RECAP: "Getting Risky"-Being Mary Jane S4, E8


MJ definitely stood her ground at work on this episode of Being Mary Jane...but she has another big battle in front of her when it comes to Lee!

Picking up from last week, Lee's baby mama Zoe comes to NYC, meeting him and Mary Jane for dinner. Zoe and Lee are really close...a little bit too close for Mary Jane's liking! Lee and Zoe make crazy jokes about sex and other things, and Zoe even gets on him about minding his sodium level with his high blood pressure, which MJ didn't even know about! Who's the girlfriend here?! MJ pulls Lee to the side, and asks why the two of them aren't together. Lee reveals that Zoe cheated on him. Once that trust was broken, he couldn't go back. In a way, he still has feelings for her, as the mother of his kids and best friend, but he's not interested in her romantically. It looks though like Zoe might still be harboring some deeper feelings!

Meanwhile, Ava reveals to PJ that she has photos of him and Sunitha in bed at Olivia's place. She uses them to try blackmail PJ into helping her throw a party at the condo and not get caught! At first, PJ rejects the idea, but Ava reveals that her mom is in love with him and won't take kindly to him having been with another woman. Though he doesn't believe that, PJ does get nervous that he's going to lose Olivia as a client, and relents.

At work, Mary Jane is on the outs at work and has to log in bookings while Kara is running around doing research on the Judge McAlister story. Justin still hasn't given up his source, so it's a lot more work to try to piece together evidence against the judge! Later, Kara discovers that Orlando and her son Scott have been chatting a lot on social media. Seeing the stuff Orlando posts on Snapchat with his partying and drinking, Kara worries worried about the influence that he's having on her son. Personally, I think that she's just worried about him getting too close to her and her kids right now, though.

That night, at Lee's comedy show, he uses MJ's family drama, including Niecy and her kids, in his set. MJ, of course, takes it to heart, especially about Niecy, and tells him so. Lee quickly tries to settle the issue, explaining that he didn't mean to make Niecy's kids seem illegitimate because she had kids out of wedlock. If anything, he thinks that marriage is illegitimate and dated. Of course, that is a red flag to Mary Jane, who wants that and kids eventually. Could this be the major issue that breaks them up later down the road?


The next day, Ronda and Kara talk about the story. Knowing that they still don't have Justin's source, and might not get it, Ronda thinks that maybe having Justin on the team was a mistake. It's a strong implication to me that Justin could get fired and maybe Kara could move up. Kara then talks with Mary Jane, who thinks she has Justin's source...a clerk that worked with Judge McAlister back in the day. In fact, MJ is down at the courthouse, about to try to talk to the person, when Justin pops up out of nowhere! He reveals that his source gave him a lead, but he wants her to promise that she won't share it with Kara or Ronda.

Mary Jane brings Justin back to her hotel room to talk this all through. Turns out that Justin's mystery source found the wrongly convicted man that Judge McAlister threw in jail by hiding evidence...and the guy is on his way there! When he shows up, MJ schedules an informal recording, talking to the man about his story and conviction. The guy had a bad history with the cops, so when a kid was shot and killed in his area, he was brought in for a line up and picked out by a supposed witness. The guy wasn't even there and had a solid alibi, but Judge McAlister wanted him behind bars! He even threatened to prosecute the guy's friend who was going to testify on his behalf! That friend was shot and killed 11 years ago, so the only person who would be able to corroborate the guy's story is his attorney, whom McAlister bragged to, saying that the man was going to be put away for good this time. This man was nervous to come forward back when this first happened, because he wanted a fresh start after escaping all of this. He has a family and a good job now, and even a strong presence at church. But now, knowing that Judge McAlister is about to be appointed to the Supreme Court, he knew he had to speak out.

Looking over their footage later, Justin tells Mary Jane that she has to stand up for herself against Garrett and Ronda and run this story herself. She's scared to push Garrett hard and potentially lose her job. Justin then asks her a very good question. What does she need more—a job or a seat at the table? It definitely gets Mary Jane thinking, and she reveals to Kara that she's found the source and wrongly convicted man, but isn't going to pass along her work to Kara. This could be a huge story for Mary Jane, but Kara still feels like this is some kind of trick by Justin to set MJ up!

