RECAP: "Getting Serious"-Being Mary Jane S4, E9


We're getting towards the end of this season of Being Mary Jane, and things are getting crazier each episode! 

Picking up from last week, Lee and Mary Jane are still reeling from the news that Zoe wants to use Lee's sperm to have another kid! Apparently, the two of them were talking about having another baby before Zoe cheated, and Lee admits that their kids always wanted another baby brother or sister. Lee knows that Zoe will have the baby with or without him, and kind of doesn't want to be left out from it. He asks Mary Jane to let him clear his head for a minute, like he's actually considering this craziness!!!! That, of course, gets MJ emotional. Mary Jane wants a baby herself, and is really considering having one with him, so it's completely understandable that she wouldn't want him having a new kid around with his baby mama!

The next day, Mary Jane admits to Kara that she's annoyed about the whole situation, and is trying to figure out her future with this man. However, work calls. MJ's story on Judge McAllister is really taking off, with even CNN doing a feature on the piece, but Garrett asks her how is she going to follow it up? Justin pitches a follow up on Liz Tourneau, whose personal texts and emails were leaked, causing her to lose her job and man! Though Ronda already did the original story, Justin wants to follow up one year later to catch up with the woman, who's living out in the Virgin Islands. Garrett ends up giving the story to Ronda, though, because of her history with Liz.

When Mary Jane asks him why he did that, Justin states that it was a set up. He hoped that Ronda would take the story, so that she would fly down there for an interview and then Mary Jane could possibly sub in for her! Of course, Justin's looking at that idea as a win win for both of them. MJ gets the anchor seat for a day, and Justin would be the producer that got her there. However, it'll be a stiff competition with all of the correspondents for sure. Kara still wonders what Justin's angle is, but MJ doesn't see him as an enemy anymore. At that moment, Garrett calls both of them into the control room, playing an interview Orlando did. Orlando announces up front that Kara is his girlfriend. It's nice that he claimed her and all, but it can still be bad because of how high profile he is!

Later, MJ catches up with Ronda co-anchor Aaron to try to convince him to let her fill in for Ronda. He'll definitely get more views with her, but he still wonders if she'll be a good fit. At that moment, Ronda asks to see her. The woman even pours MJ some tea, like she's trying to be friendly! Ronda then tells her that one of the biggest privileges of working with Aaron is being able to pick her replacement. Ultimately, he listens to her, and, of course, Ronda told Aaron to pick another correspondent  Natalie, for MJ's "own good." Lady, you're really that insecure and scared of Mary Jane?! Wow.

However, Mary Jane doesn't let that stop her. She goes to talk to Natalie, who admits that she slept with Aaron and happily believes that's why she got the spot. MJ puts it in Natalie's ear that another correspondent Sylvia is messing around with him though, which prompts Natalie to go off on Aaron in his office. Later, Aaron ends up picking Mary Jane to fill Ronda's spot instead, which pisses Ronda off, of course! Meanwhile, Kara's name and pictures are all over the news now that Orlando went public with their relationship. She doesn't like her business out there like that, but Mary Jane tells her that at least Orlando is publicly claiming her.


After ignoring Lee's calls and texts, Mary Jane gets a note that Lee has popped up at the studio. MJ has been waiting for Lee's decision, but still scared at the same time about it. However, he informs her that he plans to tell Zoe no. He wants to focus on the future with MJ, which is definitely a good thing!

Later, Kara talks to her son Max, who's been getting a lot of attention himself since Orlando announced he and Kara were together! However, Max admits that Orlando texted him that all of this obsession with popularity and all is superficial, and what really matters is how you treat people. That definitely gets Orlando some points, especially since he showed up at Kara's door drunk earlier in the episode! She still wants her private life private, but Orlando tells her that everyone will move on soon. However, the next day, Garrett invites her to his secret monthly poker game, letting Kara get in with the boys. It's clearly about her dating Orlando, so the publicity surrounding the relationship definitely has some perks, whether she likes it or not.


As Kara packs to go to the Virgin Islands with Ronda, she tells Mary Jane that she HAS to have the baby conversation with Lee sooner than later. Meanwhile, Kara is still making excuses about being with Orlando, like he's too young and immature, or too big of a celebrity. I think she's scared that things will go wrong and she'll be hurt. I completely get it, but she needs to just enjoy being with him and get out of her head!

At work, as she prepares to fill Ronda's chair, Mary Jane is being treated like a star! She's definitely nervous, but Justin reassures her that this is her time. The only standing between MJ and that anchor chair is her. Ronda tries to get in her head about MJ being on live TV on the morning news, which does rattle MJ a bit. That night, she practices late at the office, and it seems like she may not be as ready for this as she thought. In fact, she ends up calling Justin to come help her! He ends up giving her some pretty good tips about how to host on live TV, all while getting really close to her... Could they be attracted to each other????

The next day, MJ's hairstylist Ty preps her for the morning slot a great new hairstyle! At that moment, Kara calls to tell MJ that Ronda checked out from her hotel really early that morning. MJ turns her head, and BOOM there Ronda is...with Liz Tourneau in tow! DAMN. It's so annoying, because Mary Jane worked really hard, and is now feeling like being anchor will never happen for her here, not even as a fill in! As MJ rants and raves in her office, Justin closes the blinds and tells her that she can't give Ronda the satisfaction. He got her to this point, and refuses to let her fail. At the end of the day, she's better than Ronda and her time is coming. However, she has to trust him. The two of them have a moment, and Justin ends up kissing her!!!! I KNEW that was going to happen with all this tension between them! But girl...Lee is the man for you! Do NOT screw this up fooling with Justin!

Later that night, Kara comes home and sees all the continuing news stories about her and Orlando. He ends up coming over with flowers, and she admits to him that she wants to focus on work. Kara feels like the relationship is taking away from her focus, and that, ultimately, it was basically a business arrangement. It may have started out that way, but Kara knows she has feelings for this guy! Orlando admits that he loves her, and dares her to say that she doesn't feel the same. With a headshake, Kara claims that she doesn't. Orlando then gets up, and lets her that that if she lets him walk out that door, he's not coming back. Without a word, she lets him leave, and breaks down in tears after! KARA! Ugh, I'm mad at her!

Meanwhile, at MJ's room, Lee orders room service and alcohol for her. MJ tells him what happened, admitting that she gives up and will focus on being the best correspondent she can be. In terms of the whole baby thing, Lee sees that he was overlooking something that was important: where she stood on the issue. I love that he's the one who brought it up instead of Mary Jane, which she was worrying about this entire time. At her age, she'll need help having a baby of her own, but Lee tells her that NYC has some of the best fertility specialists in the world. Awww!

Be sure to watch the SEASON FINALE of Being Mary Jane next Tuesday at 10 p.m. only on BET!

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