RECAP: "Getting Judged"-Being Mary Jane S4, E7


Big development with MJ...she got to meet Lee's kids this week on Being Mary Jane

Picking up from last week's episode, Justin quizzes Mary Jane on her research for her interview with Judge McAllister. This is probably one of the biggest interviews of both of their careers, so they really have to knock it out of the park! Meanwhile, MJ buys a bunch of pool toys for Lee's kids, but Lee tells her that they're in middle school now. They'll probably be on their phones the whole time, anyway. It's nerve wrecking for Mary Jane to actually meet them. Obviously, she wants them to like her and is overcompensating a little bit with all of these toys!  Meanwhile, PJ goes out for a night with his boys at a lounge, and finds an old college schoolmate, Sunitha. He manages to snag a date with her, hoping to rekindle their flame!

While MJ sleeps, Lee hears her phone beep and tries to grab her phone before she sees it. Turns out that there is a tabloid story running wild with The Observer that Mary Jane is trying to get rid of Ronda, with even a fake quote from MJ basically saying so. While Mary Jane does eventually want that anchor chair, she's not purposely out there trying to sabotage the woman's career! Of course, the story picks up, with people choosing sides between MJ and Ronda. Mary Jane thinks that Ronda probably gave the tabloid the fake story, which is literally unnecessary and random drama. Tara doesn't think it was her, but that maybe it was Justin, who is definitely a suspect! Kara decides to call up a friend at the tabloids to see who knows what, while Mary Jane tries to figure out a way to repair the damage.

MJ goes to Ronda to figure out ways to try to put this stupid rumor to rest. She suggests they go to lunch together at a popular restaurant that has a lot of bloggers who will spread the word of their hangout as "friends". However, Ronda doesn't want to stoop to their level, making it seem like she really did frame this story. Annoyed, Mary Jane tells her that after the interview with Judge McAlister, she probably will have that anchor chair anyway. Ronda busts her bubble by telling her that Gayle King is also in the running to talk with the judge. Mary Jane may have 10 years of experience at SNC, but Gayle has Oprah!

Turns out that Judge McAlister is still on board with Mary Jane, but Justin found that the good judge may have hid evidence in a case, resulting an innocent black man going to jail. Justin tells her that they have a journalistic duty to break this story, especially because this man is about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court! However, Justin doesn't want to name his source, and, therefore, it's a weak lead. This could very well just be a play by Justin to make MJ reach for this angle, and then fall right on her face. When MJ reveals the issue to Kara, Kara tells her just that.
Mary Jane did some digging on her own, and believes that this could very well be plausible. She plans to ask him about some of the policies in place around that time to try to turn the conversation that way. Kara has a really bad feeling about it, especially since Justin is pushing her to do it. Uhh...SAME!


When MJ gets back to her hotel room, Lee's there with his kids, Aiden and Katherine, to go to the pool and hang out. Katherine asks MJ a bunch of questions about her money and why she doesn't have kids, which throws Mary Jane off a bit. However, MJ manages to crake a joke on Lee that gets them all laughing, so this is looking like it's going well. At least until later...when Mary Jane walks in on Aiden masturbating with her underwear! Obviously disturbed, MJ tries to take a raincheck on dinner with the kids. However, Lee noticed something was off between her and Aiden earlier, and asked what happened. MJ tells him, and he plans to have a good talk with him. But still...it's just so weird! It's not that surprising because Aiden is a teenage boy, but ew.

Meanwhile, Ava goes to see PJ, venting about her internship at Great Day USA. PJ suggests getting a small gift for her direct supervisor to warm up things in the office, advising that getting work is often about connections and networking. I still KNOW that this is going to end badly, because Ava is clearly attached to PJ and trying to make leeway on a relationship. When she doesn't get her way, she's going to be vengeful is some way! I KNOW this is coming. It's pretty confirmed when Ava walks in on PJ's date with Sunitha, and tells him later to take Sunitha back to her mom's vacant spot, giving him the key. It feels like a set up, but PJ goes along with it. He and Sunitha have sex, and lay in bed talking afterwards. It seems like all is well until the next morning, when Sunitha, who's an actress, leaves early for an audition...but PJ's Rolex is missing!


The next day, Mary Jane tells Justin that they need to go with a softer approach for the interview, which, surprisingly, he agrees with. They rehearse Mary Jane's interview style, down to her smile, body language and tone. Though MJ has created her style based on Ronda over the years, Justin tells her that she has to create her own, which is true. It just seems like he's being a little too nice...or going along for an ulterior motive! He's a sneaky one!

Kara reveals that the network's COO came up with the story for the press, probably for ratings. It's annoying because MJ just wants to do her job, but Kara tells her to forget all this and Ronda, and get it done! Judge McAlister then comes in  with his wife, Attorney General McAlister, for the interview. It's going well...until Mary Jane tries her approach to get him to talk about the innocent black guy behind bars. His wife, watching with Ronda in a green room, automatically goes off to the production room, with plans to snatch the judge off the set. Justin tries his hardest to keep the interview going, but Garrett gets involved, and makes MJ go to commercial. During the break, he reveals that Ronda is going to finish the interview with her, taking the lead. He says that this is her chance to "wipe away with the rumors," but it's really annoying because now the truth could possibly be hidden. With Ronda, Judge McAlister, the Attorney General, and MJ talking about random topics, it becomes the softest interview ever. MJ is pissed off, thinking that Justin planned this, but he's upset himself. This was a huge interview for both of them, and he sees now that he can't underestimate Ronda again.

Meeting up with PJ, Sunitha reveals that she snagged a role on Chris Rock's new pilot, but PJ confronts her about his watch. Basically, right after he accuses her, PJ realizes that this was all Ava. However, he's now screwed things up with Sunitha! He confronts Ava, asking for his watch, and she gives it back. She tells him though that Sunitha was the right girl for him,  and thinks that he should just cut to the chase...implying that he should be with her! This girl is manipulative, and it's going to come back to bite PJ...watch!

That night, Lee comes over to comfort MJ after that terrible interview. She feels that not only did she fail with the interview, but she also failed with his kids. However, Lee tells her that Aiden is just a teen boy. Once Aiden to know MJ, he'll stop seeing her as some kind of a pin-up and more of a mom figure. Lee definitely still wants her to be a part of the kids' lives...just maybe don't leave the sexy underwear around!  Mary Jane takes them all for pizza, and introduces them to a jukebox. The kids pick a song, and they all dance together. I'm so happy for this woman...she has a REAL relationship now! I really need her not to mess this up!

MJ's fun is short lived, however. The next day, at Great Day, Garrett calls the interview the worst on-air fiasco ever. He realizes, though, that this story is major and they have to break it quickly. Since MJ and Justin kept their info quiet, Garrett gives Kara and Ronda the story to work on. Now Justin and MJ have to give up all their research! However, Justin refuses to give up his source, saying that he's keeping his word and loyalty. Garrett tells them both that Justin has to give up the name, or they're both on internal suspension. Now they have to decide if it's more important to keep their word...or their jobs! WOW.

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