RECAP: "Helter Shelter"-The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, E3


After this week,
The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions is about to get a lot more interesting! 

Picking up from last week, at the Shelter, the house gets a clue in a bucket: "Tomorrow's the only time in this game that you'll want to be a floater." Definitely meaning something with water! Surprise little twist, though: those have earned their way into the Oasis, though, get to kick back and watch! Looks like they get a break from competing since they've already won a spot in the real house!


The next day, TJ introduces the challenge, "Shell Shocked." Competing as guy/girl teams, they have to paddle across this lake in these small little boats, picking up bags of coconuts at four different stations. Then they'll head back to shore, and shoot the coconuts into a basket until the basket falls to the ground. The boats aren't stable at all, so one person will have to stand up the whole time.  The winning team will not only be safe from elimination, but will win a trip to the Oasis! Also, the winning guy will choose one girl going into elimination, and the winning girl will choose a guy.

This challenge is ROUGH. They are trying to sail on these tiny little baskets, running into each other, and struggling so hard to balance. So, of course, people are falling into this dirty water, and then struggling to get back up! Slowly but surely, people start to find their rhythm to collect these bags of coconuts. However, one team stood out from the pack. Hunter and Ashley kill this challenge, and win spots in the Oasis! But Hunter shows his real character when he shows bad sportmanship after his win, even calling Cory out for some odd reason. Of course, that rubbed Cory the wrong way, and me too! Hunter won ONE challenge, and thinks he's Wonder Boy. Sir. You still have a whole season to go, and there's not telling if you'll even make it to a final. Cory has at least competed in one. Sit down somewhere! But he and Ashley are safe from elimination, and get to choose who's going into elimination. While all of this is going on, though, the champions are getting ready to head to Thailand. IT'S. ABOUT. TO GO. DOWN.

Later, to try to win a spot in the Oasis, Cory talks with Ashley to vote him in. If she does, he wants to face either Theo and Shane, thinking he can beat them. However, Ashley doesn't know what she's going to do. It's no secret that Hunter is going to vote in Jenna because she's cool with Kailah (who the majority of the house hates for some reason). Anika is confident that she can beat Jenna, and asks others in the house if they'll vote her in. So that night, when TJ comes back for nominations, Hunter, of course, votes in Jenna, and the guys vote in Anika, giving her what she wants.. Ashley then votes in Theo, with the rest of the girls voting in Cory, like he wanted. Personally me, I wouldn't want to take the chance. I would much rather bust my butt in a challenge and win that way, then try to go into elimination and win. But, I get where Cory and Anika were coming from.

The next day, Theo, Cory, Jenna, and Anika say their goodbyes to the rest of the house, and head up the mountains to get to the elimination. This hike up there takes a lot of energy itself! Announcing the elimination challenge, "Who's Got Balls," TJ calls it the most intimidating elimination round in challenge history. The objective is to reach into a basket, grab all five balls inside, and jump off a cliff. Whoever has the most by the time their rope stops swinging wins. TJ tells them that they won't be watching your opponents competing, so there needs to be no hesitation at all in doing this. In the event of a tie, whoever had the fastest time wins.

They each have to climb the side of a mountain to even get to the platform they need to jump from, which is murder on their arms already. However, the millisecond Cory hears TJ blow the horn on his round, Cory takes off and kills. During Theo's turn, however, he chokes and refuses to jump, which is annoying because he talked all this trash about being a D-1 athlete but can't bungee jump. This, to me, was a VERY simple elimination round, and Theo threw it away. Go home and don't come back.


During her turn, Anika kind of takes her nice sweet time grabbing these balls compared to Cory, but manages to hold on to all of them. Jenna quickly grabs hers on her heat, and manages to hold on to all of hers as well. Cory automatically wins since Theo dropped out, but with Jenna and Anika it comes down to time. Anika finished in 10 seconds, but Jenna won it with eight seconds, sending  Anika home. I'm glad that Jenna won, because I feel like the majority of the house dislikes her and Kailah for absolutely no reason. So for both of them to win and shut the house up these past two weeks is great.

MEANWHILE, THE CHAMPS HAVE ARRIVED IN THAILAND AND ARE ABOUT TO SHAKE THINGS UP NEXT WEEK Y'ALL! When I tell you, I am WAITING to see everybody's else's jaws drop to the ground!!!!

Tune in to The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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