RECAP: "The Mile High Club" -The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions E6


This latest episode of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions was definitely a great one to watch! 

Picking up from last week, a lot of romance going on, or at least being attempted! Most of the house, at this point, is drinking and having a good time. Nicole continues to try to flirt heavy with Cara Maria. Zach and Jenna have some awkward conversation, and it's clear that there is a spark between them still. Zach admits in a confessional that he ruined what was probably the best thing he's ever had, but will Jenna forgive him? Cory still tries to give Kailah the cold shoulder and wants to be left alone. Instead of giving in though, she still goes after him, and they have sex and reconnect.

Meanwhile, Nelson tries to get with Sylvia after he was just head over heels about Latoya some weeks before. When Sylvia rejects him, Nelson goes Incredible Hulk and starts lashing out, flipping over furniture and all! Why? Because everybody is drunk and needs to go to bed. I say this every season. Nobody wants to be with a crazy person who goes off like that when he gets drunk, Nelson! Both Tony and Camila see this, and realize that's exactly how they were on Rivals III before they got kicked off because of their tempers. They talk things through, and patch things up. It's good to see them both in much better places than before!


Later, Camila talks with Tony and the Underdogs about how to vote. She encourages them to figure out who the weak links are for the sake of their team. The Underdogs clearly are lost in terms of strategy. They're sticking to their little alliances from The Shelter. I'm interested to see if that comes back to bite them with them trying to vote off some of their strongest players just based off of friendship.

The next day, CT talks with his girlfriend and his son, who's so adorable! It's so interesting to see him as a dad now and how much he's changed over the years! It's a new chapter for him, and it's good to see him in a good place. A little bit later, we see Zach and Jenna lying in bed, talking about their memories together, while Bananas and CT watch annoyed. Here we go again with these two! Jenna, a tiger doesn't change his stripes! He may look good, girl, but he's no good for you. We'll see what happens with this.

At nominations later, the guys come to a tie between voting in Ashley or Kailah, and it ultimately comes down to Nelson. He votes in Kailah, who'll be facing off against Sylvia. After a tie between Cory and Shane, Nicole votes Shane to go against Tony in the elimination. Tony wanted to go against Shane, feeling like he could beat the guy easy. Shane goes off on him in front of everyone, calling him weak for wanting an easy win and that it's not going to be as simple as he thinks to win!

For the first time this season, TJ invites everyone to watch the elimination! He introduces the house to The Fortress where all of the eliminations will go down. It's this intense-looking Thai temple/colosseum-type place with statues and fire torches all around. There's definitely going to be a lot of blood, sweat, and tears shed here, so the look is highly appropriate!


The night's game is "Tuk Tuk Bang Bang," which will be a race between the girls and then the guys.  There are tuk tuks, which are these three-wheeled carriages that are like taxis in Thailand. Standing on the back of the tuk tuk, each player is going to run and crash into the wall position on the tuk tuk, until it moves all the way down the short raceway. Though it seems like a game of strength, it's really a game of strategy and endurance to get these tuk tuks moving!

Though Kailah just rams into the wall trying to get it to move, Sylvia focuses on one main spot to hit over and over so that she moves easily down to the finish line. Kailah starts getting tired, and Sylvia pushes through to win and sends Kailah home! Talk about a shocker...and I was actually team Kailah! During the guys' heat, Shane gets low and applies his force towards the middle, while Tony just spends up all of his energy running into the wall. Shane also figures out not to move after hitting the wall to avoid sending the tuk tuk backwards, and takes the lead, ultimately sending Tony home! Another big shocker! The underdogs on the Underdogs team managed to beat two heavy contenders in elimination and earn a spot back in the house. I remember and like Shane from back in the day, but am not the biggest fan of Sylvia. However, gotta give them both respect for this one!


The next day, Ashley, Amanda, and some of the other girls get the rumor mill started surrounding Jenna. The tale of the day is that Jenna had sex with Bruno on the plane on the way to Thailand! It's so stupid and annoying, because they are clearly mean girls who run their mouth way too much for no reason. Jenna is a little lost in the sauce at times, but she's done nothing, in my eyes, that warrants her being mistreated by girls each season she's on! It's like they have a serious jealousy problem or something! Cory overhears all of this talk and tells Jenna, who breaks down into tears. Though it's not true, she knows that, if and when Zach finds out, he's going to be livid! It looks like they might just be trying to reconcile, so it makes sense that Jenna would be upset. If the relationship between those two is strong, though, he ought to believe her over some girls he barely knows. We'll see next week!

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