RECAP: "Getting Real"- Being Mary Jane S4, E3


Finally, we got a new episode of Being Mary Jane last night! It’s been a few weeks, and I know I’ve definitely been missing it.

Picking up from the last episode, Mary Jane goes to visit Paul, Jr at a condo in NYC valued at $15 MILLION! I guess PJ’s into luxury real estate now. Turns out that he's managing the place while one of his clients is out of the country. Mary Jane wants him to find her a nice spot like that…but at a much lower price obviously.

At Great Day USA, Mary Jane has to now with the aftermath of Ronda backstabbing her and bringing MJ’s old producer Justin (Michael Ealy) in the mix. MJ and Kara see Justin playing around with the higher ups at the network, a way to suck up to them no doubt. So now these two have to figure out how to get better stories. At that moment, as if he overheard them, Justin comes over to tell them that a segment Kara’s been working on all morning is being bumped for another interview. Oh, this is going to be a longggg arc with this guy at the network.


Later, the correspondents and producers have a pitch meeting. One correspondent pitches a story idea about a new app that’s similar to Snapchat, whereas Kara pitches a more serious story about a teacher teaching underprivileged kids, who mistreated one of her students. Petty Ronda suggests that Kara’s idea be given to another correspondent, while MJ gets the story about the new app! The exact opposite of what she or Kara wants.

Afterwards, MJ goes to talk to Garrett about the meeting. Turns out production  (aka Justin) has a “problem” with Mary Jane’s interview style. When Justin is pulled in, he plays MJ’s interview with Elizabeth Foy from last season, where, according to Justin, she ends up "promoting her own agenda" and "ambushing" Elizabeth. Justin is clearly out to get her, and I need to know why! I get that he fired MJ at CNN, but there has to be more to their story than we’ve gotten so far. When Mary Jane vents to Kara, Kara gives her some souod advice: “Give them a story only you can do.”


So that night, Mary Jane tries to develop some new story ideas, while Lee watches some bad reality tv. That’s where we see Miss Cardi B herself, playing a girl named Mercedes Wilkerson on a show “Family Brawlers,” playing exactly who she is on Love and Hip Hop on Mondays!  However, Lee admits that when Mercedes is on the TV, he can’t help but watch!

That sparks an idea for MJ. She wants to bring Mercedes on the show to “humanize” her, and ask some deeper questions to get to know her story. Since she knows that Justin would probably shoot the idea down in the meeting if it came from her, Mary Jane has Kara pitch it. Kara brilliantly suggests that Ronda do the interview, knowing good and well that Ronda would NEVER. So Kara then suggests that, since Mercedes is popular on the new app MJ is covering, MJ should do it. Which Garrett accepts…and then puts JUSTIN on as producer, which neither he nor Mary Jane is happy about. I really, really can’t stand this dude. Love Michael Ealy…hate this character!

Meanwhile, Kara’s been working behind the scenes to get a major league baseball player, Orlando Lagos, on the show. Her end goal is to figure out a way to get him talking about retirement rumors, and use that big win to get other stories from Garrett. So Kara tells him that if he wants to be the next Michael Strahan after he retires, he needs to stick with her! Garrett signs off on Orlando covering a college athlete union story for the show, and works with him to do well. They also get a little flirty too! Could this be a new man for Kara???

Later,  when Mary Jane reveals that PJ has found her a possible loft in Chelsea, she and Lee get to talking about their quirks, like Mary Jane's fear of germs and Lee's weird fascination with radiators in the city. It seems like MJ wants to move in with him, which Lee really doesn't want at this point until she meets his kids.

The next day, before interviewing Mercedes, MJ tells Justin that she wants to have a real conversation with the girl, but Justin only wants MJ to talk about Mercedes swimwear line. When Mercedes brings it out, Mary Jane tries to get a little more info about the line. But Mercedes is very cold and nasty towards her, not wanting to say too much about where the audience can purchase it, and says that Mary Jane would never wear something like this anyway. Mary Jane gets a slick word in too, telling the audience that they can buy the line out of Mercedes' car at the strip club! NICE! After hearing Mercedes call her a "siddity b**ch" after the interview, MJ goes in on her, acting exactly like Mercedes does on the show. Of course, Justin has something to smart to say too, saying that Mary Jane proved him right after all of that. Irritating!


That night, Mary Jane gets a blessing from PJ to see the place in Chelsea on her own while he gets a massage. MJ has Lee come with her, and is automatically thinking of this place as a spot for the both of them. Again, Lee states can't even consider moving in with her until she meets his kids, which is understandable. Mary Jane rushes things A LOT, which is why she hasn't found anything substantial. Lee correctly tells her that if he says "not now," she hears "not ever." Mary Jane doesn't want to play games, which is understandable too, but it's entirely too soon for them to move in! But she gets mad at him, and even kicks him out of the place (which ain't even hers!).

The next day, Mary Jane finds that a video of her exchange with Mercedes has gone VIRAL, prompting debates about "dropping the mask" at work. Garrett calls MJ into his office, wanting to capitalize on the new popularity. Because of the clip, Ronda has suggested that Mary Jane become the resident web correspondent. Which, let's be real, is a demotion for Mary Jane. Crazy.

That night, Lee comes over surprisingly like nothing happened. In Mary Jane's mind, she thought they broke up, but he just considered it an argument for them to work out later. They get into why she's always trying to rush things, and it's really based on Mary Jane getting up in age. She turns 40 in two months, and she thought her life would be different at this point. Lee encourages her to let go of what she thinks is supposed to happen and let things be. Swear I LOVE HIM for Mary Jane. He calls her out on her BS, cares enough to be honest and open with her, and wants to make things work.
He also tells her that his kids are going to visit him for spring break, and he wants her to meet them. Which means, maybe they will be moving in after all??? Meanwhile, Orlando pays Kara a surprise house visit too...looks like both MJ and Kara are finding love in the Big Apple!

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