RECAP: "Four Tickets to Paradise"-The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, E4


Last night's episode of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions was a game changer on a few fronts! 

Picking up from last week, we find that there's only four tickets left to make it to the Oasis. Latoya, Sylvia, Amanda, Nelson, Shane, and Anthony are all without a spot, and will still have to fight for one this week...either in the challenge or at elimination. But, until then, everyone is still struggling at the Shelter. Of course, no Challenge would be complete without hookups though. Kailah and Cory get cozy and end up making out. They both just like to have fun, and Cory is a major player, so I don't see it being anything real. Later, another potential couple emerges in Nelson and Latoya, as they bond and talk about the game. Later, they make out on their cots, and, since the Shelter is so open, EVERYONE can see them. The two get a standing ovation from the house before taking their romp to the beach!

The next day, though, it's back to business as six competitors still have to fight for a spot in the Oasis. The day's challenge is "Caged and Confused." There's one cage for each of the competitors left. Competing in boy-girl heats, they will be locked inside a cage, which will spin from high up all the way to the ground. They then have to roll themselves in their cages towards the key to get out near the finish line. In order to get themselves out, they have to pull their key in using a rope, and unlock the lock. The first guy and girl to make it across the finish line not only secures themselves a spot in the Oasis and is safe from elimination, but also get one year's supply of Burger King. Pretty nice prize!


As the challenge begins, everyone can see that it takes A LOT of energy to rock yourself in these cages, especially with the girls because they are so little. You really have to give your all, and hope that the momentum will allow you to get a few more rolls in. However, Amanda draws inspiration from her sick dad back at home and gives it everything she has, and wins, sending Latoya and Sylvia straight to elimination. In the boys heat, straight out the gate, Shane comes out hard, leaving Nelson and Anthony in the dust. However, Shane is unable to grab his rope through the cage, which allows Anthony to catch up to him! But then Anthony struggles to get his key as well, so it really is a nailbiter to watch! It was so close, but Shane ends up winning, sending Anthony and Shane to elimination.

TJ gives the house a little pick-me-up afterwards, though, announcing that Burger King is treating them all to a feast. Literally, burgers, nuggets, fries, and sodas all around...something they haven't had in forever stuck in a hut on a beach! Later, though, Nelson is in a funk after losing, feeling really disappointed in himself for losing. Latoya tries to bring his mind back into focus, but it doesn't seem to really be working. At the end of the day, both of them have to go into elimination with a clear mind, ready to win. Meanwhile, we get another look at the champs, who have a nice, relaxing dinner before they get to drop this major bomb on the rest of the competition! 


The next day, Latoya, Sylvia, Anthony and Shane say goodbye to everyone and head on up to the final elimination for this phase of The Challenge, and their last chance to get to the Oasis. At the base of this beautiful Thai temple, TJ announces that they will be playing "Thai Rise." One by one, each of them have to climb steep and uneven steps all the way to the top to where the temple actually is, which is over 1000 feet up! At the feet of the Buddha, they each have to grab a bag, and make their way back down the steps. Then they'll hang whatever is in the bag on the hook, and ring the bell to end their time! It's an individual race, with them each starting at different points, and the fastest boy and girl will win, and head to the Oasis!

These steps are HARD. Just looking at them, I started rubbing my legs, because steps are murder on your lower body. Great exercise, but this is intense! Plus, there ends up being this huge downpour in the middle of it and there's monkeys everywhere too. So, not only are they having to climb up these steep stairs, but they have to make sure they don't slip because of the rain, or get bit by wild animals! THIS is a tough elimination!

It was a very tight race for both the boys and  the girls, Nelson earns his spot at the Oasis, sending home Anthony. In a complete shocker, Sylvia ends up winning, sending Latoya home. And thus, ending Latoya and Nelson's house romance...for now? I liked them together, so maybe they'll continue a relationship after this is all over.


After the elimination, TJ tells Sylvia and Nelson to tell everyone else to pack up their stuff. They're going to the Oasis! That night, everyone heads over, and the Oasis, as all Challenge houses, is an absolutely gorgeous mansion. After their time at the Shelter, everyone is just happy to have toilets and beds! They eat, drink and party, celebrating the fact that they all made it. Someone even says, "Let's do a shot for Jenna not having an ex here!" HA....they thought!

The next day, TJ brings them to the next challenge, and completely busts their bubbles! He tells them to be a champion, they have to beat a champion. And out come the CHAMPS!!!! Some clap, but all of them are in complete shock...and some are completely scared! As they should be. I can't WAIT to see what's in store now!

Tune in to The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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