Later Zoe goes shopping with Mary Jane, While in the dressing room, Zoe takes pics of MJ and her changing, and sends them to Lee with suggestive texts. Mary Jane freaks out a bit, and asks point blank why Zoe isn't with Lee. To shut her up, Zoe kisses MJ, revealing that she's a lesbian and is in love with a model! Zoe and Lee just have that kind of relationship. However, she's found her soulmate, and is happy that Lee seems to have found his with hers.


The next day, Mary Jane and Justin show Garrett the video they shot with the man who was wrongly convicted. He brings in Ronda and Kara, fully intending to give the story to them to air. However, Mary Jane sticks up for herself, saying that if Ronda gets this story, she'll resign. In a surprise move, Justin has Mary Jane's back, saying that if MJ walks, he'll walk too. Garrett quickly changes his mind surprisingly, deciding that Mary Jane will run the story! Ronda, of course, storms out angrily, and Garrett lets both MJ and Justin know that that trick will work this once with him, but if they try it again, they're out for real! Good for Mary Jane for sticking up for herself though. She deserves this story and is talented and smart enough to do it!

Later, MJ and Kara celebrate MJ's win, and the conversation switches over to Zoe, who Mary Jane has no issues with now. Her issue is that she doesn't know where Lee stands on having more kids, which Mary Jane wants. However, it doesn't seem to be as big of a deal breaker as it once would've been for her. MJ has definitely changed since coming to NYC! Meanwhile, Ronda brings Justin into her office and calls him out for what he did. Justin refuses to let anyone cross him, even Ronda, but she warns him that he better hope he picked the right side in all of this.

That night, Ava has her party at her mom's place with PJ's help. It's a silent disco, with everyone wearing wireless headphones as the music plays. That way, Ava doesn't get caught! It's pretty cool, actually! Everything is going well, until a girl passes out and starts foaming at the mouth! Looks like that party's getting busted after all!

Meanwhile, Kara gets a late night visit from Orlando. He doesn't know what to do about Scott, who keeps reaching out to him on Snapchat. Orlando gets that Kara doesn't want them talking and sharing on social media, so he's just been ignoring him. Kara's thing is that she thinks her kids are falling for him, believing that he and Kara are an item. She believes that they'll be upset when he moves on to the next. However, Orlando doesn't want to move on, and asks to be monogamous with Kara! She better let this man love her!


Mary Jane gets the interview with the wrongly convicted man to air, which is HUGE for her career. Ronda later congratulates her on the win, stating that McAlister will be holding a press conference, probably to withdraw his name. However, that moment made Ronda decide to review her contract. It costs her money, but she was able to secure a five year contract! Meaning that she will be around as lead anchor at Great Day USA for quite some time, and Mary Jane will have to play backseat if she stays. When MJ tells Justin, he sees that Ronda is just scared of being irrelevant and that MJ has the serious potential to take her spot! Mary Jane is surprised at Justin's words, believing that he always had a problem with her, even from their time together at their old network.  Justin admits that he hates to see talent wasted, and was only trying to push her to excel. However, the way he went about it made MJ feel like she had to try to protect herself and go after him. That's all water under the bridge now, it seems. Now he'll have her back here, and they could actually be a good team! Better than her and Kara, you think?

Later that night, Olivia goes off on PJ about having this big hospital bill and cleaning fee for the party. She knows that it was Ava's stunt, but PJ takes full responsibility, even writing a check to help out. Olivia tears it up, feeling that Ava is just using him to get to her. After venting about Ava, Olivia tries to kiss PJ, and he sees now that Olivia did have feelings for him just like Ava said. Now, he thinks that that's the only reason she was working with him, and suggests she work with another agent, giving back the Rolex she gave him too.

Meanwhile Zoe, MJ, and Lee go out to dinner and hang out. It's good to see that they are all in a good place, especially since Zoe isn't going anywhere. However, Zoe drops a bombshell, revealing that she and her girlfriend want to have a baby. She then asks Lee for his sperm, leaving him, Mary Jane, and the rest of us shocked!

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