RECAP: "Underdog Eat Underdog World"-The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, E5


Welp, the Champs have officially invaded the game on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions!

Picking up from last week, TJ brings out the Champs, and reveals that the game is changing. It's going to be broken down into teams— the Champs versus everybody else (aka the Underdogs) from here on out! For each challenge you win as a team, you bank $10K  in your team bank account. Each day will either be a champion elimination day or underdog elimination day, and, in the elimination, you'll be battling members of your own team.

So, for the first challenge between the Champs and the Underdogs, TJ reveals they'll be playing Knockout. It'll be broken into guys and girls heats, with six Underdogs against four Champs. TJ will launch a ball out of a catapult, and everybody has to scrap to get the ball into their goal. The first team to score three times wins the heat. The first team to win two heats total wins the whole thing. And TJ adds another twist: the first underdog during both the girls' and guys' heats to score a point will choose a member of the opposite sex to go into elimination, since it's an underdog elimination day!


With the girls' heat first, we see that this game is straight brutal and ugly! It's hard for the Champs because to really move, because the underdogs have two extra people. It doesn't matter that they're winners; that puts them at a clear disadvantage.  They go as hard as they can, but the underdog girls are everywhere. The Underdogs take the win for the girls, leaving the guy Champs to have to battle it out to win in the next heat! Ashley from the Underdogs gets the first point, and will get to choose one guy from her team to go into elimination.

In the men's heat, Dario scores the first point for the Underdogs, and it's really crazy how the Underdogs are just taking over! It's just because they have the two extra guys. No matter how strong these guys are, when you have two extra people on you, it's really hard! But the male Champs refuse to take things lying down, scoring two points to tie up the heat! They fight their hardest, but the Underdogs beat the Champs!

Even though the Underdogs won, two people will still be eliminated from their team! TJ makes Ashley pick right then and there who she's going to throw into elimination, and you would think this was the hardest decision she's ever made, the way she freaks out! Ashley ultimate votes for Tony, and Dario, who can vote for any girl, including Ashley apparently, goes with Sylvia, after she just made it back to the house! He claims it's because she has to earn her stripes, but I think now that there's two clear teams, he thinks she's weak and wants her out. TJ announces that the nominations for the other girl and guy going in will happen later.

The Champs, of course, get to move in the house, and they struggle to find room for them in this house with the Underdogs. Meanwhile, Sylvia confronts Dario about his decision, and he sticks with his reasoning that Sylvia needs to prove herself. She does, but everyone knows that Sylvia will probably be one of the first to go anyway. So she'll probably be used as a pawn in the game.


While the Champs are all having fun since they don't have to worry about elimination, the Underdogs try to figure out what the hell they're going to do in deliberations. At the end of the day, this is a game, and some are playing with their individual motives at heart, while others want to look out for the team. After all of this drama, Kailah gets MESSY DRUNK to try to take her mind off of it. Nicole finally gets her to go to bed, and Kailah ends up peeing herself! Absolutely gross! Just like that, Cory is turned off, and claims that he doesn't want to be with somebody who's always blacked out like that. Kailah tries to brush it off, but then Cory starts talking trash about her in the other room, revealing his true colors. Kailah cries at how he could just drop her like that, but that's who he is. I need people to stop trying to find love at The Challenge! Sometimes it happens, but most times, it ends in disaster!

No nominations or elimination tonight, so we'll have to wait to see what happens next week!

Watch The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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