All Good Things Must Come to an End....

Indeed, all good things must come to an end. I’ve made the announcement to some a while ago, but today, I am officially closing down The Spotlight

Moving forward from Spotlight was something I was silently considering for a while now. Not because I felt a disconnect from entertainment writing (I still do that with other sites), or from the entertainment world in general. I’ll always love music, movies, and TV, and continue to write about it elsewhere. But, being a Christian, I’ve been hearing God calling me towards another path. As I started listening and meditating, His voice has become louder, not only through His own words, but through conversations and moments I’ve had with others. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to be influenced by outside advice. This was a discussion simply between me and God, and I see now where He would have me go.


In The Spotlight: Pop/Rock Musician Vander

Another spotlight for y’all..today, we have pop/rock musician Vander!

Growing up on an industrial estate forty minutes outside of Sydney, Australia, Vander (born William Vandermade) revealed that he didn’t grow up with a lot of money. However, from his childhood, he learned to be grateful for what he did have and to have a positive outlook on life. “I wear that proudly on my sleeve today. And I think it in turn influenced the music that I connected with - music that was inspired by the working class,” Vander said. “U2, Bruce Springsteen, artists who started from nowhere but had the dream to be the biggest and the greatest acts in the world. I feel I connected to their roots and was also inspired by their ambition. I felt that with them, anything was possible.” 

Throwback Jam of the Week: "Crazy"-Britney Spears

It's Throwback Thursday, and we've got another jam from back in the day! 

This one is a classic song from Britney Spears herself—"Crazy!" This hit was big back then, and even now for her discography. It was also the theme track for the movie Drive Me Crazy, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier, who also made cameos in the video.

Though I personally liked Christina Aguilera a little more back then, there's no denying that Britney had major impact. She was a huge part of the golden age of pop back in the mid to late 90s through the early '00s. This track was just one of her many memorable moments in her early career, and I loved it!

Watch the video below!


In The Spotlight: Alternative Rock/Folk Singer Alluri

Another spotlight to start the week…check out our feature with London-based alternative rock/folk singer Alluri!

Alluri got his start in music through his father, listening to western classical music. He ended up taking violin and piano classes for a few years, but never really enjoyed it, so he stopped. The artist really had little to no contemporary music around him in his formative years. Eventually, others in his family were able to bring that influence to him. His older brother ended up introducing Alluri to his first taste of western rock music. Alluri then began to play the guitar around the age of 13, after his cousin introduced him to bands Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, and he’s been playing ever since. “[It] wasn’t until I played a few gigs in Finland while I was studying there in 2011 did I want to pursue this seriously,” Alluri said of his music.


Good morning y'all...here's some #MondayMotivation to kick off the week! 

Today's quote is a strong reminder for me personally that an end to one thing is only the beginning to something new. It doesn't matter if you're moving on to another job, or a new city, or even letting go of a relationship. That exit marks an entry somewhere else...to a new and possibly greater opportunity for you. It may be scary, but sometimes you have to make a change in order to push yourself to new heights! 


Throwback Jam of the Week: "Gangsta Lovin'"- Eve feat. Alicia Keys

It's Throwback Thursday, and we've got another jam from back in the day! 

Eve's track, "Gangsta Lovin,'" featuring Alicia Keys was released back in 2002 off of the rapper's Eve-olution album. This song was the first single off of the album, and ended up going #2 on the Billboard charts.

I remember loving this song as a pre-teen with absolutely no type of gangsta love for real! Definitely have a soft spot for this track because it reminds me of a special someone in my life now. Plus, it's a great jam to vibe to even 15 years later! 

Watch the video below!


NEW MUSIC: "Hear Me Out"-R&B Singer Khari King

New music to start the week....take a listen to "
Hear Me Out," the latest from R&B singer Khari King!

Produced by DvDx, the track is upbeat and fun, as the singer croons in an attempt to get the attention of a special girl he notices, hoping that she'll just hear him out! "It's a feel-good, bouncy song about how it feels to talk to a girl with no stuntin' involved," Khari said of the song.

Check out the track below!


Good morning y'all...here's some #MondayMotivation to kick off the week!

If it's one thing I know, after losing and failing so many times, wins come when you LEAST expect it and when you MOST need it. After you've fallen down so many times. After you've been rejected from job after job. After you've failed at creating the success you wanted from your idea. But you keep going, because you know your end is better than your beginning. That's perseverance, and that's how you'll ultimately win.


Throwback Jam of the Week: "The Boy Is Mine" -Brandy & Monica

It's Throwback Thursday, and we're back with another great jam from back in the day! 

When Brandy and Monica did their popular duet, "The Boy Is Mine," it's one of the very first songs that I can remember always listening to and singing as a young 90s kid. Like I knew that trouble! The video also featured a cameo from a young Mekhi Phifer, as, in the visual,  he went out with both of them and played them for fools. They got the last laugh though! 

