Niecy really doesn't want to relive her pain, but Patrick makes her sit down and hear his statement about what happened to her. It was definitely powerful to hear, especially with him noting that police brutality hasn't just been exclusive to black men, but happens with black women as well. This tragedy showed them that they're stronger together as a family, and that the black community is stronger together as well. That's what I love about this show. You have drama and entertainment, but also narrative about issues facing our country as well.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane goes out for drinks with one of the other correspondents Natalie and other folks from work. MJ then gets a call from the matchmaker, who doesn't want to work with her. She sees red flags with MJ, believing that Mary Jane has work to do on herself first before finding love. After she got fired by Felicia, MJ goes back to the comedy club, and sees Lee on stage performing. They have a do-over of sorts, introducing themselves. They go to this great club and dance the night away, and end up in bed together again. This is what the matchmaker meant. MJ is so thirsty impatient for love, I think, that she doesn't take the time to really get to know a person outside of the passion and lust. I know she feels like her biological clock is ticking, but still. She has to learn to be truly happy and at peace with herself, by herself, before bringing someone else in.


The next day, MJ has a lunch with Garrett, where he basically alludes to everything Kara told her. Later though, Ronda brings MJ into her office, and tells her that that lunch was basically a sham. Ronda tells her that Garrett has no intention to bring her on as co-anchor. Turns out that Ronda doesn't plan to go anywhere, and it's really to pit them against each other. And RIGHT after MJ steps out of her office, Garrett tells her that he's has been advised to "slow things down," and that MJ's position as co-anchor will come "in time." Mary Jane goes to her hotel room, and begins tearing down her post it notes while on the phone with Kara. Kara strongly advises her to play it smart and not make any rash decisions. MJ finds a note that she left Lee last night before she went to work, and decides in that moment to stay. Welp. It's definitely going to be a crazy right this season! New attitude. New city. New job. New man?!

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