The song seemed to start some industry-manufactured "beef" between them back in the day. Though they came together for another great song, "It All Belongs to Me," these two clearly aren't really friends, and have had some little moments over the years that show it. Regardless of which, this song is forever classic, and is one of my favorite 90s R&B jams. And like Monica said on The Real some months ago, the only Grammy that either one of them have is together on this joint!

Check out the video below!


RECAP: "Getting Serious"-Being Mary Jane S4, E9


We're getting towards the end of this season of Being Mary Jane, and things are getting crazier each episode! 

Picking up from last week, Lee and Mary Jane are still reeling from the news that Zoe wants to use Lee's sperm to have another kid! Apparently, the two of them were talking about having another baby before Zoe cheated, and Lee admits that their kids always wanted another baby brother or sister. Lee knows that Zoe will have the baby with or without him, and kind of doesn't want to be left out from it. He asks Mary Jane to let him clear his head for a minute, like he's actually considering this craziness!!!! That, of course, gets MJ emotional. Mary Jane wants a baby herself, and is really considering having one with him, so it's completely understandable that she wouldn't want him having a new kid around with his baby mama!


Tyra Banks Announced as the Next Host of 'America's Got Talent'


Looks like Tyra Banks has a new hosting gig! 

Just weeks after Nick Cannon announced he was leaving his job hosting NBC's America’s Got Talent, it's been revealed that Tyra is taking over!


MUSIC VIDEO: "See You Again"-UK Singer/Songwriter John Adams

A great new music video for you all today...this one from UK singer/songwriter John Adams for his powerful song "See You Again!"

Blending pop with gospel elements, John wrote the track as a tribute to a friend's father who passed away. "I wouldn't consider myself a religious person but the only words I can ever find to comfort the people left behind is the hope that there's a heaven," he said. The soft song is definitely one of solace in the midst of grief. Many of us have lost at least one person in our lifetimes, so this is definitely a comforting track in hopes of seeing those people again soon. 

Watch the visual for the moving track below!


Another weekend gone...another Monday here again. Shake off those blues with some #MondayMotivation!

This is a reminder to y'all (and to myself) that where you are right now isn't where you're destined to be. This is just your starting point. This isn't where the race ends. I know I've come far, but still have a ways to go towards where I want to be, and the finish line seems so far out of sight at times. But I can't let where I am right now discourage me from my destiny...even if takes me longer than others to get there. Don't let that happen to you either! 


Throwback Jam of the Week: "One More Chance"-The Notorious B.I.G.

It's Throwback Thursday, and we're back with another great jam from back in the day!

Crazy to believe that today marks 20 YEARS since the Notorious B.I.G. was killed. I was young, but still remember all of the reports and specials on the East Coast/West Coast beef, and both Tupac and Biggie's untimely and tragic murders. It's truly sad that their lives were cut short, but their legacies live on.

One of my favorite tracks by Biggie is definitely "One More Chance," with vocals on the hook from his then wife Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige. I loved how smooth this was, even back then when I probably shouldn't have been listening anyway! RIP Biggie...continued thoughts and prayers to his loved ones!

Check out the video below!


RECAP: "Getting Risky"-Being Mary Jane S4, E8


MJ definitely stood her ground at work on this episode of Being Mary Jane...but she has another big battle in front of her when it comes to Lee!

Picking up from last week, Lee's baby mama Zoe comes to NYC, meeting him and Mary Jane for dinner. Zoe and Lee are really close...a little bit too close for Mary Jane's liking! Lee and Zoe make crazy jokes about sex and other things, and Zoe even gets on him about minding his sodium level with his high blood pressure, which MJ didn't even know about! Who's the girlfriend here?! MJ pulls Lee to the side, and asks why the two of them aren't together. Lee reveals that Zoe cheated on him. Once that trust was broken, he couldn't go back. In a way, he still has feelings for her, as the mother of his kids and best friend, but he's not interested in her romantically. It looks though like Zoe might still be harboring some deeper feelings!

RECAP: "The Mile High Club" -The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions E6


This latest episode of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions was definitely a great one to watch! 

Picking up from last week, a lot of romance going on, or at least being attempted! Most of the house, at this point, is drinking and having a good time. Nicole continues to try to flirt heavy with Cara Maria. Zach and Jenna have some awkward conversation, and it's clear that there is a spark between them still. Zach admits in a confessional that he ruined what was probably the best thing he's ever had, but will Jenna forgive him? Cory still tries to give Kailah the cold shoulder and wants to be left alone. Instead of giving in though, she still goes after him, and they have sex and reconnect.

Meanwhile, Nelson tries to get with Sylvia after he was just head over heels about Latoya some weeks before. When Sylvia rejects him, Nelson goes Incredible Hulk and starts lashing out, flipping over furniture and all! Why? Because everybody is drunk and needs to go to bed. I say this every season. Nobody wants to be with a crazy person who goes off like that when he gets drunk, Nelson! Both Tony and Camila see this, and realize that's exactly how they were on Rivals III before they got kicked off because of their tempers. They talk things through, and patch things up. It's good to see them both in much better places than before!


In The Spotlight: Podcasters Chloe Zora and Chanel Glover of Overqualified & Drunk

Another great spotlight to start the week!

If you're a podcast lover, you may have heard about them...if not get ready! Ranked #5 on Podcasts In Color'a Top 5 LGBTQ Podcasts in 2016 List, Chloe Zora and Chanel Glover, the ladies of the Overqualified & Drunk podcast, are a must listen! 

I'm glad to have the chance to feature them on The Spotlight, especially because I wouldn't have pursued a career in radio if it wasn't for Chloe, one of my first college Resident Advisors.

NEW MUSIC: "Bad News"- Reggae/R&B Singer Eva Lazarus

New music this morning! Check out the latest track from reggae/R&B singer Eva Lazarus, "Bad News!" 

Produced by Sam Interface  and Brad Baloo, the track fuses elements of reggae and synthpop and features Eva's sultry vocals as she sings to her lover, as she laments that they are both truly bad for each other. Yet she still has feelings and they can't stay away from each other. "I know that you're bad for me, but when we get together, it's all good, good, good," she croons. Who hasn't been through that?! Definitely relatable.

Take a listen to the track below!

Full List of Winners at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The iHeartRadio Music Awards just took place last night, and we've got the full list of winners

With performances from Katy Perry, Big Sean, Ed Sheeran, and more, the night was definitely packed with great moments in its two-hour live broadcast. It was great too to see other artists that maybe wouldn't typically win at the Grammys or another show take home an award here.

See if your favorite artist took home an award below!


Another Monday, and it's always somewhat of a struggle! But here's some #MondayMotivation to kick off your week (and mine)!

Self-discipline is everything. Nobody's going to hold your hand to make sure you complete your tasks for your business, or as you work towards your degree, or as you strive for financial freedom. You have to put in that time, money, and work yourself, and be disciplined enough to get it done. That means making the necessary sacrifices! Not going out all of the time with your friends, saving money by not shopping all of the time, or cutting out your beloved Netflix (I know...crazy). But you do what you have to so that you can get to where you want to be. Discipline is key!  


Throwback Jam of the Week: "Another Sad Love Song"-Toni Braxton

It's Throwback Thursday, and we've got another great jam from back in the day! 

"Another Sad Love Song" is probably my favorite track by THE Toni Braxton! It was the first official single from her self-titled, debut album back in '93. I was a young one, but as I grew older and listen to more and more R&B, Toni's discography definitely became a huge part of my music library.

This is indeed a sad love song, but, with the 90s vibes of the track, it's a great track to just sing at the top of your lungs and jam to! It's definitely one of Toni's greatest hits, with it hitting the top 10 on the Billboard 100 back then and winning Toni her first Grammy! It's music like this that really makes me think I grew up in the wrong era for music!

Watch below!


RECAP: "Getting Judged"-Being Mary Jane S4, E7


Big development with MJ...she got to meet Lee's kids this week on Being Mary Jane

Picking up from last week's episode, Justin quizzes Mary Jane on her research for her interview with Judge McAllister. This is probably one of the biggest interviews of both of their careers, so they really have to knock it out of the park! Meanwhile, MJ buys a bunch of pool toys for Lee's kids, but Lee tells her that they're in middle school now. They'll probably be on their phones the whole time, anyway. It's nerve wrecking for Mary Jane to actually meet them. Obviously, she wants them to like her and is overcompensating a little bit with all of these toys!  Meanwhile, PJ goes out for a night with his boys at a lounge, and finds an old college schoolmate, Sunitha. He manages to snag a date with her, hoping to rekindle their flame!

RECAP: "Underdog Eat Underdog World"-The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, E5


Welp, the Champs have officially invaded the game on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions!

Picking up from last week, TJ brings out the Champs, and reveals that the game is changing. It's going to be broken down into teams— the Champs versus everybody else (aka the Underdogs) from here on out! For each challenge you win as a team, you bank $10K  in your team bank account. Each day will either be a champion elimination day or underdog elimination day, and, in the elimination, you'll be battling members of your own team.

So, for the first challenge between the Champs and the Underdogs, TJ reveals they'll be playing Knockout. It'll be broken into guys and girls heats, with six Underdogs against four Champs. TJ will launch a ball out of a catapult, and everybody has to scrap to get the ball into their goal. The first team to score three times wins the heat. The first team to win two heats total wins the whole thing. And TJ adds another twist: the first underdog during both the girls' and guys' heats to score a point will choose a member of the opposite sex to go into elimination, since it's an underdog elimination day!


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